beach day

Today was a beautiful day.

I enlisted the help of my buddy Caitlyn and my "assistant" Geoff and we went down to Ward's Island Beach. I had wanted to take some pictures of Summer Water bags by the shores of Lake Ontario (I thought it would be pretty nice to have one Caitlyn around since I can't have the other Caitlin around).  It was so much fun. Of course, I am no professional, but I didn't even feel embarrassed about toting around a plastic bin full of bags and cameras and a tripod! No one really cared anyway. Island life, you know?

We're calling this one the Shore Pack. Cotton canvas, cotton twill, leather bits. It will be part of the update this Monday (it should be live at 2PM, Eastern).

Those are Geoff's footprints. He kept his tennis shoes on. Also, I am so glad we kept this camera and learned how to use it -- I love it. The 669 film had been sitting in the fridge for about three years.

We met a cat that had come down for some beachtime.

Oh hey super adorable APC Madras sandals that I wish were mine, 'sup?

Aboard the ferry Ongiara. This song, from the Great Lakes Swimmers' album Ongiara, was in my head for most of the day (incidentally, the first time I heard that song I was so moved that I cried. True story).


sew nancy: I have to admit that the blue bunny fabric is one of my favourites! But then I do love them all.

erin: Thank you!

soyoko: Wow, thank you so much, I am honoured! Hmm... I'll have to remember to show you how I store my jewelry, maybe I can take a picture! I don't have anything too fancy. I mostly use pretty vintage plates, so I have to remember to dust very often!

Dress up scientist: Thank you! The book is just so delightful. I wanted to post more pictures but maybe one cat per post should be my limit. Ha!

tara-lynn: Thanks, lady!

kater: Aw man, if you carried a Summer Water bag I would be so happy! I mean, I'll be happy no matter who it is, but since you are a Kaitlin/Caitlyn/Caitlin it would be extra special (plus I really like you, haha).

sarah: Oh, yes! Luckily she'll be back. It's nice when you know that people will be back. I love the colour too! It's still going strong, which I love.

fraisedesbois: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like them. One year in the making, haha.

valerie: Oh Valerie, that is very understandable, but I'm so glad you're back and I'm looking forward to Lovelier Seas' new adventures. Thank you so much!

Victoire: Thank you! Yes, that's what I thought of too! That video is a classic. I love it.

heleen: I'm so touched by your interpretation! It's so perfect. Would you like to write copy for me? Haha. I especially love that you mention 2 best friends since this is a collaboration between me and a dear friend. Thank you!

samanthajoy: Thank you!

Sarah: My gosh! Thanks so much!

Neon Relish: Yes! A bunny! Wow, Summer Water over Fjällräven! That is amazing. If you happen not to get a bag, I might send Caitlin a few special bunny pieces (non-bags) for Renegade.

Julia: Yay, Julia! Thank you so much for the kind words. Maybe one day I will make it out to your home -- I'm sure it's perfect.


  1. These are so lovely! We are leaving for the beach tomorrow (packing, AHH I am so bad at it), and these put me in just the right mood!

    That little beach bum cat is the lovelies little guy!

    I will definitely have to make a bag mine :) I have such a hard time with bags, I'm so not a purse girl and I love my totes to death, so these seem like such a nice meeting of tote-like philosophy while being lovely and special!

  2. You pictures is good. I agree with Kater it is lovely.

  3. <3 great lake swimmers. perfect songs. they give me chills.

  4. These beautiful pictures fully reflect your beautiful day. Can't wait for the update!

  5. so funny, I'm going to the beach tomorrow and making Billy take some photos of me wearing some of my necklaces. yay beach day!

  6. i love how the cat is dressed in beach camo ;)
    looks like a fun day.

  7. Yay! Beach Day! Love the boat picture.

  8. lovely summer bags & very nice summery pics at the island - such a different world across the water ... life's a beach for that kitty ;) beautiful music too ... thanks for the intro!

  9. Such beautiful pictures while at the beach, I love the first shot its stunning.

  10. so summer, so lovely.

  11. those apc shoes are gorgeous....i really should save my money :)

  12. lovely, lovely photos! i love the feeling of summer in them.

  13. love summer, what a perfect day !

  14. looks like it was a lovely day! You know in all the 10 years that I lived in Toronto I only went to the Island 5 times. Sad but true. It's great being close to the water though. Looking forward to your shop opening tomorrow!

  15. Beautiful photos (Ward's is literally my favourite place in Toronto). Can't wait to see what the ones taken with that other camera look like, too. Are you gonna post them?

  16. I love these pictures! Anabela, you are a photo taking genius!! What a great shoot, Caitlyn is an adorable model as always.

  17. Thank you so much for your kind reply!!I don't have a nice vintage plate right now but I will try it by using my favorite plates:-)By the way,the top of photo is like a paintin...beautiful!!

  18. this is so pretty!