new acquisitions

Sometimes I really miss thrifting, but then I'll go and find next to nothing in a sea of polyester and second-hand fast fashion items. I visited three suburban thrift stores (large ones!) on Saturday and only found a few things. A peach silk blouse, because I feel obligated to snap up silk clothing when I see it as it seems to be so rare in thrift stores around here, a piece of Limoges porcelain, and some pretty scalloped heels.

I like this French proverb. (I don't smoke.)

This wasn't thrifted but it was inexpensive: my cat tapestry purse came yesterday!  After Siri posted about cat tapestry bags I realized that this purse would bring me much happiness, so I ordered one.  It took a while to arrive but it's here and it's amazing. I could care less that the materials are cheap and that it's actually kind of a tacky purse. While I was waiting for it to come, I saw this post by Mademoiselle Robot and got even more excited about it (I like the duffel she got -- it has a greater catface ratio -- but I wanted a shoulder strap). Thanks for the tip, Siri!


carly, annie, Kate, Malicious Mallory, Dress up scientist, Noonton and Cocobean, oaklandetsuko, s, Elizabeth Johnson, Lolo, jen, Suzanne: I'm glad you like it! It is crazy and hilarious and awesome.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Whoa, genius idea. Me and the Japanese would probably understand each other.

erica-knits: I love them tooooo. I put mine in the bathroom! It's too pretty.

becka: Haha, Cat Facebook.  But for real, not just the app they had. We can teach our cats to type, right?

Laura: Aw, cute video! Thank you!

heleen: Oh yes, the Fudge magazine scans are great!

anja louise: Yeah, they were probably sent in, you're right. Thanks again! Best magazine ever! Oh yeah, I follow your cat cam tumblr!

alice: Aw, maybe someone will start a dreamdogs tumblr! Maybe you?

sew nancy: Haha! I hope that's what it is! Oh, and thank you, I'm glad you like the sailor dress!

Lexie, Little Boat: If you go, take me with you!

SwanDiamondRose: Maru! I posted some Maru stuff on Facebook so I will take the blame/credit. He is a hilarious cat!

pammalu: I know! The pictures and styling are always so perfect.

carmen: I always worry about alienating people who don't like cats, so I'm glad you're amused by my cat content! Thank you. Relief!


  1. amazing. utterly amazing.
    the ash tray is brilliant.
    the cat tapestry bag i had one ages ago and the straps broke. i haven't been able to find an new one.
    genius find.

  2. the faces on the cats are all very good and that is important! haha i really hope i can get one for myself soon.

    well quality, not quantity haha..everything you found is lovely and that ashtray really is priceless. it's perfect.

  3. I love that bag! Ah! It's so nice knowing there are others out there that share the same love of cats and tapestry bags...

  4. The only thing I dread about moving to NY is losing out on all my TX thrift haunts - they all seem to let me have lucky finds of silk and antiques for pennies, maybe a few half dollars, literally. UGH :( will miss.
    love the peach blouse.

  5. thrifting can be so up and down, but i feel like those bad days only make the day you find tons of stuff that much more exciting. oh and i feel the same way about silk at the thrift store, if it says 100% silk, i can't resist!

  6. that kitty bag is delightful.
    i am so jealous of that french plate find! super cute.

  7. cute finds! I love that cat bag too!!

  8. Those heels are such gems!

  9. I don't smoke, but I'm smitten with that ash try. And the cat purse? Yeah. I'm pretty sure if I had that, I'd make my cat sit in it. And be happy about it.

  10. You found some pretty great treasures there, ma'am! I adore the kitten tapestry purse. I found a vest like that at a Salvation Army, well with older kitty cats not kittens, and I wanted to buy it, but it was too large. I couldn't find a way to alter it without ruining it. Plus my mother thought it was horrendous. But I really liked it. Sigh.

  11. perfect cat bag! there are so many funny cat printed cottons. like the ones that are aimed at quilters. i went in a store and they had a whole section for most animals. though they were mainly beyond liking, even with a heavy dose of irony. still funny to see a whole section of cats, dogs, whales, etc.

  12. I have the same: I criticize fast fashion in big stores, but I look for some things just one time in week and I spend most of my money in "McFashion" shops ;)
    I really like that shirt

  13. Grace21.7.10

    Have you seen Catster.com? It's like Myspace for Cats. Community > See the Cats to access profiles. I guess it's more of an informational site now but it used to be based entirely on cat profiles.

  14. oh i wish i could wear peach!
    beautiful! it will look so nice on you.

  15. OH MY GOD I AM STILL SO JEALOUS OF THAT BAG! The caps are necessary. I've been obsessed with it since I saw it on Ringo. I really might have to buy one before I implode.
    I also like that blouse.

    1. Anonymous22.3.12

      I need this bag where can i get it from ? someone help

  16. kitty purse! how perfect for you!

    sometimes thrifting is a very frustrating habit with little or no returns ... other times it's amazing and i ask myself why i dont go every day!

  17. Anonymous22.7.10

    The heels are amazing finds.

  18. Those are great thrift finds! And oh my.. that bag. What!!!! How does it even exist? I would like to shake hands with the person that designed it!

  19. That bag would be a nice gift for my grandmother if she still were one, she will be 90 years old on Sunday, but also it would be nice for myself. Enjoy it!

    Thunder sounding greetings from Finland.

  20. Woah, great finds! Love the Limoges porcelain with the proverb. Did it come like that?!? I don't smoke but I love it!

    I've given up on the big vintage stores. I went to VV yesterday and almost barfed. Everything in there is absolute garbage and shouldn't even exist to begin with, let alone for a second run. I guess it was only a matter of time when our ugly consumer culture would catch up to us...

  21. You're so welcome! Sadly, my backpack still hasn't arrived. It had better be waiting for me when I get back to NYC dang it! That's the closest I'll be getting to "back to school shopping" this year hehheh.

  22. I love the ashtray, and the fact that you unearthed it at a thrift! What a good find.

  23. wow. ok. that bag is so awesome i just went and bought one too! thanks for sharing :)

  24. Those heels are gorgeous! Love the ashtray, too.

  25. omg, that bag is amazing beyond words. I think I need one too. Yikes! And that ashtray is awesome! I often find really pretty ashtrays but hesitate on getting them since I don't smoke either...but this one is too sweet to resist.

  26. omg. i have the same print in a backpack. i want the shoulder tote! agh! i can't remember where i bought it but it did take up to 3 weeks for it to arrive! spent about 50 us dollars :(