thank you, prints, & a mix

The Summer Water shop opening went so well yesterday -- thank you to everyone who bought a bag! We only have one River Pack left, the pink. It means a lot to me that people would support this endeavour because, to me, it represents the best of collaboration, trust, and friendship. Thanks too to those who mentioned Summer Water: Julia, Chelsea, Melinda, Jan, Mallory, and Becka.

I love this blog post by Caitlin. I can't stop laughing about it.

After a few queries and a few suggestions, we've decided to sell a couple of my half-frame pictures as 8x10" glossy prints in the shop. I had a few printed this weekend and I am so happy with how they turned out. I will be listing them in the Summer Water shop later today.

Finally, here is a late summer music mix I made for you this morning (forever puttering). Some of these songs are songs I've been listening to for years, but all of them have a distinctive late summer quality to me. A little melancholy looking towards autumn. A lot of the songs mention water. Late summer is all about accepting ice cream as a daily part of your life rather than as a fun treat, not even caring what you're wearing any more, cicadas, all-nighters, dark green leaves, hazy August light flickering on water, and realizing that you never met your summer goals but that it's okay.

Oh, and tomorrow I should have a new installment of "This is where I live" up!


millie: It is! Can you believe it? I loved that place so much. I got some amazing finds there, including a turquoise milk glass lamp. It closed about two years ago. Geoff grew up in Aurora!

Miss Crowland: Ha, too true. I was posting way too many mediocre/terrible pictures. I should go delete some of them. They are embarrassing!

Dress up scientist: Thank you so much! You are always so kind.

Siubhan: Thank you! Oh, if it wasn't for Geoff I might never attempt to use vintage cameras. I am not patient enough to read manuals and with these cameras, you can't just rush into things. Luckily he is patient.  Ha.

Ms M: Thank you!

Jennifer: They are wonderful shoes, aren't they? So comfortable! Mine actually broke (they're vintage deadstock, I guess the glue gave out) but I had them repaired. The cobbler even commented on how high quality they are -- worth saving! Yeah, the Fuji FP-100C film works in these pack cameras. I have some but the camera needs to be modified slightly before using it. I'm looking forward to seeing what colours result!

Lexie, Little Boat: Thank you! Oh, yes, you should use it! I was like that myself (I think I still have some 600 film in the fridge) but it's better to just use now than to save. Summer is the best time for taking pictures! I hope you'll share your results!

K. FORSYTHE: The Polaroid 669 film we used here was purchased years ago, when it was still readily available. Fuji makes something called FP-100C film that is made for pack cameras, and it can be used in these cameras. It might require a small modification to the camera itself but I think there are lots of descriptions of the modification online. We haven't yet attempted it ourselves, though.

erica-knits: Pretty fun, hey? We'll have to let you test it out sometime! It's fun.

size too small: Hooray, thanks!

bigBANG studio: Always too kind. Thank you!

Pamela Myers: That's exciting! I think the first step is to make sure that the battery compartment looks okay -- that the batteries aren't corroded and such (I think that can ruin the camera). I think you might have to do a slight modification to the battery compartment. I found this discussion on Flickr and it might be helpful for you: http://www.flickr.com/groups/landcamera/discuss/72157615621040010/. Good luck!

meaghan: Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it!


  1. oh i love everything you wrote about august. maybe also, acceptance of farmers tan + trying to really rock that as "a look".

  2. I'm so happy your shop opening went so well, but bummed I missed out on it! I was out of town until midnight last night. The pictures turned out lovely and thanks for the music mix!!!

  3. wooh
    congrats on your shop doing so well.
    i love the diana mini photos!

  4. I'm so glad you're going to sell prints of those photos. I kept on going back to your previous blog post to admire them over and over.

  5. oh gosh, is it really late summer already? Your late summer description is so beautiful and true. I'm going to listen to your mix and make a dress that was supposed to be for early summer but was destined instead for late. Letting go of the summer goals......

  6. That is exactly what late summer should be, I love that. I'm not a huge summer fan but I always love the final month, everything is that much hazier, dusty and lazy. It's like a take a few months to embrace it, or for it to settle in to a place that I can deal with it, haha. Listening to your mix now and loving it!

  7. I love, love planning but maybe summer goals are silly. We should all just go outside and play. P.S. Your blog is lovely!

  8. thanks for the summer mix tape :) and I'm gonna camp out till the next summer water update!

  9. Your Diana prints are beautiful-love the dreamy colors! Thanks for sharing. I ordered one, so I can always dream of the water.