"cats are the new floral"

A few days ago Aprile told me that "cats are the new floral," and I believe it.

I recently ordered a yard of Melinda's beautiful cat print fabric in pink (I love the Delft blue, but the pink matches our quilt so nicely, as you can see above). I chose the organic cotton sateen because sateen has the best feel. It's so soft.

When I received the fabric I was so anxious to make it into pillows that I basically made the most poorly-constructed pillows in the world. No zippers here. I'll regret that eventually. I wanted to get as many pillows out of the fabric as I could, so I backed them with some honeycomb textured cotton (seen here as a tablecloth).

We had friends over the other day and after a few hours of sitting on the sofa they said, "Oh! Those are CATS!" From far way they really look like flowerbuds. My favourite is the little tabby caught in mid-meow.

Melinda is amazing, as those of you who follow her blog surely know already.


diariodeunacouturier: It's a pretty fun place to look around, for sure.

Jane Flanagan: It was! It helped that everyone seemed to be so happy. Summertime!

Nedda Ebo: Yes, sometimes just browsing can be very rewarding. I hope you get a Lomo! You never know -- sometimes they pop up for a reasonable price on eBay or Craigslist.

adewvall: Thanks! I kept thinking that I was going on a "ribbon & ice cream run," which seemed pretty hilarious to me.

bigBANG studio: Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Thank you so much for your comment on the pictures! I think that little camera can make anyone take pretty pictures. It's magic.

Hello Lindello: Thank you! You should! I always want to go for a banana split, the ultimate indulgence.

Sasa: Dianas are lovely, too! Yes, I'm pretty glad we have a Mokuba, even though I rarely buy anything there!

jackie: Thanks! I thought it would be harder, but I carry a measuring tape with me and try to keep my minimum distance. Oh, I know the Olympus! I know someone who has one. Those are pretty great!

K.Line: I like Mokuba's remnants bins. Sometimes I find pretty good stuff there! Their lace is incredible. Haha, aw, she likes the classics! That's cool.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: We're kind of spoiled and have a few ice cream places nearby. In a pinch the video store near us has it too! So crazy.

Jen Jafarzadeh: It's true! Or Big Gulp runs (summer ain't summer without 7-11). Oh, I have a weakness for trim! I keep buying it and looking at it, never doing anything with it. I understand!

kater: It is amazing! You're sweet, thank you! I'll have to ask for your kitties & windows tumblr link!

jen: Yeah, so fun! Thank you!

Faux NaifL Thank you so much!

Macy: Thanks! I know -- I keep expecting to have a terrible roll but there are always a couple of really amazing pictures. I just love what it captures, especially since all I have to do is point & shoot.

thenextarrow: I agree!

Sarah: Oh it is. And there's so much that you always see different things every time.

Miss Cris: Heeeyyyy I know that Starbucks! I used to live on Euclid and Geoff and I met at that Starbucks! Haha. It is SO hard to resist. I'm not even the hugest fan of cold cold things!


  1. Zippers or no zippers, these are fantastic!

  2. So perfectly you I think this fabric was made for you and you alone!

  3. That is CUTE cat fabric.

  4. Seriously the cutest pillows I've ever seen. They fit in purrrfectly (sorry I couldn't help it. total cheeseball I know)

  5. That kitten fabric is so ameowzing! I'll have to purchase some for me. I'm thinking a table cloth? It'll be perfect for those tea parties.

    For your pillows did you make them as envelope pillowcases or is it all stitched closed?

  6. oh this is so funny! i was JUST thinking about her beautiful prints in honor of the new cat i adopted yesterday, so when i clicked on your blog i squealed just a little. haha! the pillows are brilliant! ;)

  7. Oh goodness, they are so adorable! I love her pussy willow one. Thinking about snagging some yardage for my birthday, but what on earth should I make with it!

    Your pillows are too lovely <3

  8. So adorable, Anabela! Pillows are the perfect way to use kitty fabric. Aw!

  9. AAAAH. I've admired that fabric for SO long but hadn't seen it used. I love it so much. Oh, I wish I had some in my liiife.

    I sort of hope that cats AREN'T the new floral because I don't want them to fade away like every other fad. :(

  10. oh my goodness that's the cutest, sweetest fabric ever!

  11. Oh my god I am in LOVE with that material. Cats are basically my religion.

  12. Anonymous26.5.10

    That fabric is awesome! I thought it was little flowers until I zoomed in on the picture. I don't blame you for wanting to make as many pillows as possible.

  13. i like this blog post title very much!
    they look so sweet! i recently bought a yard of melinda's blue cats fabric but like always, am having trouble coming up with something worthy to make out of it. the pillows are a great idea though!

  14. Pffft.. zippers are overrated. These are so freaking cute, the print is just incredible!

  15. they are amazing!
    i love the fabric!

  16. wow... so cute! and amazing!
    Thanks for linking to Melinda's site, so full of great things!

  17. you did a great job! mine is still hanging on my wall hahah. i haven't even ironed it yet.....
    pillows are a great option since you'll be able to appreciate the pattern often!

  18. I love love LOVE this fabric! The pillows look fab — thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Haha oh wow, it took me until that second picture to notice that they weren't flower buds! I was wondering when your title would kick in :P So cute.

  20. I've always wanted to get some of Melinda's kitten buds fabric, but didn't know what to make out of it. This is so perfect! Making them into napkins would be so cute too!

  21. LOL -- this is funny and cute and awesome all in one!

    Mustart x

  22. Gasp! I would honestly make a dress out of this....hm...


  23. I really did think these were flowers until I looked closer! so cute!

  24. oh my god this is so amazing. i love this print!

  25. ahhhh! I'm so excited to see someone that actually bought/made something out of this fabric! soooo adorable

  26. ohh! that fabric is the best!

  27. Ha ha, cats really are the new florals (and I couldn't be happier!) and this fabric is just so crazy out of this world amazing, I'm dying!