the windy city 2

More from Chicago, this time taken with the digital camera. Sometimes I put the Diana lens on it, because I really like that funny lil' thing. I used it at the Art Institute because I am certain that modern art looks pretty great through the Diana lens.

I was so happy that our visit coincided with a William Eggleston exhibition. He happens to be my favourite photographer (I also love the fact that he seems to be a bit of a curmudgeon). I had a dream about his dye imbibition printing process last night, so that's weird. After traipsing through this exhibition, we really only had time to wander through the contemporary galleries, which was fine by me.

Allison met us at the museum and we went out for drinks at the Rainbo Club in the Ukranian Village. I am always happy to go somewhere that has cheap drinks, and Chicago is full of these sorts of places. Luckily our "guides" knew of a lot of them, too.

We drank Fin du Monde, because sometimes you have to stick with the familiar. We did try more local-ish beers later, such as Two Brothers. I even tried something called Gumball Head. (Pssst, all beer pretty much tastes the same to me.)

Saying goodnight to Allison in the Division El.

Wishing this jacket fit, wishing I had the $250 for it at Penelope's.

Lovely Bake Shop
I forgot to mention this place in my post yesterday. I have to mention it because this is where we met up with Caitlin and because I think Erica has to go there when she visits Chicago this summer. This was on our second day and by this time I was a little sick of sugar (shocking!). It's a very cute place! That's the "Lil Lower" nylon tote I got at Marc by Marc Jacobs on the table (I got sucked into a conversation about sales tax at that store, incidentally, which was funny. Tread lightly, my friends. I'm Canadian. You don't even want to know, especially if what Chicagoans pay in sales tax is shocking to you.)

Mia kicked Geoff's butt at Tetris at Club Foot.

Amazing wall art at Perez, which I mentioned in my last post. What is this? Harlequin romance novel art, Aztec-style? Sensational.

Skylark. I really liked this place, but by this time we were so tired that Geoff was nearly nodding off at the table. We did take pictures in this booth, though: six people to eight shots. They're hilarious! But for our eyes only! Black and white photobooths are a novelty to us because I don't think we have any working ones in Toronto any more (does anyone know if the Drake's is out of commission or not?). There was also one at Quimby's.

Beard Papa's
World's best cream puffs! This is a Japanese chain that has yet to reach Toronto. I kind of hope we never get it because maybe these things should be vacation food ONLY. They are too good!

Oh, The Green Mill. It's a nice place, really charming. It's just too bad about the shushing. And the scat singing. I guess I should be happy it wasn't live poetry night! I like chatting with my friends!

So we went up the street and had these pitchers of Long Island iced tea, while laughing about The Green Mill. Some of you probably think I have a drinking problem by now. Spring break!

A few more pictures with the Diana lens (and the Diana Mini -- we haven't finished that roll yet) at Millennium Park.

I have been thinking about one of the places that we completely missed, which was The Post Family. I think that would have been a pretty cool place to visit! Also, Geoff bought an issue Proximity magazine at Myopic Books, both of which are recommended. I read a few articles from the magazine and it's pretty great.

I hope you don't mind that I shared so many of my vacation photos with you!


Chaucee: I hope you get to go! It's a great place.

sarah: It was great to meet you, too! I hope that next time we can get to those swan boats. I feel as though we did quite a lot, too! The fact that James & Caitlin drove us around on our last day helped -- not sure we would have had time to get to Andersonville (and see Wrigley Field from the car, ha!) otherwise.

annie: Oh, thanks! I'm glad you got something out of my post!

jen: I'm so glad you enjoyed it, because I did too! Your friend Julie was lovely. I was a little crazed that night (just sort of tired and overwhelmed, but in a good way!). Oh! Your friend Megan makes cute things. I've been using my tote all week and I love it. Such a cute design. And yeah, Toronto's that way too! Everyone knows everyone else, generally. Sometimes it's pretty funny!

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Thank you! I'm glad you like them. It was such a great night that you organized, thank you times one million!

anabella: Yeah, that little lens is great! I used up about one roll of film trying to get used to it (it helps if you take notes, although I didn't, ha), but it's so great to be able to take pictures from a little closer distance. I'm glad you liked the post!

M: Thank you! Oh, enjoy your trip!

ghp: Hi!

orange sparrow: Yolk was kind of bananas! We waited for a long time (it was Saturday though) and sat at the counter. I was pretty mesmerized by the workflow of the kitchen staff. Pretty amazing! The food was good. I thought I would explode afterwards.

Natalia Paiva LLorens: Oh, thanks! It's okay! I am able to read it!

Suzy: I understand why -- it was so tasty. Even the coleslaw was some of the best I've had.

tina: Awesome, I'm glad you got something out of it! I hope the weather's not too bad this weekend. It was pretty cold when we were there.

Lexie, Little Boat: Yes! Thank you so much for your list! It really helped.

Hello Lindello: Oh, great! I think that means we definitely did a "best of" tour.

Mia: I'm so glad we got to meet you (and Beau!) too! Oh, don't worry, we went to plenty of places and we will definitely be back.

niki: Oh, I didn't see Kopi Cafe! We were just wandering around aimlessly, really. I'm sorry you miss home!

Ringo, have a banana!: Ha! I hadn't even heard of a Brass Monkey before (I really don't know too many cocktail names). I guess "beer mimosa" is easy to remember. Thanks! I got lots of compliments on that basket, haha.

