sweet dreams & cake with giants

Some of you might remember when I contributed to Amy Borrell's project Bakers Dozen in March of 2009. I love her latest project, Sweet Dreams for Bakers Dozen, which includes limited edition pieces from some of my favourite jewelry makers, including Kate Miss, Stephanie Renee, and Emedemarta. The styling, as usual, is beautiful, and the pieces work together harmoniously.

I can't even tell you how many times I've added certain pieces to my online shopping cart, only to take them out again.

If you take a look over in my right-hand sidebar and click on the little guy on an upside-down iceberg, you'll see that Amy has opened a new shop called Cake with Giants, featuring prints of her beautiful watercolours.

Also, I love her alphabet best of all alphabets.


Carmel, Laura, Jen, Lexie, Little Boat, amy, stephanie renee, JewelryWoman: Thanks!

sarah: I feel like my hair is a bird's nest from the month of June to August. Yesterday I straightened my hair and was in awe of how different it can look when there is no humidity in the air!

kenzie: Oh yes! You seem to have pretty good luck, so maybe one will turn up for you!

becka: I do that too! Even the glass case ones sometimes are junky!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Thanks! I seem to have pretty good luck finding Polaroid cameras, more now than ever before (mostly just the standard 600 ones, nothing too special). I remember when Spectra cameras used to be hard to find, but I feel as though I see them often now. But yeah, it's almost always the same crappy 35mm cameras that came free with a subscription to Time magazine or the iZone Polaroid or really early digital cameras.

Hello Lindello: Oh, you know it? I don't think I've ever met anyone who had heard of The Auteurs before. They were a favourite when I was in high school.

whitney: Oh, I definitely do that too! There have been many summers where I've found myself wearing tights on scorching hot days...

Jennifer: Oh yeah, those kinds of cameras look great as decoration! A great find for you! It's funny, because I wasn't even sure if it was a good idea to pick this one up, but now I know it was!

miss sophie: Instant pictures are so much fun. I've mentioned before here that for years I never had a proper camera, just a Polaroid One. I'm so glad that now I have a sweet stack of old Polaroids. It's gotten cold again! Well, here it has.

Kate: Yeah, the flash really washed everything out -- the wall behind me is actually grey! Thank you!

hila: Oh, I don't think my hair looked very good that day! Maybe it looks okay in the picture but it was actually a huge mess.

camille: Oh shucks, blush blush.

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  1. i want everything too!
    ps. can't wait to see you soon.