Sometimes I feel as though I should probably cool it on the cat content, but I know that quite a few of you appreciate it. I'm constantly making mental lists of all the cat-related fashion I come across, and while this is a mere taste (after all, the fashion industry has a case of "cat-scratch fever," according to this article on style.com), I thought I would share some of it here.

A few of my older posts have demonstrated my love of cat-covered clothing: a tapestry bag, a navy dress, a knitted sweater.
These are the cheap(-er) thrills: cat lipstick from Paul & Joe Beauté (fun fact: I have received about thirty emails about this lipstick from people asking "Have you seen this?" -- keep it coming! I love it when people think of me!), ASOS lace cat ears headband, ASOS cat print scarf.

Here are the cat items for the more, um, wealthy crazy cat ladies among us: Miu Miu cat collar (no introduction necessary), cat mask necklace from Sabrina Dehoff, the original cat ear headband from Maison Michel, and a delightfully kooky felt hat from Marie Mercié (I would totally wear it, just sayin').

I have DIY versions of the Miu Miu collar and the lace cat ear headband here and here.

Please feel free to pass along any cat-con of interest!

And just because, here are a couple of Polaroids of my little Pony taken this weekend. She's getting bigger, but still weighs less than three pounds. Geoff carried her around in his jacket pocket the other day when the temperature dropped a bit.


tara-lynn: I'm looking forward to visiting! Soon! For real.


  1. Anonymous7.9.10

    And of course there is the ultimate accessory of the serious cat lover; the thin film of cat hairs covering clothes, bedsheets, carpets and the entire world it sometimes seems. I joke about it but I seriously despair sometimes, it's absolutely everywhere and I'm sure I've eaten my cat's weight in cat hairs since we, erm, moved in together.

    I sincerely hope that someday you will be able to afford that felt hat because you would absolutely rock it! Actually you could try making one? I have no idea if that would be possible at all but it is one of the best cat-related things ever.


  2. Anabela! Just catching up on my blogroll...oh my goodness, Pony!!! What a sweet baby. She has such a face. Simply adorable. Kittens are awesome. It's amazing how self reliant they can be, even when they weigh only a few pounds. These photos are making me remember when I first took Saba and Ollie home. Enjoy her at this size--she will get big so quickly! Her rescue story was really heart breaking. She is a lucky girl to have been brought into your and Geoff's lives.

    A couple of my recent favorite cat rings:


    I am hoping to make the trip west to visit my friend Heather in Portland at the beginning of November, and if I do, we are planning to check out Little Winter! It would be really awesome to meet you in person.

    All the best!

  3. Omg omg I want everything. That lipstick! That perfect, perfect lipstick! And the necklace! And I wouldn't kick that scarf out of bed, either.

  4. Anonymous7.9.10

    No! Don't ever cool it on the cat content! Cats are the stuff of dreamzzzzz...LOVE them :)

  5. oh, Pony! She is just too cute, and so teeny!

    I love all these pretty cat items - as opposed to the usual cat stuff that is too cutesy. That scarf especially ... so pretty! And I agree, don't ever cool it on the cat-con!

  6. Anonymous7.9.10

    Yes, the cat-con (love that by the way, I may use that by the way) is always good!

  7. you make me want a cat so badly. I'm seriously stalking our local shelter and plotting ways to hide one from our landlord. what have you done to me Anabela?! ;)

  8. i would definitely wear that felt hat! i've been leaning more toward cat or kitten treasures since i raised those baby kitties, and oh the things i now want!

    pony is so adorable, and i still think her coloring is the cutest! is it weird to want to snuggle with your kitten and give her little kisses? i hope not; she's just that cute.

  9. fancy a sit down


  10. Ooooh, love these. I'm so obsessed with cats. It's a problem. Except not really. I love that necklace, too bad it's $255. Haha!
    But the scarf! It's on SALE! I might have to get that...

  11. That Pony kitty is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! No offence to Oreo of course, who is also the cutest kitty in the world.

  12. I love cats! And I love everything about this post. I think I'm going to be a cat this year for halloween AGAIN since I just love them so much.

  13. Anabela, please, please, please, NEVER "cool it on the cat content." Never. I am just as obsessed with you. But I understand what you mean about the stigma of crazy cat lady life. I really had to bite my tongue this morning at my brand new bookstore job. I met the two adorable bookshop kitties and was nearly reduced to nonsense-coos and lying on the ground to cuddle with them. OMG their little pink paw pads and pink noses and proud whiskers and eyes like amber! Ah!
    Your little Ponygirl is a DOLL! I want a baby calico, right now!

  14. OMG, this dreamy Miu Miu dress is one my obsession..!
    I really like your polaroids !

  15. oh my gosh!
    the kittie is so adorable!
    but the kittie related stuffs are way soooo cute!