Little freckles have popped up on my nose and I have a farmer's tan from riding my bike back and forth every day. I have lost track of how many of these popsicles I have eaten (they are sooo delicious). I just painted my nails a pretty shade of peach.

I unexpectedly managed to acquire my favourite necklace from the Dores shop recently. Stephanie had a quiet update and this pretty little guy was sitting there, unsold for a few moments, tempting me, reminding me of my weaknesses. I couldn't believe that I wasn't seeing the red "Sold Out" & was overtaken by desire. I just love peach so much.

Cheesecloth on my peach (rather, "antique fan pink") sewing table. I have plans for these ten yards of cheesecloth, and I hope they work out. They're not exciting plans, though. Really just a way for me to be able to stop using those plastic produce bags from the grocery store.

A few things to share:


K.: Thank you, xo.

kater: Thank you! I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. They are tiny!

chelsea: You hide it well, if so! Thank you, I'm looking forward to sharing.

CARLY WAITO: It's nice to know I'm not alone! I have to admit that I started cutting back on the number of blogs that I read in a day, and it's really helped me to appreciate the ones I do. Thank you, and I hope we can hang out soon!

whistlepeaknits: Aw, thanks. I have made so many fabric choice missteps along the way... but the fabric in this post is extra-special, not available anywhere.

nath: I'm sure it will come! And yes, it's especially hard in the summer, when there are so many things to do in the sunshine!

iris: Thanks!

sarah: Sarah, your comment means so much to me. A few of the other comments on this post were about the issue of things to buy, and I really do struggle with that. I love to support independent artists and designers and to feature them, and I always will do that. But there's a fine line... I often feel uncomfortable sharing my purchases because despite the fact that I am not well off, there is always someone who is less well off than I am, someone who might feel a little bad about themselves for it. Having a blog has cost me a lot of money, considering I started it because it was a free diversion!

Celine: Thank you! I really admire people who post only their own photos (including you, Tommy from Notes by Naive, etc.). It just makes everything consistent. Of course, it doesn't hurt that your pictures are beautiful. I wish you could come to Portland! Sounds like it's going to be so fun.

Kate: Yeah, I understand. Your photos are so great and we all love them. I tend to scroll past shopping types of posts without really paying attention to them, mostly because I can only see the same Hasbeens product shots so many times in one day, you know? Things are pretty lean right now so I can't really indulge anyway (I am having crazy guilt over the $40 necklace up there). It's nice when people find lovely things to share, and I do like it... but sometimes my tolerance for it is pretty low. I keep going back to certain round-up types of posts of yours, like the ones about woven vintage items and drawstring bags, but I find inspiration in them rather than a desire to own everything listed! Fine lines.

Siubhan: Hmm, that's probably true! I would like a holiday. Thank you for your comments about my blog. I've been working on my blog for a few years now and I still feel as though it's a work in progress. And the header is going to be so pretty that I'm glad you're looking forward to it!

Michele: As a blog reader, I completely agree. My tolerance for the same old thing (especially when it's a major company that does not need any free advertising) is pretty low these days. I try to be mindful of this. Thank you so much.

jen: Thanks! I can't wait to tell you more about that fabric.

Amanda Factor: We should brainstorm! For the kittieeesss!

SwanDiamondRose: Oh Tara, I have tried twice to make the sailor dress! Maybe third time's a charm? Yeah, blog angst is kind of annoying! All these things we want to do that seem simple but aren't. Drag. Oh and congrats on the new home!

broom people: Thank you! Hooray!

sunshine by sara: I definitely agree, because I get overwhelmed as well. I have had some dark days where I thought I couldn't handle reading other people's show-and-tell posts, to the point where I considered deleting all internet things of mine! But I have taken some deep breaths and have tried to continue to do my thing. Phew!

Jenny: I think it's way hotter in New York, but my apartment is a furnace lately! I was sitting at my sewing machine, just dripping. So gross! I try to get a lot done, but I am always on my own case about productivity. More, more! It makes me feel weird, too. I think there was a point where I was doing more of it than I would like to, but I'm trying to be more conscious of it. I mean, typing out all these responses takes a lot of time so I've had to be more mindful of what I post in general. Thank you!

Jane Flanagan: Aw, thank you. I don't want people to think that I'm whiny, but I do want people to understand that I'm a real person, a super self-deprecating and humble person, ultimately! I have had people tell me some outrageous things about who they have perceived me to be (that's awkwardly phrased but my brain isn't working too well) so the last thing I want to do is misrepresent myself! It is definitely possible to be both! We're both examples of that, haha! I have my moments of arrogance ("How is it possible that I make so little money when I am SO SMART and CAPABLE!" etc.) but it's not a very nice quality, and I try not to be arrogant. Hearts to you, dear Jane!

erin jane / atlantic treefox: Lady, I have been lying on my bed with a hot computer on my stomach for like four hours. I am waaayyy lazy too. Totally allowed.


  1. OK- I am super excited about your cheesecloth idea.. I recently bought some similar bags for produce but I don't exactly like the design. Cheesecloth? Of course!! And I am sure yours will be lovely.. I get horrible pangs of guilt every time I use those plastic produce bags!

    Also- That gingham card is amazing. I love it SO!

  2. I need to eat that popsicle right now. Ugh. Your pictures always make me want whatever is in them!

  3. I agree, I think the cheesecloth project sounds pretty exciting. I've always wondered what sort of bag would do as a replacement, so I can't wait to see!

  4. Sounds like you're having a good summer!
    I'd like to ride my bike more, but it's too hot right now - I'd get heat stroke or something. It's in the 100s this week !
    I love your idea for the cheesecloth bags, too~

  5. I am really excited to see how your produce bags turn out, I've been wanting to make some for awhile now. I'm always afraid they'll get 'fuzzy' with use and get fuzzes on the produce - do you think this will happen?

  6. Good call with the cheesecloth! I received a pack of Care Bags as a gift, and they are pretty much just cheesecloth with a tag!

    Great necklace, too.

  7. mmmm, i haven't had a fudgicle in forever!

  8. Oo! Making reusable produce bags is definitely on my project list right now. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  9. this heat is killing me.
    i love that popsicle picture

  10. Oh that fudgsicle looks so perfect. I wonder if the ice cream truck is outside Robarts today... I will be checking on my break.

    I really meant to comment on your last post but I felt like everyone had already said what I wanted to say. Nonetheless, I'll say a few, after all. I've always thought that your blog has the best original content. So much of your personality shines through and it's why I was so eager to be your friend. You're such a creative, kind and inspiring person. So yes, there's no need to adhere to a strict schedule of posting. When you do post, I always come back to read it more than once. Fieldguided has always been my favorite blog.

  11. Please share your cheesecloth produce bag when you're finished! I've been wanting a replacement for those bags when I go to the farmer's market. Right now I just reuse the plastic kind, which isn't so pretty but better than using a new one every time.

  12. dores makes the prettiest necklaces!

  13. Thank you again Anabela ♥

  14. AH, YES! I got the same necklace from Stephanie and I love it to pieces! I was a little worried abt the chain being one of those ball chains b/c I couldn't really tell in the picture, but it's all just the right size!

    and that fudgsicle looks delicious......they're my summer weakness...all-yearround weakness...

  15. peach is also my favorite color.

  16. this is the most delicious post...