wish come true

Geoff and I stopped by Queen's Park to visit the Wish Come True festival by Friends With You, and it was as adorable as expected. We wished it were a permanent installation, particularly as Queen's Park is situated in the middle of the conservative university campus that has been a major part of my life for the past 10 years. It's impossible to be cynical about something so cute.


erica-knits: I'm glad too! I'm sure there will be opportunities for summer fun when you get back.

nath: It sure was.

Lexie, Little Boat: I know! Every time I see it, I smile. Too adorable.

Miss Crowland: Ha! Well, I don't know about that. It was pretty manageable.

jen: Thank you! It was fun indeed.

Meg: It is such a great shop. I've always had a soft spot for Hamilton and always enjoy a visit there. I hope to be back soon.

Hello Lindello: Yes, it was just the kind of weekend that summer is meant for! I'll have to remember it in the middle of winter.

Elisa: Wow, thank you for your kind words!

tara-lynn: You're welcome!

Mallory: That rain! It is the worst. I know we need it to live and all, but I hate when fun things are rained out. Bummer.

Juli: I look forward to it!

daisymay: Thanks!

Hollie: Thank you! And yes, it was so nice to meet you and Jane as well.

whitney reeder: Aw, I'm sorry! Maybe there is one waiting for you on Etsy or eBay?


  1. Yes! I wish this was permanent too. So adorable.

  2. ahhhh! love friends with you! so happy and playful. this is so cool.

  3. these are so perfect. you are such a talented photographer i hope you know it.

  4. um, so adorable! I can imagine bounding from balloon to balloon, probably wearing something adorable.

  5. ohhhmy, I adore these things.

  6. oh, this is amazing! fantastic photos, lady!

  7. Anonymous20.6.10

    Oh how adorable is this?
    What sort of booths were there?

  8. This is awesome!! So cute. Love the different color combo sripes.

  9. i went there yesterday and there's so many people! the kids love it! so cute! don't you just love toronto in the summer?

  10. When I found out about this I was hoping you'd go and take pictures! So awesome.

  11. I passed this on my way *out* of Toronto last weekend, and was so sad I coudln't stop to take it all in...I wish that it could be permanent, too - Toronto needs more silly cuteness around.

  12. i sooo wish this exhibition would travel to berlin aswell. i'd LOVE to see it!

  13. I got to walk through this when I graduated from said conservative university. It was unreal.