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I am currently nursing a bad case of heartbreak because we have just discovered four tiny feral kittens living in our yard and in the yard of one of our neighbours. Here is a video that I made of them yesterday. This morning I went to feed them and the calico kitten let me pick her up and pet her (the others are very skittish). I am now desperate to bring her home, but when I stopped by the vet this morning for an estimate on FIV/leukemia testing, de-worming, first vaccines, etc., it was $300. For one kitten! I took Oreo in for an emergency visit and medication on the weekend and flattened my bank account to do so. It's ripping me up! I could cry just thinking about those sweet kittens who got caught in the rain yesterday. I don't know if I'll be able to catch the calico again. I want to, though. So, just saying, if you were interested in a print from the Summer Water shop, this could be a good time to snap one up.

I seem to have an unending supply of cat-related items to post.

This shirt from ASOS arrived last week. I purchased it when it went on clearance and I really love it. It's slouchy, all cotton, and it gets me compliments from older ladies. It's also available through the ASOS Curve range.

I truly don't mind having a "crazy cat lady" reputation because sometimes it means that I get cat-gifts sent to me in the mail from fellow cat-loving spirits. Chad of Mon Petit Fantome sent me this beeeeauuutiful jointed papercut recently. It is so, so sweet. Look at the eyelashes!

I finally finished this kitten embroidery. It was meant as a trade with April for some pretty things she sent me in the mail last spring. It is so embarrassing to me how long it's taken!

A few other things:
my post about Melinda's house was mentioned on the Herman Miller blog, which is pretty cool
dreamcats was mentioned in the Frankie magazine email newsletter (I've always thought that dreamcats & Frankie were kindred)
this post on the Little Paper Planes blog is utterly lovely, and includes Caitlyn's sequins on a string


Thank you all for your sweet comments on Caitlyn's home! I think it's really wonderful that people responded to things such as her red chairs (hand-me-downs) and her sequins on a string. I hope to have more homes soon!

G.: After I saw your comment I took a look -- wow!



  2. sending you good kitten thoughts from afar.. hope it all works out. i'm sure everyone who reads this blog is having their heartstrings tugged!

  3. "it gets me compliments from older ladies." that was hilarious! i love the shirt, and everything else you shared, and i'm a huge fan of mon petit fantome!

    i'm considered a crazy bird lady, which i've come to embrace, because it means that anytime a gift-giving occasion comes along, people always know what to get!

    about the kittens, do you think it would be possible to take them to an animal shelter or humane society (no-kill) so that they would be fixed and adopted, thus keeping them from making feral kittens themselves? i hate that there are so many stray dogs and cats when so many people (like me) could give them loving homes.

  4. In my area, there's an organization called Forgotten Felines that you can call that will come pick up stray cats and pay for their vet bills. Perhaps there's a similar organization near you that you can try? Good luck!

  5. You are so sweet to want to help these kitties! I think you live in Toronto? If so, I found this feral cat rescue website based there that might be able to help you. Just scroll down to the bottom and there is a section on feral cats. We have a group here in Portland that comes around, catches the cats, and gives them free treatment and spay/neuter before releasing them. Or sometimes they find homes for them, depending on their temperament. So that is how I got the idea to look for one by where you live.. I hope it helps you! Here is the site: http://www.torontocatrescue.ca/store/about.asp

  6. I'm a crazy cat lover, so we're 2 already and I'm sure there's a lot more :) Oh yes, it's soooo hard to see all these kittens outside and without being able to keep them all :-( Wish we could !

  7. Is there any nonprofit/pet store/shelter you could take the kitten to that is more reasonable with rates?

    I know most shelters around Philly sell kitten w/ all shots and tests for $100 and w/ a voucher for a reduced spay/neutering when they are old enough.

  8. I like the idea of taking them to a shelter... I also thought that perhaps you could have a little online fundraiser, and maybe sell some prints or something else, to help you raise money so you can keep one of the kittens? I'd buy something from that sale!

  9. If I was in the same country I'd swoop down there in a heart beat! It's so heartbreaking that they're out there all alone! I emphasize with you so much. I adore cats! I can't believe how much it costs to get all that for one kitten! Ouch!

  10. wow! that kitty embroidery is gorgeous!

  11. SKGnlr kittiesss!

    I need more cat shirts :( I have a shirt and a hoodie, which are lovely, but the kitties on them are giant so their eyes just happen to coincide with my boobs, so I don't really wear them.

    Stunning little embroidered kitteh!

  12. My friend Tania asked her blog friends to donate money and help her neighbor spay and neuter feral kittens. Her neighbor ended up taking care of them for awhile. I can't find the kitten saving pages on her blog, but she lives in Toronto.

    Toronto Cat Rescue has a stray rescue program that you can call. You're a good person for trying to help these cats.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about the kittens :( That's sad. I hope everything goes well.
    Also -- love the ASOS shirt, the embroidery, and the jointed papercut!
    Have a wonderful cat-filled week.

    Mustart x

  14. what's your experience with asos? good?

    i always see the best stuff but haven't ever herad from anyone who's ordered from there.

  15. Haha, how much do I love the title of this post! Aw, those sweet little babes. I wish I could scoop them all up! Even if just fosters could be found, that would be a start. Crossing my fingers for you!

  16. There were often feral cats and kittens around my old place in Little Italy. They were insanely cute, and we always wanted to bring them in, but we'd see the mom cat hanging around keepeing and eye on them, and it felt weird to adopt them. They might be alrught out there! Not sure, but the mom cat we had around seemed to do a pretty good job. Having said that, I keep hearing lately that Toronto has a bigger feral cat issue than usual this year.

  17. Aw feral kittens. I would love to donate a little if you find that all of this shelter biz is a bust. Let us know ok? I'm sure that there are lots of your readers out there that are willing to help out.

    Our kitty ended up being taken to a vet clinic when him and his siblings were just a day old to be euthanised. sniff. He's crazy growing up without a cat mom's guidance but we love him anyway.

  18. There are so many cat rescue agency's in Toronto, you should call one of them and maybe they'll come by and pick up the cats. They are super cute! Maybe that way, once the agency deals with all the shots etc., you could adopt the little calico for much less than $300!

  19. I, too, adore all things cat-related! And I'm happy that this post reminded me of the Mon Petit Fantome etsy shop, those papercuts are just incredible.

  20. Oh, how sad! Poor little kitties.

    I'm loving this Nouveau Cat Lady movement

  21. So glad you liked your photo in our blog post! xo-Kelly

  22. Awwww poor kitties. D:

    That embroidery is adorable!

  23. that cat from chad is amazing! you are so lucky :)
    best wishes!