lomo summer

It took me a long time to get around to ordering a LC-A+ camera. The price was prohibitive, and since so many bloggers have them I felt funny about copying them. This post by Francesca compelled me to get one, though, and that little camera has since become my favourite. Since it has practically no settings, it is so easy to use. I have it with me at all times.

Thursday was one of those nights that felt like summer in spring so when I got home, Geoff and I went for a bike ride. Our first stop was Mokuba, the Japanese ribbon store.

Our visit wasn't a success. The striped grosgrain was amazing, but $30/yard for polyester is a bit much. Still, I love looking at all the pretty ribbons.

We saw so many cats on this outing! I can't resist a sweet windowcat. There are actually two cats in this picture. Can you see them both?

We went to the newly renovated/expanded Big Chill for ice cream for the first time this year. Everyone seemed to be outdoors, and it took a while to find a place to lock up our bikes.

They make their own waffle cones at The Big Chill. You can imagine how incredible it smells.

We ate our ice cream (I had caribou tracks with strawberry, Geoff had Bordeaux cherry and cappuccino) on a little green bench. We wound up at Henhouse for some Mill Street Organic and nachos. It was a perfect little evening.


Eli: Yes, I'm excited about it!

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Aw, thanks, lady. I love the banner! I keep looking at it and admiring the colours.

Celine: I'm not sure what the difference is, but I think the A-1 has more advanced level settings. When I was looking for one, the A-1 tended to be more expensive as well. It has some crazy settings, like your shutter speed and aperture can be manual or auto, or one or the other. I'll let you know how the course goes! I wanted to take something locally, but this one seemed to be a really good deal in terms of price.

lisa.: Thank you! It sounds as though we are in the same boat. Good luck!

Kate: Yeah, I pretty much love this camera. I can't wait to learn how to use the darned thing properly. I never bothered with art classes because I assumed that since I couldn't draw, there was no point! But Geoff learned a lot about photography in art class in high school and I'm always jealous when I think of how some people got to develop their own film.

Megan: Thanks! It was super fun! Gemma's zine is soooo good. I read it to Oreo. She was totally into it.

thenextarrow: Thank you! Yes, it is a very cute tote! It was the most souvenir-y thing I bought in Chicago!

alice's adventures: Well, not auto focus, but yes! Auto aperture/shutter speed, etc. Oh, I have had quite a few destroyed rolls -- you must persevere! It is worth it.

Tess: I'm glad you like it! Geoff drew it and I've so slowly been picking at it. Haha, I've only seen a wee part of the Midwest, but I liked what I saw!

katrina: Thank you! And oh, yes! It sure is.

Bruninha: Good luck with it! Thank you.

Swirlyarts: Thank you so much! I'm happy you like it.

G.: Oh, they are so useful. I also like having different designs to match my many moods, ha. There is really nothing better in the summer. That cat illustration is adorable!

becka: Oh, thank you. Of course there are lots of duds that I'm not sharing! I feel so badly for wasting film, but I guess that is how one learns... Film can be so expensive but I think I've managed to find a way to make it more affordable (that processing-included film from Blacks, or just getting the negatives processed and scanning them at home when I find Fuji film on sale, etc.). You are too sweet, lady!

fraisedesbois: Thank you! I'm so happy you like it and I hope the person who it is going to will like it as well.

vv: Thank you!

erica-knits: Yeah, I need something that doesn't involve just reading and is a little more "multimedia," I suppose. Focusing is so hard! The A-1 doesn't have auto focus, so I used this first roll as a way to experiment with focus. It's nice not to have to worry about aperture and shutter speed when you want to focus on... focusing. Ha. I'm glad you like the totes! I love an affordable indulgence.

Navare: I agree! Oh, the notebooks are sweet. They come in sets of three! When I visited Target in Buffalo they were on clearance, too.

krista lia: Wow! I'm so glad you like the design! Adorable.


  1. Anonymous24.5.10

    I love the japanese store

  2. Oh, what a perfect day in Toronto!

  3. What nice photos..I love going into fabric stores and just looking at things even if I don't buy anything...I've wanted a Lomo camera for years now, before I even knew they were so popular but still haven't gotten around to getting one. Sigh. One day, hopefully.

    Mustart x

  4. Anonymous24.5.10

    What a lovely evening! Ice cream, textiles, and more : )

  5. "windowcat" as one word = brilliant.

    and the lomocam has done you right; beautiful, soft light and gorgeous affect. you're going to have so much fun with this!

  6. Lovely pictures. I need to get an ice cream cone one of these days. Looks so good.

  7. LC-A+ is such a cutie, but I always wanted a Diana! Even my friend made me a necklace of it haha

    and that japanese store looks so.. great! The most similar thing I ever found in my city didn't have as many cute things as this one.

  8. I've heard so many stories about it's difficulties on focusing, but I think you did a great job here! I've always wanted one as well, but it's so expensive so I've settled with Olympus XA. Apparently they're poor man's LCA.

  9. Ah, Mokuba - how do they get away with it?? (PS I've spent way too much money there!)

    And M and I just got back from The Big Chill. Kid got french vanilla?! What is up with that?

  10. i wish i could open an ice cream store in our neighborhood.. we need one in walking distance! i think actually i just want to design/decorate an ice cream shop haha.
    geoff's cone looks so perfect!

  11. Ice cream runs are the best part of summer. That ribbon store looks so cool! I love to browse ones in the fashion district — and rarely buy anything.

  12. Omigod that ribbon store! I would implode with happiness, and wouldn't know what to do with myself! Eee!

    I love all these pictures, I'm such a fan of your stuff--I love seeing what you do with all these different cameras.

    (pssst, I made a kitties & windows tumblr! i don't know if i'll use it, but when you mentioned that i thought someone better snap it up!)

  13. Lomo LCA + summertimes = true love. I'm excited to see more! I've been using my LCA lots lately since we are living Victoria so soon!

  14. i just found your blog, and it is all kinds of marvelous! i love your photos and your daily anecdotes - and you're a fellow canadian to boot!

  15. Love your photos! Also, I've always wanted an LC-A and my friend got me one for cheap earlier this year. Haven't been disappointed with any of my rolls yet. I love it!

  16. Anonymous25.5.10

    that brick is so gorgeous.


    xo Alison

  17. Yeah, I love Mokuba. It's kind of addictive.

  18. Oh I work right nearby the Big Chill at a Starbucks. It's so hard to resist in the weather we've been having!

    I will definitly take a day and bring my bf out for a day for some icecream though. *_*

  19. OMG, this ribbon store is a dream!!!

  20. just got my own lomo love a couple months ago. a little diana for me. here's to a great summer for remakes of old cameras!

  21. Anonymous31.5.10

    looks like you had a good day~

  22. Great photos.
    My wife and I went to a ribbon store in India when we were there 2 months ago (can't believe its been that long). The man there was so excited that we were taking pictures of his store. It was really quite charming.

  23. oh, i just found your blog and i love your photos, they are really inspiring!

    i just posted about mokuba shop in barcelona few days ago, what a coincidence ;D

  24. that last photo is great.
    - a ton of inspiration here on your blog, thanks