I mentioned recently that I had had drinks with Juli & John from Mjölk; Geoff and I took advantage of the perfect weather the other day to ride our bikes out to the Junction to visit the shop. We had been in before, in January, but I was shy and didn't say much beyond the usual pleasantries (and for the record, I don't really talk about my blog in person, as I don't expect anyone to be familiar with it; besides, I am easily intimidated by people who are both good-looking and capable, as we have established here before). We have a handful of mutual friends and it was inevitable that we should meet. We share a mutual love for Robber, as well -- Juli was wearing a sweet Steven Alan cruiser dress from there when we stopped by.

Anyhow, I'm so glad we meet, as they are the loveliest people. They recently shared some exciting news on their blog, Kitka Design!

The shop is located in the Junction, which isn't too far from where I grew up. The neighbourhood is changing so much and I'm happy about that as there are some really beautiful buildings there in need of some attention. John & Juli's buillding, for example, looks like quite a lot of the three and four storey buildings we admired in Chicago, with three-part bay windows that project out from the facade, adorned with little flourishes. The interior was designed by Studio Junction and I left daydreaming about plywood floors of my very own -- they're so pretty!

(The crux blanket that is draped over the sofa is a dream blanket)

Much of the store is dedicated to Scandinavian designs as well as a bit of Japanese, which works in perfect harmony. I took some pictures, but sadly, my Canon A-1 pictures didn't turn out and I ran out of film. Marvel at the variety, however: from incredible Fog Linen textiles to Danish sofas to chairs with little birch socks to children's toys. Each item has a story to go with it, a provenance, a little flag to denote its nationality.

(These milk posters are so striking --
I've never even been to Sweden and yet they fill me with warmth & nostalgia!)

We chit-chatted the afternoon away and took a walk to pick up some iced coffees in between (from The Good Neighbour on Annette, which I also highly recommend!). Because I can't resist Japanese books, Geoff bought us a copy of Stockholm's Love Apartments, part of a series on Scandinavian homes ("love apartments" meaning that the apartments belong to couples). We found our sad couch in its pages, looking decent! So thrilling.

(This Icelandic sweater is on my wishlist for winter --
it is a delicate, loose weave, and I bet it is so warm)

(I want this silk baby hat probably more than I want a baby at this point in my life)

Another excellent part of the afternoon was that Juli took us upstairs to meet the fluffy Isha! I always love meeting cats, especially adorable little black and white puffs. Love that Isha.

Thank you for the wonderful afternoon, you guys! PS- fika and Swedish lessons, don't forget.

If you are in Toronto, I hope you will stop by. It is worth taking the bus.


Jane Flanagan: It would really help Toronto de-uptight, I think!

kenzie, Dress up scientist: It really was! I managed to crop out the children, but there were so many! All laughing and having a great ol' time.

Kennedy: Lady, that is so sweet of you to say.

laurie: I'm glad you like it!

tara-lynn: Aw, I wish she could have come!

pumkyn: They were selling Friends With You merchandise. This kind of thing.

May: Yes, so nice to have a constant stream of free, fun things to do!

Mallory: Haha, aw! I hope you like it!


  1. i need to head out to the junction one weekend. perfect for a ride on the ol' ebike!

  2. Hello, just wanted to tell you that I like your blog very much! I love the Kitka blog and this shop is amazing! I love the colors, the textures, the simplicity. Very inspiring!

  3. Oh this looks so lovely! I have abit of a History with Sweden and long lost love...

    I just love the design - and the overall feel of the shop- it must me amazing in person.

  4. I finally made it there a couple of weeks ago and WOW. Perfection. They have the best taste - warm, cozy, light, simple... It is a great addition to a great neighbourhood. I love the Junction. I actually used to live right next door to Mjolk (above the nail salon) a couple of years ago before they opened the store. And Studio Junction is awesome! They are friends of ours - the sweetest people who do really beautiful work.

  5. Yay! I love Mjolk too.

  6. Thanks so much for making our Friday - it was so nice to spend the afternoon chatting! And the post is so lovely, both photos and writing! I can't wait till our next hangout...

  7. Oh! And thank you for all the comments. It means so much to us, please be sure to introduce yourselves when you come in (if we haven't already met, of course!).

  8. I heart Scandinavian design! I have been itching to head back to Sweden sometime soon... sigh

    I recently started following their blog - good stuff!