cats, and other cats

I haven't ordered anything online in a while and so lately my mailbox has been pretty sad to open, except for a sweet package I got from Siri recently filled with trinkets and beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons. When I got home last night there was something so good in there -- Becky, local fount of creativity, sent me these pinback buttons from the road (The Sweetie Pie Press is currently touring craft markets across America)! They are part of her commissioned artist series, and the artwork is by Sarah McNeil. Just another example of two extremely talented people collaborating to make something amazing, no big deal.

One set is called "Cats" and the other is called "Other Cats." I have a pair of each and will be giving one pair away on dreamcats starting on Monday.

I am going to keep the other pair because I am greedy. I don't think you can blame me for that.

Thank you, Becky!

I have some of Sarah's prints, as seen here, and they are so beautiful. A friend of mine gave his fiancé a custom portrait of their cat Sesame for Christmas, which is quite possibly the best gift ever.


Dear everyone: Thank you for the nice words about the header! I am really so happy with it and agree that Caitlin did a beautiful job. After a really long time of cringing when I looked at my blog, I love to look at it now. Thank you to Geoff for the clean, simple redesign!

DEADWEIGHT!: That's so funny! I hope I was nice to you, eek! Geoff bought a card from you at the Workroom once, and I gave it to some friends as a wedding card. Let's say hi to each other next time.

CARLY WAITO: Tell me about it. I want to go outside because it's cooler outside than in my apartment, but man, who can get up from a prone position?


  1. not greedy. one set was totally intended for you.

  2. OMG, the kitty paws. The kitty paws. Way too adorable!

  3. Alright those buttons are too cute.

  4. very pretty! and love oreo's lil feets!

  5. blog friends are the best! as much as blogging can seem like a chore, the friends i have made through it make it totally worth it!

  6. eeeep! these are too cute! they would be too cute on a tote bag...need to look into that...

    and I'm SO glad you brought up Sarah's portraits! I was thinking of getting one for my sister's wedding present this October...one of her two dogs...though I thought it would be way cooler to get one of the dogs, her and her fiance by Ashley G, though I'm sure those are a bit more expensive...what do you think, based on your friend doing that for her boo? and I have no idea if that would be my sister's thing, but I think it would be a killer present, so that's what I'm doing haaah

  7. those are the classiest buttons i've ever seen, wow! and i love the little kitty feet that crept in one of the photos. :)

  8. Have you seen this?