hey that's cool

I have been thinking about getting another pair of sunglasses for a while (I'm starting to get a little tired of my white Chloés, as seen here, although I still do really love them). I thought Ray-Ban aviators would be nice, mostly because they're so classic. I couldn't really justify another pair of fancy sunglasses, though.

The other day Geoff and I were in the car and he happened to open the glovebox. He asked me why there was a Ray-Ban case in there, buried under the registration, manual, and an old FM iPod transmitter. I had no idea. Turns out there was a pair of old Ray-Ban aviator glasses that had been sitting there all along. I don't know who they belonged to -- possibly the original owner of my ancient heap?

A nice stroke of luck!


Anna: Ha, that's true! Although I guess I don't even notice it too much anymore. It is a pretty amazing hat, isn't it? So funny!

Kristien: Oh! Thank you! Yes, kittens are so awesome! She's got so much energy and she gets into trouble sometimes (nothing serious, luckily), but I'm sure she'll mellow out eventually! It would be awesome if you could make it to Little Winter!

Alicia: I'm glad you like my silly little collages!

whateverscoolwithme: Hooray!

Jess: She is so teeeeeeny! I can hold her in one hand still. That won't last too much longer! I love that scarf as well!

oaklandetsuko: My friend Tara made up "cat-con." Pretty clever!

Kayla Poole: Aw! Well, I hope that one day you do get a cat and that he or she is the pet of your dreams!

danielle and dinosaur toes: It's loony in the best way, isn't it? Aw, kitten treasures are the best. It is not weird that you want to snuggle with her! She's not very kissable or snuggleable, though -- too squirmy! But let's pretend otherwise. She can be so sweet when she's half asleep, ha!

Pamela Myers: Yes! Fanastic!

Malicious Mallory: NEVER a problem! Ooh get the scarf so that I can live vicariously through you!

Ella: Ha! Yes! I am very lucky to have both of the most adorable kittens in the world! Thank you!


  1. amazing luck! aviators will always be my favorite, they are just so classic.

  2. Wow! What coincidence! And they appear to be in an excellent condition as well. Lucky girl. It's getting warmer on your side of the globe now, isn't it? I'm sure you'll get much enjoyment from them.

  3. how funny! lucky girl. i wish my glove compartment contained such surprises. instead of parking tickets and oil change receipts.

  4. What!! Lucky girl indeed! Nice find.

  5. Haha! What luck! All I found in my own ancient heap was a CD case full of "NOW" and "Big Shiny Tunes" discs. Obviously I'm not wishing hard enough.

  6. shuuuuuut up. amazing.

  7. i love when the universe delivers right to your door! awesome find.

  8. Lucky! I want a pair like those myself. Looks like your case is real leather, my case for my wayfarer is more like plastic.

  9. If you do - order a half size up, they run slightly small. I wish I had taken pictures of me before but I've been wearing them like two weeks now and I already see a difference. The shoes take a few days to get used to because they sort of throw off your balance and work your muscles throughout your leg so they tighten up really nicely. If you prefer just walking or jogging there's also the Easy Tones and those are only about $50-70 instead of the run tones - I bought the Run Tones because I figured I was going to do some well, intense running but I think now the Easy Tones would probably do the same job for less!

  10. oh, a likely story... are you sure that meddling geoff didn't hide those in there and just "happen" to open the glovebox and just "happen" to find the object of your desire hiding in there? hmmmm.

  11. Maggie10.9.10

    Wow that's insane! Speaking of luck...

  12. ahhh! that is cosmic! maybe your glove box is a wish granting portal! my dad had those ray ban aviators when i was growing up. such great classic sunglasses!

  13. Anonymous10.9.10

    I know we've moved on from the cat stuff for the time being but I just saw this and am sure you'll love it!


  14. Wow! What a lucky find! I've been wanting a pair myself, too bad I don't have a car with a magical glovebox!

  15. i thought what april thought?!
    you sure geoff isn't being sneaky?

  16. It's good karma coming back to you (in the form of free sunglasses)! Way to go!

  17. wow! what a treat from the universe! I bet they look cute on you, also!

  18. Hmm... I am suspicious. Are you sure your boy Geoff didn't happen to slip it in the glovebox compartment after mentioning it to him that you're needing a new pair? I wonder...

    Patricia Ann