you've got to climb mount everest to reach the valley of the dolls

The book I mentioned yesterday: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. A summer favourite. I suppose it could be classified as a guilty pleasure, but I don't believe in guilty pleasures. I have no guilty feelings about it -- I enjoy it too much. If you like Mad Men, you'll probably like this book. It is authentic mid-century America and doesn't offer any cultural history "lessons." Things as they just were, if you happened to be newly arrived in New York in 1945, seeking your fortune.

Speaking of other girly things, Sonja treated me to my first-ever pedicure as well as a manicure. I had always been so intimidated of salon pedicures! It was amazing, though. I chose OPI's "Passion," a peachy pink (pinky peach?). I got lavender on my fingernails and every time I look at them I feel as though my fingers are tipped in jellybeans. So nice.


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nice-etc.com / caitlin: Right back at you!

sew nancy: That's sweet of you to say! I've been trying to learn more.

steph: Aw, thanks! So here is the book! Thanks for saying hello!

Hollie: Oh, well, I don't know. I mean, it would be nice if people pick things up, but I'm not counting on it!  It's a labour of love at this point. Thank you, though!

amy w: Aw, that's okay! I'm glad you like it.

jen: Thank you! And here it is, Valley of the Dolls! I also love the logo that Caitlin designed. I really can't get enough of it.

Anonymous: If you use Blogger it's an option under "design," under "template designer," under "advanced," under "tabs text."  Good luck!

SwanDiamondRose: Oh Tara, as I said on Twitter I don't see it as a competition at all. I wouldn't even think to see it that way. Thanks for the sweet words. I love your floral bags so much!


  1. Hmm, I shall have to add this to my must-read list! I'm currently being enchanted by "I capture the castle". Usually hyped up novels like that only result in utter disappointment but I must admit that I'm absolutely smitten with it!

  2. I read Valley of the Dolls when i was in my teens. Can't remember much other than, i was totally captivated as a pretty naive young girl from Brampton!

    Just thought that i would let you know that i included you in a link love list of Toronto Crafters/Bloggers! Hope that you don't mind!

    And yes, pedicures are divine. I have only had two ever in my life, but they are pretty wonderful indeed!

  3. wittle toes & paws!

  4. ha! yesterday i knew it was Valley of the Dolls just from the page being opened to a Jennifer chapter but i felt so nerdy knowing that i didn't comment. i'm sure i've read it at least 12 times and love/hate neely more each time. i just want her to be good!

  5. such a great book, i might be due for a re-read as well. think it's been at least 4 years since i last read it. and i agree - now that i am hooked on madmen, i might love it even more (if that's possible).

    also, cute nail polish color!

  6. oh my gosh! i love your nail polish!

  7. Oh how lovely! I love that toe-color, I'm always on the look out for pinkish colors, yet somehow never have the most perfect one! And I love the little kitty feets <3

  8. i don't believe in guilty pleasures either! i don't feel guilty about any of my music/book/tv/movie choices. if i like it - i like it. yes. maybe i'd be slightly embarrassed about admitting some of them to certain people (hahaha) but - never guilty.

  9. Anonymous28.7.10

    lovely post.
    pedicures are amazing! i need to stop biting my nails so i can get manicures too!
    your blog is filled with so many lovely photos.
    i am yet to read valley of the dolls...will have to add it to my list.

  10. Anonymous28.7.10

    Dude, yes! I listened to Valley of the Dolls on tape on a road trip some years back--quite enjoyable. I like your "no guilty pleasures" approach. Like what you like, and enjoy it, I say!

  11. i've been wanting a good pale pink or peachy pink polish, but i don't want it to look too much like it came from a little girl's makeup case! maybe i'll have to try opi.

    also, your summer water collection is beautiful so far, and i think caitlin's fabrics are gorgeous! it makes me want to go sew!

  12. iwishihadtaste28.7.10

    Have you seen this?

  13. I've always been afraid of inexpensive manicures and pedicures...maybe at a nice salon or spa though. :) Cute colors!

  14. i've been meaning to read "valley of the dolls" for months now! one more glowing endorsement = it's officially in my mental shopping cart for the next trip to the library.