little winter

I'm sure that some of you have heard about the Little Winter sale this November in Portland by now, and have seen this pretty logo designed by Shanna Murray. Well, I'll be there! When I was invited, I was kind of in disbelief -- I couldn't say no, despite the fact that I've never done anything on this scale before. The other sellers are so amazing that I'm already quite terrified and plan to spend the next five months' worth of evenings and weekends working really hard to make sure that I don't show up with a sparse spread.

I'm going to be starting from scratch with this. I'm sure some of you probably don't even have a clear picture of what it is that I do exactly, because sometimes I don't even know, but I will be stitching away and hoping that I'll be able to live up to my concept. In the meantime, I won't be re-opening the Etsy shop. I have never been able to fully commit to it and to make it what I want anyhow.

Thank you to Abby and Chelsea for organizing the event! I'm excited to meet everyone and to meet Portland for the first time.


Hope Chella,
Cassandra, CARLY WAITO, Jane Flanagan, May, The Sweet Halcyon Days, pumkyn, Hello Lindello: Thank you so much!

Nicoloushka: I suspect that in the end the whites will end up matching. Thank you, and good luck with your blog!

pammalu: Oh yes! Melinda is amazing! I'm glad you enjoy her world.

kater: Oreo is so funny! I always seem to catch her with annoyed ears. Make pillows!! Pillows are always good and then you can look at them every day!

jen: Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to do a little bit of patchwork but with large pieces so the little cat heads didn't get cut. Cats are so weird.

Mon Petit Fantome: She sure is cranky! I try to squeeze her and she just gets mad. Hilarious. Thank you!

karyn: Thank you! Yeah, it felt pretty great to be able to put it on the bed. Geoff was away this weekend and I wanted to have a little surprise for him when he got back!

kenzie: Ugh, I know. It's such a drag, but when I don't iron, I end up paying for it.

Malicious Mallory: Aw, a skirt would be very cute!

vanessa joie: Good luck! You can do it!

erica-knits: The Last Minute book is excellent. I really recommend it. I've used it a few times now and every time it's worked out pretty well! Plus the styling is lovely and doesn't turn me off the actual projects.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Thanks! I hope they look like little flowers from far away! And who doesn't love pinwheels?

Melinda Josie: I'm so glad you like it! Yay! Geoff said it's cute how excited you get when you see the fabric in use, and I agree!

rennes: Yeah, I'm not sure I want to make another quilt... so time consuming! I guess worth it, though, ha. It also seems like a project that is way better suited for fall/winter! Although it would be so nice to have a picnic quilt.

Jen: I hate Clocky! NOTHING works to get me out of bed. I guess you have to want to get out of bed in the first place. Clocky is effective for scaring you out of bed, for sure, but I just fall back asleep. It's kind of a problem!

Megan: Haha, you're the best. Oh, the G20 stuff was confusing and maddening and frustrating. I don't have cable and I didn't really leave the house much this weekend, but I live far enough away from that part of town that there wasn't much evidence of the chaos (except lots more sirens than usual and lots of black helicopters flying overhead). Such an infuriating thing to have brought to town, so useless.


  1. I'm so excited for everybody involved. And please don't worry... you definitely have the creative chops to hold your own in this very talented crowd. Enjoy it!

  2. Ohhh exciting! I can't wait to see what you make. So wish I could be there.

  3. I feel exactly the same! I am so happy to go, and meet everyone (you too!) but I am starting from something completely new (I don't even have anything I've been doing that people would know) that I haven't completely figured out yet. I feel some pressure to do something to stand up to everyone's greatness, lots of work to do!

  4. Oh Anabela-you can just bring a suitcase full of air-as long as you are there we'll be happy ;D
    But seriously, we love YOU and your style and want you to come take part. I hope you don't feel too much pressure.
    That being said-I'm running around here like a chicken with head cut off telling myslef to "be creative, dammit abby!" so I feel your pain. hehe...regardless-I'm totally having a party in my room one night and you gots to come.

  5. I rarely ever visit Portland but I will have to plan on making a trip for this event so I can say hello and take a peek at all the lovely wares.

  6. Fun! Looking forward to meeting you!

  7. I totally feel the same about my Etsy shop. I wish I could be at this thing in Portland! I would love to meet you and see your lovely things. I KNOW you will have lovely things to show :) Will there be any sneak peeks?

  8. I'm SO excited. I'm going too... can't wait to meet you! xo

  9. nuts! i was just IN portland - wish i could be there again for this in december!!!

  10. Can't wait to see what you make for this!

  11. yes!!! can't wait for this and looking forward to welcoming you to our fair city ;)

  12. Hello from Tokyo, Japan.
    I love your blog! I like your beautiful and cute photos!

  13. this looks like an amazing event!!! u guys are so awesome!!! yay!!! :D

  14. hey that's great! it sounds amazing i wish i could come. and your new project sounds exciting!

  15. ohhhhh, when you get a chance can you email me and tell me where you got that cotton ribbon printed? so want some! lauren@deargolden.com