summer water: the river pack, & prizes

Two more Summer Water bags: little backpacks for summer adventures. The blue fabric was tentatively called "Bunny Craze" by Caitlin, which I love. The pink was 1990s inspired and has hidden secrets in it. These aren't lined but they are sturdy! Gold toned hardware, cotton rope. $28 each.

Yesterday dearest Sonja left for the west leaving behind a trail of treasures for us and part of her life stored away in boxes in her storage facility (that is, Geoff's and my basement). A few pieces of Coe & Waito ceramics to add to my beautiful collection: a broken piece of an owl lamp (I love it on its own) and a plate, a few teeny tiny zines by Selena Wong, and a vintage book called Treasury of Kittens. Amazing. One should always have talented artists in one's life -- they give the best (and most unexpected) presents.

Geoff has already used the book for inspiration for a drawing.


heleen: I hope you like it, if you do read it! I've heard good things about I Capture the Castle and should like to read it for myself.

Lisa PN: Yes! It's a great book to read in one's teens! I don't mind one little bit and that is very kind of you!

Katie: Hee!

kelly: That's amazing! I was hoping someone would recognize it. You get a point for that, for sure. Oh, I know, Neely is so frustrating!

roberta jane: I'm so glad you agree with me! It's so nice to be able to share a beloved book with others!

Lexie, Little Boat: Thank you! Unfortunately Erin (Atlantic Treefox) went out and bought it and found it too sheer. I guess that when you get a pedicure in a salon they can apply the polish in a thicker way. Just a warning!

kater: My favourite peach polish is actually Tart Deco by Essie, which is less sheer. I'm glad you like the kitty paw paws!

Mallory: Yes! What's the point? There are probably a few things I'm embarrassed about, but I try to just embrace it. We're smart ladies! We like good things and terrible things and there is no need for shame!

My Bat Lightning Heart: Thank you! That is sweet of you to say.

karen: Oh, I should look for the audio book! I'm so glad you agree.

danielle and dinosaur toes: I mentioned this above but someone else tried this colour and found it too sheer. Just FYI! I don't find it to be pink at all, but elsewhere on the internet it looks quite pink. And thanks for the sweet words about Summer Water -- I am in love with Caitlin's work, for sure.

iwishihadtaste: I have, but thanks for sending it along! I get a kick out of it every time.


  1. I love the blue bunny fabric. And what sweet ceramic pieces

  2. everything lovely. i especially like your lilac nails!

  3. I love your blog very much:-)I think I came here everyday.Things you make,things you have,photos,cats...everything are lovely!!I am so looking forward to see your new summer shop!Bunny bag is too cute!!I have one favor...could you show me your jewelry box or how to put your jewelries?I always think about how to put my jewelry nicer...I am sorry for this unusual question!!Anyway I am looking forward to see your blog everyday!!

  4. These are so awesome... love that owl lamp and the vintage cat book.

  5. lovely photos as always anabela

  6. Durrr, John left his gmail logged in and I almost commented as him.

    I have tart deco as well! I'm actually looking for something a bit more sheer though, because while I love tart deco for toes, I need things even lighter for my fingers b/c I'm always getting my hands wet at work and it chips!

    Can't wait to spend some pennies on something from Summer Water! I think I'm going to treat myself to a birthday present :D

  7. it's so sad when loved ones move away. so sweet that she unloaded some treasures for you. i am LOVING that nail color. i got a pedicure the other day and almost went for that shade but couldn't imagine it next to my skin. will try it next time!

  8. I love your bags. Beautiful. Very interested to buy one.
    Have a good day!

  9. anabela! i am so ashamed to say that i've been away from my favorite blogs for too long and totally missed all of the extra beauty over here! congratulations on summer water. your collaboration is so, so lovely.

  10. oh my gosh, the back-packs are soooo lovely!! And that book looks like the Kittens inspired by kittens book!

  11. Aww, I love that you call them "little backpacks for summer adventures"! It does immediately convey the image of 2 best friends making their way to bushes and ivy-covered trees, only to suddenly find themselves in an open meadow with a peaceful mountain rivulet streaming through. Or perhaps that's just my imagination. Oh and I definitely agree with the statement that one should always have talented artists in one's life!

  12. beautiful bags and beautiful fingers.

    I love all your posts. the book in particular!
    you are magnificent!

  14. Oh my goodness - I'm just realizing now that there's a *bunny* fabric up on offer, and I could not be more excited! I was considering a Fjällräven backpack, but who needs a fox bag when I could have a bunny bag?! Also, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that artist friends give the best & most unexpected presents - so true.

  15. i love summer water! i've been a bit behind on my blog reading but i'm loving what you're up to lately. these bags are beautiful. i also really love your home series- wish i lived closer so you could come take photos of my home :)