stella lace

I can't get over this image. It's from the Stella McCartney Resort 2011 collection, found via The Vamoose. Strawberry & chocolate ice cream. I love it. Also, it gives me an idea for a way that I could potentially cover up the ugly tattoo I got on my ankle when I was 18. Hmm. I wanted to put it here so I could remember it and think on it for a little while longer.

A few other things:
I'm in this video for a split second, around 3:51, which is so funny (sipping pink champagne, braid & glasses, closest I'll ever get to actually being on Facehunter)
a sweet post from the creator of my new header
we painted a first coat of paint in our dining room, and I really love it. The colour, which was picked on impulse (an impulse to match our decision to paint in the first place), is Para's "F-stop." A grey with violet tones to match the wallpaper. It looks so nice. $21 transformations.


Kate: Aahhh, oh no! I guess we're night owls. I would be happy to stay up until 2 AM if I could.

Siubhan: Thank you! The material is a little scratchy but I'm hopeful that it will soften up over time.

heleen: Hello, and thanks for saying hi!

Katie: I'm rarely alert enough to do serious work on anything, but yeah, mornings are a good time for that.

abby: Aw, now I want one even more.

Carmel: Thank you! Yes, I like small, lightweight cameras myself. I may have to get one at some point.

erin: I agree, thank you.

jen: Ha! Yes, exactly. It's hard to get excited about leaving a nice, sunny apartment in the morning.

erica-knits: Oh, I'm not always productive. Today I didn't putter too much and made it in ten minutes earlier than yesterday! A triumph!

Moorea Seal: Oh yes, Caitlin did a wonderful job! Thank you so much for your kind words!

alice: Thank you! And yes, I agree!

ilovesasek: I feel pretty out of control with my puttering. It's really not good! I should be a proper adult and leave the house at a reasonable time. Sometimes I worry that I'm immature and too much of a slacker!

stephanie renee: Thank you! Good luck with your sewing, I'm sure everything you make will be beautiful.

beckie: I get mine at Presse Internatinale usually, but you have to get them around the time they come out. There won't be another issue available until around the fall, I think.

Lexie, Little Boat: Thanks so much!

yuki: Thanks so much! Yes, Lula is a fantastic magazine.

Jenni: There really is nothing better than SECRETS. Except maybe ghosts. Maybe the marshmallow cat and rose box are also haunted?

Concha: Thank you!


  1. This is delicious!

  2. well that would be a nice everyday uniform haha..so pretty!
    ..think i understand and like where your tattoo idea is headed!
    look at you in that fancypants video! you're so beautiful! <3

  3. Shin Ae15.7.10

    Beautiful! Everything. Wallpaper, paint, this clothing...I love to see you making changes that please you :)

  4. I totally did not know which one you were and watched the whole thing :( glasses? Also that shade is one of my favorite colors. And Toronto has a lot of beautiful people? Eesh, Canadians.

  5. jaw dropping gorgeous!!

  6. Oh no, K.! Yes, that's me with my crooked smile in the glasses, sticking out like a sore thumb in my jean jacket. I've updated the post.

  7. That was as cool as a split-second on video can get! I love the warm grey paint. And I hope you'll share the Stella-inspired tattoo with us!

  8. ugly ankle tattoo! oh dear .. i've been contemplating a tattoo but hearing regrets makes me nervous!

  9. i simply adore that picture. what pretty colors!

  10. Anonymous16.7.10

    Amazing outfit! There's just something I love about that cloud-shaped cut on the edge of shorts.
    Strawberry and chocolate ice cream is the perfect name for it. It looks good in a way that you want to eat it.

  11. omg! love the new banner anabela!it's so you! oh and this lace outfit is so cute! it looks like paper cut-out lace : )

  12. Love all that lace!!

    Watching that video was so exciting! I thought maybe you would be in background, but nope. Right there! So neat. You looked adorable.

    I love the paint color. Grey is all over our house and I think it tends to change color with the time of day. Very nice.

  13. Oh that resort collection is so gorgeous. Loved the lace and the floral prints too.

    Beautiful wallpaper too..

  14. that lace outfit is yes very very very sigh perfect. are you swilling champagne :)