canadian cabin by loyal luxe

A few weeks ago, my friend Amanda passed along a link to Loyal Luxe, a Québec company that makes pet products that are environmentally sustainable and also well designed (not to be confused with Loyal Loot, an Alberta collective who also make beautifully designed objects).

Just FYI, the Loyal Luxe website is the best website I have ever seen in my whole life.

Despite the fact that I knew Oreo would never go inside a little cardboard box house -- she is deeply suspicious of all boxes -- I ordered one. It was $24, and since the company is located nearby, it arrived within days. I had hope that Oreo would venture inside, but no. She cannot be lured inside at all, not even with a bowl of the delicious slops she cries out for in the morning. She does like the little cardboard ball toys that came with the cabin, though.

It's okay, because the little cabin is adorable and I don't mind having it out (I do mind showing you the linoleum floors that are my most hated feature of our apartment, but bah! Lack of a home improvement budget!). Maybe when we finally get around to getting a new kitten, the kitten will like it! Here is Chief Inspector Oreo at work. Sniffin', avoidin'.


Miss Crowland: Oh yes, for sure! There's supposed to be a bike trail somewhere but we couldn't find it. It was a nice ride, nonetheless! Lots to see and do.

monika: Thank you very much!

La fille d'or: Oh yes, it is better in person! It's really quite big. I did my best to photograph little details but sometimes things just have to be seen in person.

CARLY WAITO: Oh yes, they told me you had been there! I mentioned you and asked if they read your blog. Ha. And yes, I love the use of all different sorts of wood! Ingenious.

Jane Flanagan: I mentioned you as well, as I stood in front of the tote you bought! I remembered your post about it.

Juli: Aw yay! Well, I am always down for hanging out! Thanks for The Good Neighbour recommendation! A lovely day all around.

roberta jane: Wish you could come by for a visit!


  1. Anonymous22.6.10

    Return that cute box or I can come pick it up! :P

    Patricia Ann

  2. wow.. i've never met a cat that didn't love boxes! and that is one incredibly cute box!

  3. You are so right. They have the BEST WEBSITE EVER. I just spent at least five minutes sitting here at work totally mesmerized by the kittens.

    I wanted to say hi to Juli and John when I was at Mjolk, but I was too shy, plus they were busy with customers the whole time. I'm surprised they noticed/recognized me! I'll be sure to say hi next time for sure.

  4. thanks for posting this! it just reminded me that I need to get off my lazy butt to order this!! Jin and I think our cats will love it! I am so glad I found it through you! The only thing we are worried about, is that mojo will be too fat to fit through the opening. Thank goodness it is made out of cardboard! Easily modifiable! haha!

  5. the website is AMAZING.
    i love the rolling videos in the background.
    super sweet.
    maybe oreo will go in it one day!

  6. Leave it out and move it around. Some cats need time to adjust. Isha ignored the bed we got her until grover was no longer around. That said, he DID pee in her first ever basket bed, so she was justifiably scarred. Cat nip helps too.

    But is Oreo a percher? Because if so, she probably likes to keep an eye on things and won't like being in a box on the ground. Maybe put it up in a higher spot...

  7. I adore !

  8. Seriously? My cat will go in all boxes of all kinds. He sleeps in my pattern box (an old wine crate) and we just got bookshelves and he wedges himself between the books. So cute! Tiny cat house! Like gingerbread!

  9. i saw that online! so cute! for some reason i thought they were a lot more money! very nice. why do cats not go in these things?? we got constable or hobbes (whoever would claim it) a small pop up tent house from ikea and they just don't like it. constable chased his tail a couple times inside but that was it. i am trying a trick by placing it up high..i'll let you know how that goes haha.

    i don't think linoleum is THAT bad, really! sometimes it has a sort of vintage appeal? our carpet is SLOWLY growing on me. i must say, the cat DOES love that, haha.

  10. That website is fantastic. And I have to get Ollivander one of those wonderfully cute houses!


  11. i love these so much. and so reasonably priced for THE CUTEST THING EVER.

  12. I think they're cheaper because they don't exactly last? I know a monster cunningly disguised as a cat who would happily spend a lovely afternoon attacking this vain, boxy newcomer.

  13. oh goodness that is awesome...vry cute!

  14. cats are so funny. always likin' the wrong thing. i love that about them. you can paint your floors an an inexpensive way to change them. you probably know that. not sure about the environmently friendliness level of the products involved.

  15. That's so funny. I'm pretty sure my cat lives for cardboard and boxes! A combo would make her meow with delight!