I am not good with mornings. It takes me a really long time to get out of bed, and once I'm out, I putter & dawdle. Before I know it, I'm still at home when I should be at my desk at work. Sometimes I take pictures, because the light is nice in the morning.

Self portrait. The rose box was a gift from Caitlin. The mini pictures were taken with the Diana+ Instant Back, with which I have wasted so much film. I've been thinking about getting a Fuji Instax Mini camera. I can't really justify it, though I do love the pictures that I've seen taken with it.

I wanted a picture to put on my blogroll page. My favourite blogs, my favourite magazines. It makes sense to me.

Geoff was working on his laptop on the couch and I realized that I hadn't yet taken a picture of the beautiful Brooklyn Tailors shirt he bought at Penelope's in Chicago. The blue stitching on the buttonholes is so pretty. It's my favourite of Geoff's shirts. I basically clap my hands together with delight every time he wears it. (I'm serious.)

Sailor dress attempt 3: the wearable version (attempt 1 was made out of wool in the fall of 2008 and never finished, attempt 2 was done in the wrong fabric). I took the collar from the 1972 pattern pictured in this post, a basic sack dress pattern from the third Stylish Dress Book, and made up my own facing. I changed the neckline so it wouldn't plunge as much as it does in the 1972 pattern (the v-shaped "vestee" that goes underneath is a bit silly to me). The fabric is a linen/cotton blend that I found on sale.

I wasn't too happy with the point where the collar tips meet (in my haste to finish, I did a sloppy job). I was going to put a false button placket over it, but while flipping through some Lula magazines after taking the picture above, everything sort of crystallized and I realized that a bow would be a nice way to go. Maybe I'm actually too old for a sweet little bow. I'm probably too old for a lot of things I love. Anyhow, I found some grosgrain and stitched it in place. I am so productive in the morning when I should be on my way to work. I'm surprised I didn't hem it at 9.30 AM.

I have some really excellent gouges in my chest from scooping a fully-clawed Oreo in my arms so a picture will have to wait, but the collar sits really nicely! I'm pretty happy with it.


alice: Yes! After you left your comment I looked around and realized that the company (which I linked in the original post), Dear Morocco, is actually a Japanese company based in Morocco. I'm so jealous that you visit Tangiers regularly! It must be so beautiful, and the markets must be amazing!

Melinda Josie: Oh no! That's too bad that they wore out. They were so pretty! I might try making my own, wish me luck! I had Geoff photocopy that pattern this morning, ha.

Alexandra: Thank you, you are right!

syl: Thank you, dear girl! That is very sweet of you to say.

Poppy Coburn: Thank you! I thought Oreo would never use her cabin, and she's used it for a few minutes... so you never know! Cats are so funny.

oaklandetsuko: Thank you! Yes, Eric Rohmer! Suzanne's Career is the ultimate pick-me-up movie for me, ha.

Hello Lindello: I have yet to wear them, eep! I'm worried about ruining them. They are just such beautiful objects.

ilovesasek: I agree, the detail is so beautiful. It is a great price, because I'm sure they were handmade, and I do love Polka Dot Kids. I think they will last for a long time, too. Yes, do it! I'm going to try! Go team!

s: I'm glad you like them!


  1. ps. I love that chubby cat statue. but I'm sure you knew I would.

  2. I'm the same way in the morning. It's ridiculous. I just need a loooong time to wake up, so I putter like nobodies business, doing things that could obviously wait til later. A reader spotted me on the subway the other morning and I felt terrible all day because I should not engage in conversation before noon. My boyfriend is well aware of this.

  3. Your dress looks fantastic – such beautiful material and I very much like the bow. Excellent shirt too!

  4. How come I've never stumbled on your blog before? I'm smitten! (Look, that rhymes with kitten.)
    I think the bow adds a nice little quirk to your dress, you and Geoff sure make a stylish couple!

  5. I always feel most productive with my sewing adventures in the morning, too. Glad I'm not alone!

  6. Anonymous13.7.10

    The Instax is a great camera. I have the regular sized one and I love it, it's very consistent and the colors in the photos are gorgeous.

  7. Great photographs. The first one is incredibly sweet. I have the Instax Mini, and I love it. I like that I can carry it in my purse and not feel like I'm lugging around a brick.

  8. definitely not too old for a bow. i adore the dress. would wear one just like it.

  9. girls will be jealous when you are sportin' the bow. my mornings are quite the same, it's amazing how much you can get done when you're trying to avoid going to work.

  10. I hate waking up for work in the mornings. I putter around, too. My mornings are not nearly as productive as yours, though!

    I think the bow is so you! Can't wait to see it in person.

  11. I'm obsessed with that rose box... AND your new blog banner by miss caitlin! I love her. and your blog is pretty dang cute too. I found you through Caitlin. Your blog is so my vibe :)

  12. I like the look of your dress. No one is ever too old for a bow :)

  13. Oh puttering. I'm a putterer too. Just a short few weeks ago I had a daily work routine which required me to leave the house at 7:00am. Now I am free of that and the puttering is out of control. It's nice to be able to get things done in the morning.

    Lovely photos as always!

  14. i have been trying to get more productive with sewing lately so this is totally inspiring, what a beautiful dress! i think the bow really make it!

  15. lovely banner! i'm quite envious of your copies of Lula. I've been looking all around Toronto for them; where do you get yours?


  16. i think that dress is beautiful!

    and the photo of you on your about me page is just gorgeous!

  17. Lula is popular in Japan. Japanese women like girlie mode style fashion.
    Your dress is chic! I like your lovely photos.

  18. I sure do love your little marshmallow of a cat and rose box. I bet they each hold many secrets.

  19. I love love love the sailor dress!!

  20. you've described my mornings to a T, too. i get a lot of grief for it at the office, but i'm a concert promoter and spend half my week running shows, so there's not much that will change in regards to my morning habits until my lifestyle changes!