a good week

I hadn't intended to write a post today because I have to get to work finishing up Summer Water things, but I just wanted to write a quick thank you to all of you for being so enthusiastic and supportive this week.  I feel as though July has been a great month for me, one in which I finally put ideas into action, from Summer Water to a slight blog redesign (and beautiful new header!) to my home series.  I suppose Susan Miller was right after all: the eclipse was good to us late-December Capricorns. Ha.

Incidentally, I have changed the name of the home series to "This is where I live." I was unaware of the fact that the name "Homebodies" was already in use as the name of another blog.  I hope that I will be able to keep the series going on a regular basis -- but I only know so many people! Jane and Kate wrote such sweet things about it today.

For now, I wish you a wonderful weekend.  I am off to think of the beach as I sew.

I am in love with these fabrics. Please tell Caitlin what a beautiful job she did. I could never have done it without her.

Oh, and happy birthday, Erin!


Amy Irene, celine, Sarah: The carving is amazing indeed. I think it was his first time carving something like that as well! Also, it's from her favourite book. Too sweet.

Verhext: Oh yes, it is so cozy!

Dress up scientist: Thank you! Yes, I really hope that it will inspire others. It definitely takes time, but it's worthwhile! I cringe when I think of my first apartment! Yikes.

nath: Oh, that's funny! You know what they say about great minds. Unfortunately, I had to change the name, but I'm glad you liked it for the day that it was in existence, ha.

claire: Thanks so much, Claire!

erin: Thank you! It means a lot.

Jane Flanagan: Oh, her space is so perfect. I might go back for more! Thank you so much for the kind words.

erica-knits: Thank you! Yes, her home is so sweet. And she gets to work from there! Lucky girl.

Jessica: Thank you!

Celine: Thank you, Celine! That means a lot to me, coming from you!

Jenny: Thank you! I had noticed a trend of my friends having beautiful homes that I think are totally worthy of sharing with others. My apartment is okay! I sure do like it.

Jenni: Dre is a very sweet kitty! And yes, someday! Never give up hope.

ifihadalittlelamb: Thank you! Oh and yes, the fashion world is still one that intimidates me quite a bit.

Juli: Thank you! I might have to go back for a part two, ha.

Miss Crowland: Thanks for the encouragement!

becka: Oh yes, I know that it is our own doing for feeling bad, but the less negativity (unnecessary negativity) in our lives, the better! Sometimes the comments on those blogs can be triggering in the way that comments about body image or food can be triggering, and who needs it! Thanks for the kind words.

stephanie renee: Thanks so much! I know, it's so hard, I felt so awkward! Who do I think I am, some kind of photojournalist? Ha! Luckily Melinda is so sweet so she was the perfect first subject. I still don't think I'll ever be able to afford a house... house prices around here are bananas. 600K for something that needs to be gutted!

hibou: Thank you! Oh yes, I have to admit that I am by nature a nosy person so this is a nice excuse for me. He was selling the letterboxes a few months ago -- I wish I had snapped one up! So beautiful!

Neon Relish: I forgot to mention that it's her favourite book. Makes it even better. Thank you!

Mei: Thanks so much! I'm glad you understood what I was trying to do!

amy w: Thank you! Yes, she has a lovely home!

May: Thank you! I think she said she got the nurses at Odds & Ends!

sunshine by sara: Thank you! I hope it won't disappoint!

s: You are too kind to say these things! I wish I could come over and take pictures of your space! I'm certain it's beautiful.

Hello Lindello: Thank you! Luckily her apartment is so wonderful that I felt as though I was cheating. I'm glad you like it!
bigBANG studio: Thank you, that means so much to me!

Lou Lou & Oscar: I'm so glad you like it! Oh, the carefully selected treasures are the life blood of a home, so important! And so often forgotten, I think.

Coriander Girl: Yes! I know this concept isn't original but no one else has the exact same friends that I do, you know? I'm glad you like it!

Summer: Thank you! I have to censor myself sometimes, ha. I think there are more options for commenting now, yes! I made a few changes.

Aron: Thank you! It was a little strange, mostly because I'm not a professional. I felt a little silly, in the "Who do I think I am?" sort of way. Luckily there is no better sport than Melinda!

Concha: Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Laura: Yes, they are so sweet! I think the two on the side were made with vintage fabrics.

Malicious Mallory: I agree!

elizabeth: You can order the cat fabric through Melinda! You'll have to email her but the information is on her website, under "Portfolio."


  1. a good, good name!

  2. I think the new name is great, too! It's perfect for the series.

  3. Anonymous23.7.10

    Sorry for being late to the party but what about "View to a Home"?

  4. This has totally been your month, like I've told you a million times, I am loving your blog at the moment. Seriously one of my favourite places to come hang out and see what you're up to. Love the new name, love the series, love it all!

  5. what a beautiful blog you got here :)

  6. yes! it was such an exciting month for you Anabela! It made me happy when you annouced all this good news! I was excited for you!
    I haven't congratulated you on little winter, and summer water yet, but I have been reading your posts on it for certain. Summer Water is beautiful, and little winter will be such an amazing show!
    Congratulations on all of this Anabela! It makes me smile!