debonair tie

I have been meaning to try making a new style of necktie for a long time. About a year ago I came across a batch of neckties in an antiques market: they had square tips and were made of wool. Some were stitched along the ends, and some had the selvedge edge of the fabric left as the tip. I thought they were pretty great, so I have started making square-end neckties, which I'm calling the "Debonair" tie. These are beyond vintage-inspired and are actually antique-inspired, I suppose, as this style of tie was used prior to the mid 1920s! I find that they're a little less formal than a pointed tip. I'm making them in linen and cotton blends, and I might make some in wool as well. (For Little Winter, I will also be making standard tipped ties in Liberty fabrics and other cottons).

Recently Erin and Robin went to New York and brought back the latest issue of The Gentlewoman for me (I haven't seen it in bookshops here, but I'm sure it will arrive shortly -- it continues to be an excellent magazine, filled with humour and exquisite details). I adore the cover, which features the Dutch fashion photographer Inez van Lamsweerde in a fake beard and a silk blouse by Hannah McGibbon for ChloƩ. It's a beautiful image, a beautiful juxtapostion. Really striking. It inspired me to dig out my ruffled vintage blouse for these pictures, and to wear one of my own neckties for the first time. I think it will be just the thing to wear with my felt hat, which I am wearing in this picture that I took with my phone.

A few other things:
-some of my pictures of Tara-Lynn & Jason's home made it to Apartment Therapy.
-remember the kitten saga from the summer? All of Pony's siblings (as seen here) have now been rescued and are being fostered by a lovely woman named Katharine who emailed me with an offer of help. I am so grateful. I hope they will find the loving, warm homes that they deserve. Bye-bye, little kittens!


Melinda Josie: Thank you, Melinda! And thanks again for being the first and for giving me the confidence to create/continue this series!

Katie: Thank you so much! I agree with everything about T-L and Jason, their decor is so expressive and perfectly suited to them.

becka: Oh, the shy boys! Is Richard like Geoff in that he has more female friends than male ones?

sara: That's so wonderful to hear!

olivia rae: I'm glad you like it!

erin jane / atlantic treefox: Aw, yeah! I wished you could have been there too, buddy!

oaklandetsuko: Yes, that's it! Their home really expresses how creative they are. I'm not sure what the paint was but maybe I can get Tara-Lynn to answer! Update: I asked! Turns out it's a mistint! I love it!

nancy : The Sway Report: That's so sweet about the jewelry box! I'm so glad you're a fan of Yarn Over Movement! I cannot say enough good things about her.

tara-lynn: Okay the comments from Enid are way too cute. GAH! Thank you times one million for letting me do this! xoxo

ghp: Thanks for helping out, sweets!

Sitting In A Tree Kissing: Thanks! It is a really lovely place.

Victoire: I agree!

hannah and landon: Yes! She is such a great lady pal to have!

fraisedesbois: I'm so glad you love her knits too! Thanks for the kind words on the pictures.

Mon Petit Fantome: I was so happy to see your papercuts, too! One day you'll have to come up and have tea with all of us.

nice-etc.com / caitlin: I'm so glad you enjoyed this sneak peek! I know what you mean about coherence, but it surprises me that you would have trouble with it! Your aesthetic is so refined!

Anabel Fournier: Thank you!

Laura: It is!

rebekka: Aw, Mable! The camera I use is a Nikon D60 with 50mm f/1.8 AF lens on it. I wouldn't really recommend the D60, though, and would maybe go up a model. It works fine with the kit lens but when you go to try a different lens it won't auto-focus. It's pretty annoying! The same thing happens with the D40. If I were to buy a DSLR now I would probably buy a Nikon D90 or a D3000, or I might even try a Canon. I'm glad you like my pictures, though!

erica-knits: Yeah! The Cambridge cowl is definitely my favourite too. So soft.

Hollie: Yeah! It's so funny, it was familiar to me but also so new and fresh!

Jane Flanagan: That's so sweet of you to say. I'm no writer, so that's a great compliment coming from you!

Sarah: I'm glad you liked the post!


  1. I love this tie Anabela! I adore that you modeled it with your blouse too. Perfection!

    I've seen The Gentlewoman here at my Yonge & St Clair magazine shop (which also sells Apartamento)

  2. I love the tie.
    I think it's great you are reviving it. I hope you do well at Little Winter- wish I could make it out to Portland.

  3. Anonymous29.9.10

    Oh Anabela, that photo of you in the hat is so beautiful. You don't know me but I feel like I've know you for years, and your photos are always lovely and make me smile. This tie is beautiful, and actually it reminded me of the sailor dress you made and posted about a while back. If you ever decide to make more dresses like it to sell in your shop, I will not be able to resist getting one and wearing it with pride (sailor pride!). Oh and great news about the kittens!

    Much love from London,

  4. absolutely awesome! I can't wait to see these at little winter. + get one for my guy. Great idea.

  5. I absolutely love wool ties.
    I made a few last winter and the quality of the fabric really makes them stand out from any ordinary tie!

  6. Cool idea. I love the style and color the tie. So chic. When I saw it, I immediately thought Diane Keaton but you bring you own personal style. Love it. Back in the 70's, I used to wear almost everyday this type of blouse. Have a good day!

  7. The tie is great, I love the fabric! I'm guessing you left the selvedge as the end? Is it just an open tube or is it still stiched closed in some way?

  8. the tie is great , I like the fabric and I like the blouse you wore it with!

  9. oooh thanks for posting about 'gentlewoman' magazine...i need to remind myself to get a copy! the debonair tie looks so lovely and chic - and love that vintage blouse! :)

  10. I love those ties! My husband has a few of them, but yours look a lot more updated!

  11. Beautiful fabric choice and design. I live in Vancouver and am making the trek to Little Winter with some friends. Can't wait to check out your designs in person! Good luck with all of your prep!

  12. this is sooo cute Anabela :) and love it with that vintage blouse (feminine-masculine ;-) ) plus it is inspired from the 20's ? I'm being inspired lately from the 20's and 30's too.