cottage life

I had the opportunity to spend some time at a cottage on a rocky island on Georgian Bay this weekend. Given the choice, I would take the city over the country. This is considered blasphemous amongst many of my friends, but I can't help it. I rarely feel the urge to escape the city (when I do, my preference tends to run towards the slightly tropical or Mediterranean: old walls covered in bougainvillea, salt air, little stands on dirt roads serving fish sandwiches and prawns). Still, it was nice to spend a bit of time communing with the rock and moss and wind-whipped pine trees and to see the sun set over the water, and I was grateful for the chance.

I spent my two days feeling guilty that I wasn't doing anything in particular, reading Just Kids by Patti Smith while daydreaming about a visit to New York, searching in vain for wildflowers (colour!), collecting bits of quartz, and wandering around taking a lot of photographs. These were taken with my Superheadz ultra wide slim camera. I used the same crummy film from the photofinishing place that I always use, ISO 200.


carly: Ha, glad you like it! Did you ever hear back about the Curve one going on sale?

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Thanks, lady. The kittens are healthy and happy, so today I'm not too worried about them.

danielle and dinosaur toes: Older ladies have very good taste! Aw, crazy bird lady. That's cute. I'm still looking into options for what I can do with the kittens. Basically, no one answers the phone or responds to emails, so I'm at a bit of a loss. They have their mother with them, though, so that's a good thing. I watched them frolic for about an hour this morning, so I know they're happy & healthy!

Madeline, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace, myclevername: I've researched a few of the cat rescue groups but they are overwhelmed. They don't respond to messages (phone or email) for a while since they're all volunteer-based. A lot of them say to try to do what you can first. Luckily these kittens have their mother around and they seem to be happy & healthy, so it's not an emergency situation.

etre-soi: Yes! I don't want to ever have more than one or two cats but it's hard to think of all the kitties who need homes.

Oh....you.: I don't think so. Only for spaying/neutering services. I'd have to surrender the kittens first to get them veterinary care, I think.

Cassandra: Aw, thanks, that's sweet.

Poppy Coburn: Oh, they have their mom with them. She does look after them! It's rare that she's not nearby.

Lexie, Little Boat: Thanks!

kater: Ha! Yes, I am building up quite a collection of cat-wear, and I love it.

Nedda Ebo: Thanks so much!

caroline duke: Yes, definitely a good experience with ASOS! The shirt arrived within two weeks, the shipping charge wasn't outrageous, and everything was as expected. I did have to pay duty but that's not their fault. I'm pretty sure they have a good customer service team as well, in case of any problems.

becka: Such sweet little babes! I want to scoop them all too! Poor Oreo. Haha.

Jenny: Hm, I think you're right that they'll be okay since their mom is around (although man oh man, they are always so hungry!). But we do hear lots of cat fights and raccoon fights. It's hard to look at these tiny guys and think about the short life expectancy of feral cats (less than 2 years!). It's true that the issue is pretty bad -- the city just started a program to spay/neuter feral cats, and we may be able to borrow a trap from them (for the mother cat, so she doesn't have kittens for us next year).

ilovesasek: Aw, your poor little kitten! I'm glad you rescued him.

heleen: It's really a wonderful papercut, I'm so glad you like it too!


  1. oh my god that light!! closing my eyes and pretending I'm here now.
    I've always been a city girl until recently. NYC has that effect on some people. Occasional suffocation and a need for TREEEEES.

  2. Ha! I feel the same way about Ontario cottage culture. I thought I was the only one because - as you say - it's blasphemous to complain. A cabin in a boreal forest near a lake just doesn't do it for me. However, your photos are beautiful... especially the one of the light streaming in the window!!

  3. After 17 years I'm so sick of the city and want windswept rocks. But I also love the more Mediterranean landscapes.

    It's so annoying how our brains freak out over not doing anything. RELAX, ALREADY, BRAIN.

  4. It's quite refreshing to hear someone who prefers the city over the countryside. I like them the same I think, for their own different reasons. I do love the idea of whisking myself off to a cabin somewhere though – especially a secret island.

    Your picture with the sun shining in is truly lovely.

  5. i think the 3rd one is my favourite here! i am a sucker for sparkling water

  6. haha this is amusing because on our day trip this weekend i commented to james something about how i just feel so good when i go to the beach and that side of michigan..and it made me realize that i use to have that same feeling when i'd take the train into the city with friends or family. i daydream hardcore about moving to a quiet place by the lake, but i know it would not be a good idea for me (or us) at this point (delicious city food options is only the beginning..).
    but you should appreciate a day of relaxing- i know it can be hard, believe me. but we all need it. ...would like to learn more about this 'canadian cabin culture' haha ..all i can see is prettiness i've yet to experience!

  7. Anonymous11.8.10

    wouldn't you have had a bad conscience about not doing anything in the city as well? that's what usually happens to me - I wouldn't do much more than reading patty smith either, just in less pretty surroundings :) I have never actually read anything from her, is she any good as a writer?

  8. Wow. I am pretty much officially convinced I need that camera. Lovely photos. :)

  9. Lol I agree with you. I don't have a hard-on for the wilderness, but some people are nuts about it. I prefer the city. More life. More fun.

    But hey you got some really good pics! So maybe it's not so bad after all haha. :D Never heard of that camera before either. The 3rd pic is the best, in my opinion.

    Mustart x

  10. oh my word. i think i'd cry with happiness if i were to stay in such a place for a couple of days! being cooped up & stressed out in an office all the time is not good for the soul.

  11. photo #5 literally took the breath out of my mouth. gasp. that photo IS summer. love! i love sun flare. never gonna get over it..

  12. I have to agree with you. As much as I enjoy the country, I think city-life has too much energy to ever make me want to leave it. Having said that, these photos are literally breathtaking.

  13. The sunflares in these pictures are gorgeous. The place looks extremely peaceful as well, a perfect place for reading & taking photographs!

  14. i totally agree! i always fantasize about life outside the city, but end up feeling the same way once i get there. so guilty about just sitting around and not doing much. i am even worse when we try to do beach vacations.

  15. Beautiful photos. I, too, love escaping the city but can't imagine living anywhere besides a big, busy place. I tried living in a small town once and kept thinking there must be other parts of the town that I just hadn't discovered yet. There weren't, of course.

  16. Anonymous13.8.10

    Oh, those are beautiful photos. We used to sell that camera at the store I work at and now I'm kicking myself for not picking one up! And I think the city wouldn't be so nice without a bit of country to escape to once in a while, and of course, vice versa!

  17. What did you think of 'Just Kids'? I listened to the audiobook narrated by Patti Smith herself and think it's a new favourite!

    I think I'm partial to rocky, chilly, dismal vacation spots - my last two being to Newfoundland and the Yukon, though I've never been anywhere tropical or Mediterranean so maybe I have yet to be converted...

  18. You just inspired me to buy a new camera!! These are beautiful!!!

  19. i most definitely prefer the city to the country (or even the slightly un-city). i often feel like i'm the only one among my acquaintances who feels this way though. i do, however, love being by the water and your photos look fantastic