new from caitlin shearer

Caitlin Shearer, who illustrated my beloved blog header, has prints in her new shop, and they are all so beautiful. A magical world of pretty hair, swans, witches, cats, topknots.


Thank you all for your sweet comments about my little Ponygirl! She is doing very well. She is incredibly rambunctious and hilarious, and collapses into a tired heap after every ten minutes of furious play. Her first vet visit revealed an as-yet incredibly healthy 1.7 ball of fluff. Oreo has not behaved any differently! She has stared at Pony a few times, but we haven't put them next to each other yet.

Thank you too to those of you who understood that I am doing what I can for the kittens. I'm working on it, but it's going to take some time still. I wish I could do more, but at the moment, I just can't.

I love hearing your cat rescue/adoption stories! Thank you!


  1. Oh wow i love these all! Particularily the way she makes them so casual and elegant. I wish i was a drawing. Then i could wear watercolours on a daily basis.

  2. oh, thanks for such sweet words Anabela. :)

  3. oh yeah! they're lovely. particularly the girl in her girdle!

  4. those illustrations are really sweet

  5. I love her artwork!