yard sale trunk show

In a few weeks I'm going to be participating in this amazing trunk show at The Workroom. Look at those sellers! Look at what Celine is doing! It's going to be such a good one. More details here.

This time I will only have rummage available, because I am busy working on a special project that I am excited to share when it's ready. I am so tired, you guys.

The other night while falling asleep I had the idea (because the best ideas come near sleep, of course) that this time, I am not going to price anything. Make me an offer! Let's bargain, friends. Also, I'm going to put my cat love where my mouth is and donate 100% of the profits to Toronto Cat Rescue. So don't lowball too much, unless you hate cats.

I will be selling the usual: vintage clothes, maybe fabric, sewing supplies, books, knick-knacks. Come say hello!


Jane Flanagan: I think that usually it's all in our heads. We do these things to ourselves, and it's totally useless! Self-criticism is the pits, such a waste of energy.

Janelle: Thank you!

Neon Relish: I'm sure the Zara cat dress looks adorable on you. Oh, that hostess was so pretty and I loved her outfit! Serious envy over here. And thanks! It was actually not too difficult to make the skirt. It took me a lot less time than I thought it would. Other than the zipper having to go on one side of the pocket, it was pretty straightforward construction!

Beth: Oh wow, that's amazing! Yeah, those skirts are easy to make and easy to wear. Perfect! I haven't seen the... miniseries? I think it's a miniseries. I've heard good things about it, though.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: I wish I could to it! It would be fun!

liz: Thanks! I used a Simplicity pattern, one of the Project Runway ones. The instructions were confusing to me when it came time to sew in the zipper, but I just did my own thing and it worked out well.

erin: Ha, aw... well, you should learn! It's a pretty satisfying activity!

everyanything: I used this pattern for it. There may be others!

Nedda Ebo: Thank you!

erica-knits: Pfft, as if you have any reason to be self-critical. Don't do it! Confidence, confidence! Pockets are indeed the best. I love when I forget that I have them, then am surprised by them.

-Alaina: It's pretty, isn't it?

rennes le ch√Ęteau: Haha, do you hear Mugatu saying it in your head, too? Thanks -- I'm so glad you agree about the hand stitched hems! It just looks so much cleaner to me. Although most of my clothes are machine-hemmed, of course!

CARLY WAITO: Thank you! That is such an amazing anecdote. I don't think I've seen Hair! I would probably like it. I can see you totally rocking the halter tops and sun dresses right now. Amazing!

Laura: Thank you!

Prosecco: Ha! I have such a hard time taking outfit pictures... but maybe one day. Thank you!

LyddieGal: Thank you! It sounds as though you have summer dressing down to an art. I struggle with it always!

Miss Cris: Oh, good luck with the dresses! How fun. Thank you!

Michelle: Haha, oh Zoolander. Yeah, I had a lot of fabrics to choose from! And so inexpensive. Pretty amazing!

Megan: Oh girl, if you learned to sew I bet your mind could come up with incredible things! I was just following directions (sort of).


  1. oh! that is super sweet and generous of you - good luck!!

  2. That's so good of you Anabela! Wish I could be there to show some kitty love.

  3. Anonymous1.6.10

    I wish I could go to this but I'm in the UK, so I shall have to imagine how brilliant it will be. And yay for charitable giving. Next door's cat makes me very happy and I always fuss him when he comes over to our garden. xxx

  4. this looks amazing! i will definitely stop by. can't wait!

  5. I can't wait for this! Just started following your blog after stumbling upon it on WORN. :)