six years!

Sunday was me & Geoff's six year anniversary. When I got out of bed I discovered that Geoff had made Pony a little crown with "A+G" hearts all around it (Oreo wasn't having any of it).

We celebrated the day with delicious food and a trip to the photobooth. We got rained on a little as we rode our bikes, but it was a sunshower, which I've decided is lucky.

Later in the day we stopped by Robber where I acquired a Shabd x Baggu tote in rose. Something nice to remember the day by (other than the Pony & photobooth pictures, I suppose!).



Rachelle: Oh! That's funny. I keep meaning to go back for a closer look myself. I'm glad you liked the pictures!

Di: It definitely was!

eleanor: Haha, aw!

demo derby: Yes!

Annie: You're welcome!

Maria: Thank you!

melly: They look like postcards? Pretty cute.

Kate: Aw, it was amazing!

Morgan Ashley Allen: I'm so glad you liked the pictures! I wish I had more of them. There were so many pieces that were so beautiful!

Ringo, have a banana!: I wish tooooo!

jessica: You're welcome!

fraisedesbois: Yes! Carly is amazing.

Maggie: I know what you mean -- I only ever spend a few seconds looking at the actual art. And then I feel awkward, like, how much longer should I look? But this one was really great, really ideal.

kater: It definitely was!

sn: Thank you!

Maria: I hope you like it!

Serena: Aw, thanks!

Hello Lindello: Thank you! I'm glad you like them.

miss sophie: I need to do that here as well! But yes, you're definitely lucky -- the last time I was in New York we spent half a day wandering around Chelsea and saw some really great pieces, including a whole show by David Altmejd. Amazing.

Jane Flanagan: I hope you can get there and see them in person!

erica-knits: Aw, that is too bad! It would have been nice to see you.

sara: Oh yes, it was surely a huge labour of love to put together!

Helen from Clio's Curiosities: I wish that too! Just so much to see, all over the place.

Christine: Oh awesome! That makes me so happy.

Sarah: Thank you, I'm glad you liked the pictures!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Ha, me tooooo. Also, she is the loveliest person. Seriously, such a great girl.



  1. absolutely adorable!
    i love the photobooth.
    it's a part of jer and i's v-day dinner date.
    so cute!

  2. congrats to you and geoff. and congrats to love!

  3. Aw, congrats you guys!

  4. YAYYYYY! Congrats, dear!

  5. ha! so awesome is your g. happy six!

  6. congrats you two lovers! here's to many more.

  7. happy anniversary!
    these pictures are just adorable!

  8. congratulations!
    The photobooth pictures are wonderful.

  9. Congratulations on the anniversary! That picture of Pony is the sweetest ever--an adorable commemoration of a couple and their kitten. :)

  10. pony in the crown is the absolute cutest! i die.

    i can't wait until it cools down enough so chris and i can ride our bikes again. i miss it (and i also miss the fact that we burn all those calories and then go eat pizza after).

  11. Kittens and crowns. Too cute!

  12. Say yay for love! Congrats!
    Love the little gesture by making a crown for your adorable cat.
    Can I ask what kind of 'breed' it is? I want one too!

  13. yay! happy six year! and how cute is that little crown???

  14. Anonymous14.9.10

    Super cute crown & photobooth session! Silas and I are big fans of the photobooth (but really, who isn't?) but we wish there were more b&w ones around.

  15. aww, congrats! everything is super sweet!

  16. pony is the cutest cat in the world.
    congratulations on your anniversary :)

  17. Congrats!
    How exciting. I have a shabd + baggu bag as well in the grey and love it!

  18. hooray! congratulations & here's to many more darling years together. it sounds like you had a truly lovely day. :)

  19. I'm sorry if people tell you this everyday.
    But are you the Cherry Blossom Girl in disguise?
    You're both so lovely.

  20. the little kitten crown is the most romantic thing ever. happy anniversary!

  21. youthreearejusthemostadorable


  22. Happy 6th Anniversary to an adorable couple! I am absolutely dying over that photo of Pony wearing her anniversary crown--it is too freaking cute!

  23. Love and congratulations! You're the best couple <3

    Ahhh pony!

  24. Yay! We continue the trend of matching Robber items!!! See you Friday!

  25. most adorable kitty photo ever! congrats on your anniversary :)

  26. Aww. Those photobooth pictures are all sorts of cute!

  27. I can't help but notice that you and your boy are strikingly similar looking to myself and mine! That kitty crown is just perfect.

  28. Oh, congratulations Anabella!
    Muchísimas felicidades!

    (and what a beautiful way to celebrate it!)

  29. 6 years and a kitty crown!
    Congratulations to the both of you!

  30. I love the kitty in the crown. So sweet!!

    Happy anniversary!

  31. Dang, you two are cute! And Pony too, of course.

  32. happy anniversary! the two of you and that tiny kitten are very sweet :)
    also, that tote is beauuuutiful!

  33. wow thats awesome 6 years!!! congrats :)

  34. Anonymous20.9.10

    Love love Pony's crown! Congratulations! :)