Amanda: Oh wow! We were there on Friday morning! You probably weren't at Cipollina because both times we were there, there were only men working. I certainly enjoyed my time and man, I loved those pancakes that Geoff had! It made me wish I had ordered them instead (the waffles were good too, but the pancakes were better).

blorange dice: Thank you! Those tiles are at Penelope's.

becka: I hope so too!

katrina: Yes! Thank you for your suggestions! And yes, we are twins for sure. I love my tote.

robayre: Quimby's was great! I'm sad we didn't go to the Cultural Center now! We walked past it and it was pretty busy, but I think we were on our way somewhere else. I didn't really know what was inside but dang! An Artomat! That would have been cool to see. Next time.

katie f: I agree. It's a great city, really thriving, really pretty. Yes, I took my basket! We took a Megabus to Buffalo, NY and flew from there. It was a bit of a drag not to fly direct but we literally saved half the cost by doing it this way, which is why we were able to stay in a fancy hotel. Flights within the US are so much cheaper! Gah!

stephanie renee: Thanks! And yeah, I got a couple of compliments on it! And a security guard at the airport checked to make sure I wasn't smuggling a small animal in it!

fraisedesbois: Thank you! It was amazing! I'm glad you got something out of the post, and I hope you get to go back.

thenextarrow: Thank you! Chicago is kind of a typophile's heaven, I think.


  1. Hey, I like your blog...
    I have a friend who also visited Chicago this weekend. When/If I ever go you have provided a good guide of cool looking places.

    I know you like cats, have you seen this website:

  2. Omg, the sales tax is ridiculous!! when i bought my bbw dress at penelope's i almost died, but the girl was SO NICE and didn't add it!

  3. I just remembered how high Canada's tax was when I went! ooops. I guess we're spoiled here in MN :)

  4. I love these photos! Thank you for sharing!
    And I love Penelopes - I wish my wallet did too! haha. As for Beard Papa I used to work near one in San Francisco- I was always sent out to pick up cream puffs for the office : )

  5. Great photos! the exhibition looks brilliant!


  6. Anonymous14.5.10

    Funny! I'm in Toronto right now, and am staying till the end of May -- but I was just in Chicago, and saw the Eggleston exhibition with my husband! It was lovely, wasn't it... I oooh'd and ahhh'd over everything.


  7. A bunch of your flickr photos are showing in the post, nor do the links to flickr work. This happens under two conditions:
    (1) You copied the photo embed code when the photo was listed as 'private' and then later switched it to 'public' without changing out the embed code (or vice versa, from 'public' to 'private').
    (2) You used picnik or otherwise replaced the photo by re-uploading, and forgot to re-copy the embed code.

    So, basically, I think you just need to re-copy the embed code into your post :) Good luck!

  8. I heart beard papa! glad the nyc locations aren't too close to me or I'd be in big trouble.

  9. this made me miss chicago so much.

  10. Lovely photos! The exhibition looks very nice!

  11. I live in the Pilsen and I wholeheartedly agree that Skylark is a pretty awesome place. Although I haven't tried out the photo booth yet I can certainly attest to their super beer selection and delicious burgers and tots. Mmmm.

  12. These photos are so lovely, looking at your photos makes me want to go on a vacation!

    I forgot to ask on your last post, which photo chain do you use? I get my films developed and scanned at Shopper's for 2.99+tax, but the deal you were talking about on previous post sounds awesome.

  13. I lived in Chicago for almost 5 years. I love my Chicago (now my husband I live in the burbs).

    I have never considered The Rainbo Club to be Ukrainian Village... I always considered it Wicker Park still.

    Skylark is of course fab. The tots rock. I lived in Bridgeport which is just south of it and also went to university at UIC. So I was there a lot.

    I also sang jazz at the Green Mill. I love that place as well. The history is amazing.

    If you go back and like the Chicago dive bar scene. I suggest The Hideout. It is severely dive but, on saturday nights they have dance party time which really just consists of loud disco music played in the back room where weird/dorky dancing is not only accepted but is considered cool.

  14. i'm so glad you devoted 2 posts to your chicago trip. i've saved both of them so when i finally make it to chicago (i've been wanting to go for ages), i can use them as guides.

  15. Anonymous14.5.10

    I love your photos! I need to take a trip to the USA and see some of these places you've reccomended. xxx

  16. wow! as a chicagoan (who is currently living in pittsburgh and missing my city, sniffle) you were all over the place! good ground covering, i say. you hit some of my favorite places.

    next time you're in town, you must go to my favorite mexican spot, el taco veloz (just west of where you were when you were at dovetail) on chicago ave.

    p.s. i have several pairs of those earrings from penelope's. the pair that i currently won't take out of my ears are white hexagons.

  17. You covered a ton of ground, wow! (And really managed to hit so many of the best spots here, in my opinion - and took beautiful pictures to prove it!) It was great to meet you and Geoff, and to hear that I'm not the only one who is freaked out by the shush/scat of the Green Mill. :) Oh, and PS: I got the Cat Paint app, on your suggestion. How did I live without it?!

  18. I really loved the little report about chicago,I wish I could go there soon...some of my favorite buildings are there!

  19. I googled Beard Papa's and it turns out one is opening this May at Pacific Mall. I'm looking forward to trying one!

  20. Ohhh I loved the Rainblow Club so much!

  21. Wow. I'm reading your blog for the first time ever (I began "following" it a while ago but had yet to read it) and I see that you came to visit my hometown! I've been to all those places (and know the Post Family) and it's so much fun to hear how you feel about the hangouts.

    I agree with Lara about the Hideout. I believe Funk Night is on Wednesdays and it just about the most fun ever.

    Hope you visit again, soon!