A few results from first roll in the Canon A-1, mostly taken on fully auto, all of them taken in my apartment. I'm signed up for this online photography course in June, and I'm hopeful that I will learn the basics (I never took photography in high school -- I'm not even sure that my high school had a dark room?).

I think I bought this mostly because the little archer makes me think of Henry Darger illustrations

A few things we brought home from Chicago and a few things that were waiting in the mail when we got back: Antoine Doinel tote (and yes, I have too many tote bags, but Antoine Doinel is one of my favourite movie characters of all time), pretty Liberty for Target journal from Diana (thank you!), Gemma Correll's Everybody's Book of Kittens, Japanese notebook from Tara, MMMG notebook from Penelope's

Herbs in need of repotting

An embroidery I started working on over a year ago (!!) and have yet to finish. The rectangle is guarding the area where a bowtie will go, once I'm done the fluff.


iris, Trace, kathryn, Alysha: Thank you!

sophie: Yes, definitely try it! There are so many possibilities.

Kate: Thanks! Yeah, I drop cameras even with the straps on so I don't really trust myself with no straps. My digital camera lens has a cracked UV filter on it (the crack is on the side and doesn't affect the picture) -- can't imagine how bummed I would have been if I had cracked the lens itself that time I dropped my camera on cobblestones. Cat photos forever!

kater: I'm thinking about it! I just ordered a lot of old camera straps off eBay -- I'll have to see what's in there!

Elizabeth Johnson: Thank you! I'm hoping to make more, although I'm sure you could make one yourself as well!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Thank you! Haha, it really only took five minutes. It was so easy. Just a few straight lines on the sewing machine.

Hello Lindello: Thanks! It's always nice to have something a little to your own taste, I think.

karyn: Thanks for the inspiration! The hardware is amazing. I wouldn't even want to attempt to replicate it! I can't wait to see what you come up with, if you do!

sew nancy: Thanks! Well, maybe I'll have to make some more.

My Bat Lightning Heart: Oh, please do! I've been watching other people with blogs learn more and more about photography, acquiring better cameras, etc., and it's pretty fascinating.

jackie: So weird. I don't moderate my comments and I have yet to delete any. I don't get it! But I'm glad you got your answer and I hope it was helfpul. I'm glad you like the strap!

Kempt: Oh, how nice! What a story.


  1. online photography class? very interesting!

  2. lovely shots! online photo class could be cool..you seem to be a natural though haha.
    so happy that you are enjoying the banner, anabela!
    that kitten piece is sooo lovely!

  3. nice shots! I really love the last one!
    I have the Canon AE-1. I don't know what the difference is, only that, mine doesn't have any automatic features (except for the built in light meter)
    and I am interested to hear more about the photography course!!

  4. These are great!

    I'm learning how to use the Canon EOS 1000FN right now. I know absolutely nothing about photography but am slowly learning about things like aperture. I took a camera book out from Robarts that is from the 1980's and figuring it out. Can't wait to develop my first roll.

  5. don't you just love how warm & cozy this camera makes everything look? I want to jump into this post.
    my high school had "art" class and that was all. nothing specific whatsoever. Lame.

  6. first of all, I loved your two posts abt Chicago! you guys did so much, and it looked like so much fun! I haven't been since high school and am super jealous, especially since my best friend's out there now...BUT what I wanted to mention was how funny you got Gemma's zine, b/c I literally just ordered that yesterday...thinking I might make photocopies of it and color those copies in, so I can hang the cats all around...killerrrrrr

    (I need to stop saying that)

  7. Anonymous18.5.10

    this post = major love. i adore that first tote!

    xo Alison

  8. wow! I can't believe those are all in auto mode! I might be falling in love with film. I have a Holga but after a traumatic experience (of an entire roll of destroyed film) I've lost all desire to try again. Your canon model sounds perfect. And what a cute embroidery!!

  9. Oh my cats! Kitten embroidery! Can't handle. Too much. Gah.

    And I had to chuckle at the Midwest is Best. I don't know if I'd agree. I'm from the Midwest, so I can say that. :)

  10. i love your tote and your pictures :)
    very lovely
    it is so fun to experiment with a new camera

  11. I also bought myself a new camera and I am so excited!! =)

    lovely blog!


  12. Good Morning!

    I love your cat embroidery and have featured it on Cuteable today!

    Lynsey x


  13. You can never have too many totes! I've never been into purses so I pretty much only used totes for years. Sadly, I'm paranoid about people stealing now so I'm thinking of sewing zippers into some of my totes.

    On a cat-related note- have you seen this cat illustration? (via Oh Joy).

  14. I love that tote! Very Henry Darger like for sure!

    These photos are really lovely, and I have to agree with Caitlin that you seem to be a natural! I'm so happy to have picked up my film camera again, I took photography at high school and university but felt like I got lazy over the years using digital (I just couldn't afford the film costs!) so in some ways I'm re-learning things that used to be second nature, but I think it's good to just play around with things like you are, as well as having a solid knowledge base and that way you're free to develop a style of your own, regardless of the rules. I'm excited to see more of your photos!

    Argh, run on sentence galore! Sorry, I guess I'm a it more excited about film photography than I realised!

  15. I absolutely adore your kitty embroidery, WOW!! How beautiful. I am curious to see it finished.

  16. love ur blog
    great post



  17. Lookin' good, Anabela. That online course sounds like a great idea. I just got my first roll back from the AE-1, focusing is so hard! I miss the auto, it's so great that the A-1 has an auto fuction. Plus, I love those totes!

  18. Anonymous24.5.10

    You can never have too many tote bags. Drat! I was just in Target to check out Liberty of London products, and I didn't think of notebooks and journals.

  19. i love this post- i'm so happy you introduced me to the midwest is best tote! i just bought one for my sister as well as a baby midwest is best onesie for my best friend's newborn. yippee!

  20. LOVE that picture of the herbs!

  21. Hm, over-zealous commenting today (especially considering all I have to say is "omg! amazing!) but your cat embroidery really is, omg, amazing!!

  22. oh great idea about the online course! i was just trying to find a school here in nyc to take some basic course & they cost from $300-800!! crazy. please let us know how this course goes!