polaroid 360

The Polaroid 360 that we've had for few years came with us to the island. Geoff found this camera at the since-closed Newmarket Antiques Mall for $15. We were excited about it at the time (bellows! Peel-apart film!) but it was also winter. 669 film is so temperature sensitive that even with the cold clip we were intimidated to use it. We never got around to trying it out and in the meantime the pack of 669 film that we had expired. Geoff finally pulled it out this spring and we fell in love with it, blue toned pictures and all. As is often the case with Polaroids, the scans are a pale imitation of the actual prints.

Apparently this camera (or a similar one?) showed up on Mad Men last night. It definitely feels anachronistic to use.

Geoff took these two pictures of Caitlyn's feet, mostly just to show her how to use the camera, and we've been joking about how they look like ads for Robber. This was accidental, but Caitlyn works there and I had told her to wear whatever was comfortable ("no prints!" was my only rule). She went with her Dace Ethan chambray pants, APC Madras sandals, and Alternative Apparel silk modal tank in "fleur." She also wore her grandmother's sand dollar gold necklace, and I lent her my For Me, For You necklace.

The top two are taken from Geoff's Flickr account. I took the skyline shot while waiting for the ferry.

I have finally accepted the fact that my 365 photo project is dead. Since I'm taking more pictures now than I ever have in my whole life, the task of taking one picture a day felt so empty and joyless to me! I am sure that no one is upset about this news.

Summer Water opens soon! And yes, we will definitely be shipping internationally, but we will also be shipping from Canada -- please keep this in mind if you're interested in a bag.


You Are My Fave: Thanks so much! It's so nice to have abundant sunshine.

Neon Relish: Haha Casey! You always crack me up!  The funnel cakes we had were topped with icing sugar, sickly sweet strawberries in syrup, and soft-serve ice cream! We split it three ways, because that is way too much for one.

TheEverDazzling: Thank you! The swan boats were so fun!

Jennifer: Thank you! Yes, I have also heard that the camera can be rather flimsy. I try to be careful with mine and so far I haven't had any problems! My Diana+ that I got two or three years ago has had a few parts fall off, but it's still working fine. Also, wow! Good eye. Yes, it's a Kork-Ease! The half-frame option takes pictures that are longer and I didn't expect my feet to make it into the shot. The viewfinder isn't helpful in this situation, ha.

kater: Aw! The Shore is my personal favourite, but I also like the Harbour. I think the Lake is the most popular! That was unexpected!

ilovesasek: Thanks so much! Do it! I'm sure you're surrounded by scenery I will never get to see otherwise.

sarah: Thank you! We will definitely be shipping internationally, but because I'm shipping from Canada we only have one shipping option: expensive. I'm sorry!  I can't help it. I do my best to charge fair shipping costs and I always end up having to cover part of the cost myself! In future updates Caitlin might be shipping from Chicago, but we don't know yet. It just made sense for me to ship them from here.

Carissa: Thank you so much!

Sarah: Thank you!

Manue: That is so nice of you to say, thank you.

Summer: It's worked pretty well for us -- the only issue is that Paypal and Big Cartel don't seem to talk to each other so "sold" status has to be updated manually. It's not a problem for us but I don't know how some of the people who sell out in minutes handle it! I just love how much one can customize the look of the shop. It's pretty!

Anabella: Wow, I love the second one. I love how sometimes some of the frames insist on taking up more than half!

amelia: I actually use pretty crummy film -- for these I used some film I get from the photo lab that includes processing. 200 ISO. I also scanned the negatives myself so there was no colour adjusting here! The prints from the lab were way more blue and realistic.


  1. the newmarket antiques mall is closed?! i grew up in newmarket...i used to go there with friends, all the time.

  2. i couldn't even do a photo every day of last summer. there is only so much 'wonder' to be had in the same stuff you look at every single day...y'know?

  3. Love all your beautiful photos. Summer water is beautiful!

  4. I love these. Such a pretty and unusual feel to them. I do admire your bravery with vintage cameras – that one is a beauty though.

  5. Beautiful images! Love the grainy quality! Nice blog xxx

  6. I'm glad to know your Mini is still working alright! And I spotted the Kork-Ease because I see the same view almost every time I look at my feet (I've been wearing my new brown pair at least 5 days a week).
    I love your Polaroids... I bought a Polaroid Propack camera with flash


    a couple of years ago and really need to start using it more. It also takes the 600-series films. I know it's not the same as Polaroid, but I think Fuji is still making film that fits our cameras!

  7. wow, what a treat! these images came out beautifully. i still have 2 packs of polaroid 600 film left from when i stocked up when i thought they were halting production. i feel so nervous taking pictures now -- as if everyone has to be the perfect shot, ya know? it's silly of me.

  8. You probably have already been asked this question, but where have you found film for your camera? I have the same polaroid and have only been able to find film for it once.

  9. What an amazing camera. I love that skyline shot. I vote for "Fieldguided/Robber collabs" ;).

  10. very excited about summer water!

  11. gah. the shots from the 'roid are spectacular. and the summer water collab is truly winning in evening way, from the prints to the design of the bags. WELL DONE, WOMAN!

  12. Oh! (squeal!) I just found a polaroid 320 in my parents attic. It looks very similar to that one. Not that I could tell at first as it was in a big hard case thingy. I couldn't figure it out. I think it belonged to my dad's sister who was a terribly glamorous pan am flight attendant in the 60s.

    When you bought it did you know it was working? Or how to get it working. I'm afraid of ordering film if it doesn't work.

  13. hi! i just found your blog and i think it's my new favourite thing, it's so hard to find well-done blogs that are based in canada. and as i live in toronto, your blog applies to me even more. keep up the great work! x