dreamy diana

A little while ago the kind folks over at Photojojo sent me a Diana lens with adapter for my DSLR. I was tickled! I love my Diana cameras (my collection includes a Diana+ from 2008 that I now use with a Diana Instant Back+, a Diana Mini, and a Diana Dreamer), and I was excited to try for the same sorts of effects with my Nikon. I have been happily experimenting with film (I love my LC-A+), but I cannot deny the convenience of a DSLR.

The results with this lens were pretty different than the ones I've had with actual Diana cameras (no light leaks, vignetting, etc.), but I have fallen in love with it. I have only had it for a few days and have yet to spend much time experimenting (it only works in full manual). I love how it catches the light and makes it shimmery, jewel-like. I love natural light, and so I don't mind when a picture is absolutely suffused with it and even blown out. It makes everything soft and hazy. So, so dream-like. At times the pictures are blurry, but I think it's a matter of practice and maintaining the proper distance (a minimum of 1m).

I am quite picky about what I like and don't like, even though I don't take picture-takin' too seriously & don't really know what I'm doing. But this lens? It is perfect for me. It's what I used for the the pictures in my Miu Miu DIY post. I had a couple of prints made from some pictures taken this weekend, and they printed beautifully. I daresay they look better printed than on the screen.

I would love to see this lens in some of your hands! It is definitely the Lula magazine of camera lenses. I hope to use it in all sorts of sweet contexts: a spring picnic, a day at the beach.

New favourite combination: star cut-out nude patent F-Troupes with polka-dot tights. Pulling these tights on resulted in a funny sensation that I hadn't felt since maybe 1989! Polka dot memory.

The lens is a plastic 38mm super wide lens that can also be used with a Diana camera, plus a Nikon adapter that works on any SLR with an F mount. There is also a Canon adapter that works on the EOS mount. The adapters can also be used with the Diana lenses that are available, including telephoto and close-up. I would like to get a close-up lens next because I seem to be quite fond of taking pictures of tiny things from a short distance.

I made new collars and this time they turned out! So happy with these two.

I remembered to bring a new box of tissues to work with me and the whole ride over I had this little cat face staring up at me.

A golden decal from Shanna Murray -- tucked in a secret spot in the dining room, just as a wee reminder.

REPLIES: dreamcat press corps.

ilovesasek: Oh! I am just bursting with ideas for blogging, which is nice as I went through a bit of a rut before. I'm just flattered people read them at all. I'm glad you like my cat obsession! When people say things like that it makes me feel a little more normal, ha.

Tess: Yes! We have to stick together. We are not crazy! Well, not that crazy.

nancy : The Sway Report: Thank you! Oh, no apologies necessary! That is a fine lady to be mixed up with, though!

CARLY WAITO: Oh yay! That's so funny, what a great painting. I think I took the term "dreamcat" from my friend Annie -- it was one of her nicknames for Oreo!

Kate: I know, right? It was in my regular Tumblr for about a year. Time to show it off, I think.

happy birthday, geoff

Thank you to everyone for leaving birthday greetings for Geoff! He reads all the comments on this blog and I know that they make him happy. xo


  1. so lovely! your style is so fantastic. the cat kleenex is king!

  2. My sis got that lens and I was wondering how it was, I love my Diana, but once I left school/photo lab, it's been tough to pull out. Might have to get this to play around with, I love how dreamy it is. Love where you put shanna's decal, I am still figuring out where to put mine.

  3. So fun!! I am going nuts for analog, totally rediscovering it now that I'm not completely broke and can pay for printing & supplies. I just got a holga!! So excited. This lens is totally cute, maybe will be my next camera purchase?

  4. Anonymous4.5.10

    so, i think this lens may be the final argument necessary for me buying an SLR. i LOVE the photos.

    and, this really was a necessary component to 'dream cats'. -noel

  5. i mighhhht need this. why did you have to show me! i'm trying to be fruuuuuugal!

  6. THIS IS SO COOL! oh man, how am i not going to buy this now? thanks a lot, miss! i'm trying to save up here! :D

  7. are you selling those collars?

  8. That picture with the tree, flowers, sky thingy, I love it! I keep staring and staring at it! My eyeballs and brain love it lol.

    (Also, my word verification for this post is'whodatt'. Haha!)

  9. oh my god this information is way too dangerous. i went to their site. no no no. i love that tiny video camera. video... i have a pile of cameras. agh. must stayed focused.

    something i find funny is that i keep pushing forward with how i shoot. i know i'm supposed to keep it consistent within my store but it's hard to stop. at first my new camera really irked me. but i like it now. it's like a giant lego. but the wide angle lense bugs me. i having slanting walls all over the place!

    and an odder thing is happening, i'm starting to like that photoshopped skin look. i have never had a problem with fakeness. i love so many aesthetics for everything. fake, ultrasoft, etc. i'm just surprised at this particulary manifestation. sort of chromed out soft focus with some somewhat obvious photoshopping. wow.

  10. Eep. I bought this lens online over the weekend and I'm so thrilled with the results you got. I can't wait to get it in my hands!

  11. Wow, wow, wow! These photos turned out marvelous. So ethereal. It's gorgeous. I love the one of the flowers.

    Mustart x

  12. ohhhh, i love this lens! i need to get one. i'm having fun with my white slim angel thanks to you. now i need this lens. your photos look so dreamy!
    also, i'm with you on the hair, i've been growing mine out for ages. and then i cut it again into a bob. oh well. but i bleached my dark hair out years ago and it was terrible! so brassy. tread lightly my friend.....

  13. These photos are so lovely! Makes me want to go on a vacation. Do you know if the lens works on other cameras?

    Which photo chain is that? I get my films developed and scanned at Shopper's drug mart for $2.99+tax, but your deal sounds so awesome.