bits of my weekend guest blogger

I was so happy when Kate asked me if I would do a guest post for her "Bits of My Weekend" series. Kate's blog is one of my favourites, so polished and precise, and I probably responded in all caps YES. The other bloggers she picked are such talented folks that I am awed to be in their company.

My post is here. I hope you like it! Thank you, Kate!

Oh and also! If you are in Chicago or New York I would love it if you would attend the launches for my pal Sonja Alhers (remember the fierce bunnies?) and her incredible new book The Selves. Book launch information can be found here. She's the best!

(These pictures are a peek at a project I have been working on with Caitlin for, oh, ages and ages. I am a slacker. I hope to be able to share more soon.)


Miss Crowland, erin, Hello Lindello, stephanie renee, kid collective, ilana kohn, hibou, Urban Weeds: I'm so glad you like their stuff! They're both so talented.

erica: The back is so great. It's not too low, either, which is nice.

blorange dice: They're stunning, aren't they? Taken at my favourite time of day, it would seem. So pretty.

Reanna: Oh! You'll have to share what you got!

shin ae: Hm, not sure! I will see if I can get an answer and send it to you on Twitter. The pink one looks like an Essie one I saw recently called Ballet Slippers.


  1. I found your blog through for you for me and just wanted to say it's absolutely wonderful!


  2. I like your post at kate's. so toronto summery. I love walking through our alleys!
    what are you working on?! I want to know more about that!

  3. This bunny project you're working on is ADORABLE. Loved your weekend pics too :)

  4. Beautiful photos over there and here. And I totally agree with Celine; makes me a little homesick for Toronto (which apparently doesn't take much...).

    Also, thanks for the head's up about Sonja and Seth in NY!

  5. Great post Anabela! And what's the bunny-sequin-y project you're working on??

  6. Those bunnies are pretty sweeeeet!

  7. Hey Anabela!

    As some other people posting here I also found you through 'for you for me', and I am so happy I did.

    I really liked your guest blog post. Keep it up!

    Anna Caroline
    {Design Studio 210}

  8. I just popped over to for you for me and your photos are beyond lovely!

  9. you've created a new aesthetic strata called toronto studio style. or that's what i'm calling it, at least. and i DIG it.

    loved the guest-post at kate's. if you feel like a desert gander stop by her place again today <3

    xo. lily

  10. that is soo prety

  11. what a cute project!