room shoes

Lately I've been thinking about trying to make my own room shoes again (I made an attempt over two years ago, but abandoned that project, although I have since had advice from Melinda on how to finish them). Slippers are the best! Of course, I'm not wearing them these heatwave-filled days. Most of the year I wear a pair of traditional handmade sheep skin slippers that I got in the Algarve (like these ones).

When I saw these slippers for sale at Polka Dot Kids, I got very nervous. I'm serious. I wanted them so badly, but I have been trying to curb my impulse purchases. They're so perfect for me: muted tones, sequins, leather, embroidery. They were $38. I bought them. I love them. I imagine that they're from Japan, since so many of the things in the store are Japanese, but I'm not positive. I was so glad it was the one item in the store that came in adult sizes as well.

[Addendum: They are not Japanese! The company that produces them, Dear Morocco, is Japanese, but these are baboushes from Marrakech.]

I love them more than I loved the Monika slippers from Toast (which I still really love and would like to own one day, so if anyone happens to see them in Poland, where they were originally from, please let me know!).

A few other things:
we're giving away the buttons from this post on dreamcats
I caught Oreo inside her cabin! I managed to snap a terrible picture before she popped out
I made an "about" page. I never know what to write
have you ever seen a Buddy Bike? They are hilarious!


sweetie pie press: Thank you again. I love them.

adele {modernemotive}, nice-etc.com / caitlin: I love her little paws!

Malicious Mallory, Laura: They sure are!

Lexie, Little Boat: I agree! It's definitely worth it.

Megan: I emailed you with some THOUGHTS! Did you get it?


  1. That model is typical from Morocco and Tunisia. They're called "babouches". Most of them have a pointy toe, and some are just like your pair (even with the sequins).

    I own a couple of pairs, and we (me and my mother) always get stocked on babouches and sandals everytime we go down to Tangiers. :)

  2. Anabela, they're definitely Japanese! They're from this pattern : http://www.flickr.com/photos/melindajosie/4109303856/in/set-72157607889522280/ (And they'll be the most comfortable pair of slippers you ever wear!) I recently made a second pair, because I wore holes RIGHT THROUGH the bottom of my last ones. I work at home and wear them for 16 hours a day, so they didn't last as long as I would have liked. Next time, I'll use a leather sole like these guys have!
    PS- I love the sequins and embroidery on these!

  3. Alexandra12.7.10

    Yes. Moroccan (or Tunisian)! No doubt.

  4. Hi guys! Thanks! I found the website of the company that made them: http://www.dearmorocco.com/

    So it looks like maybe they're made in Morocco but sold by a Japanese company! Funny! They definitely make some beautiful babouches.

  5. miss anabela, i simply adore your new "about me" page {bicycle rides and ice cream runs!}...and more importantly, this blog. it is one of the bright spots of my day!

    sylvie of silver lining

  6. 1. Those slippers are amazing.
    2. I want your cat cabin for my cat. He wouldn't use it though. My shoe boxes, however, he likes to claim!

  7. Anonymous12.7.10

    Writing 'about' sections is the worst but you did a much better job than I did; I may have to go update mine now (yes, eric rohmer!) I always love checking in with you blog, beautiful and inspiring.

  8. They're gorgeous! Knowing myself I would probably just leave them by my bed as a display of sorts :) These are going on my birthday list for sure!

  9. Beautiful. I love the detail. I would probably break down and buy them too. But I think $38 is a great price. I've been thinking a lot about sewing some slippers lately... and have been collecting patterns for some time. Maybe it's finally time!!

  10. yes they are lovely, and that style is from marocco for sure.