party timez

My good pals (and occasional employers) at Robber are having a little party on Friday to celebrate the fact that the shop now sells menswear. There will be drinks, food by the excellent Blinn Catering, and music by Dylan Barlow (who does Heavy Pettying at The Atlantic).

Come say hi!

A few things:  
-I am loving Hannah's Fashion Week interviews (love Tara-Lynn's!)
-Anja is having a cat week! Nothin' better
-Little Winter keeps creeping closer and closer, meaning that my nervous breakdown will arrive any day now


carly: Thank you! Yes, gotta love the photobooth! Sadly, they keep disappearing! We don't have any black & white ones in Toronto and this is the only colour one I know of right now.

Diana, Amanda Factor, erin / dfm, claire, alyson, Celine, alice, Sarah, julia, stephanie renee, katrina, Chelsea, Caitlin Shearer, carolyn, Jennifer, kater, hila, Christine, emedemarta: Thank you all so much for the love! Y'all are the best xoxo

Maggie: Thanks! Yeah, it's a little bit silly, I guess, but I just love it!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Bike riding is the best! I completely take it for granted these days. It's just so much better than taking the bus.

Liz: Thank you! Pony is just a domestic cat, either a shorthair or a medium hair. Her colouring, though, makes her a calico: black, white, orange. She's so cute!

hellojen: Thanks! Ugh, I know, I don't think there are any b&w ones in Toronto (maybe at the Drake? Unconfirmed reports). Chicago still has quite a few, so I was happy to use them there!

Hello Lindello: Oh cool, bag twin!

Hannah: Ha! I most certainly do not hear that everyday, but it is a very sweet compliment. Thank you! I think we just have similar hair & colouring. She is much prettier than I am.

Robin: Hey! I didn't realize! Haha, see you soon, buddy!

ashley moe: That's funny! I am pretty crazy about the dark haired girl / light haired boy combo, I gotta say!


  1. good luck my friend w/ little winter

  2. I always get a tad jealous when you post about Robber. Looks like such an amazing shop. I wish so badly I could shop there! Congrats to them!

  3. ohhh thanks for the cat week link! i feel much less guilty about my own blog now.

    ps- happy anniversary! you two couldn't be cuter!

  4. Unrelated to the post, but saw this and after I dried my eyes from too much laughing, thought of you.