this is where i live: tara-lynn of yarn over movement & jason lee of here for now

This particular installment of "This is where I live" has been a few months in the works, but I didn't want to post another one until I had this one done. It required a trip to Hamilton, which is about 60 kilometres outside of Toronto; this trip kept getting postponed for one reason or another. I thought the wait was worth it, and I'm already looking forward to our next trip.

This home belongs to my favourite knitter, Tara-Lynn, her partner Jason, and their sweet 8 year old daughter, Enid Rose. I knew that I would love their place after seeing glimpses of this apartment and past ones on her Flickr account (starting back when I first discovered Tara-Lynn's knits in the Myspace age, maybe around 2005?). It was a total girl crush at first sight.

Geoff & I arrived in Hamilton in the afternoon, stopping by White Elephant to give Hollie & Jane a little Polaroid of Pony (Hollie affixed it to the cash register). We picked up coffee at Mulberry Street, headed to the Mountain, and were welcomed into this effervescent home with brightly-coloured walls. The walls are painted bright shades: lime green, tomato red, baby blue. But Tara-Lynn and Jason have such calm, lovely personalities that the home feels so soothing amidst all the colour. The apartment is filled with books, artwork, and treasures collected & rescued over the course of many years. I think Jason feels a little funny about having his own artwork on the walls, but if I were an artist as talented as he is, I would have it up too.

We spent a really beautiful evening there before heading down to James St. North for the Supercrawl.

The papercut on the top shelf (as well as the papercut in the last picture below) are by Chad of Mon Petit Fantome.

This pretty kitty is called Mable!

Geoff and Jason were engaged in conversation here, probably about art. I love it when my dude can find a kindred spirit in another dude.

This was painted by one of Tara-Lynn's relatives.

One of my favourite drawings by Jason.

Tara-Lynn is busy preparing for the Puces Pop festival in Montreal this weekend. If you happen to go by, make sure to say hello! If you pick something up from her table, I can guarantee you will love it (I have many knits from her and I love each one -- lots of other happy customers pictured here).

Enid has the best room!

This pretty ball of yarn with seashell tones is going to become a headband for lil' ol' me! I can't wait.

Thank you, T-L and Jason! You're the best.


tara-lynn: I hope you can get yourself a little something soon!

Visions through my retina: Thank you!

Ringo, have a banana!: I'm glad you like the pictures -- I'm not really sold on them. They look kind of murky to me. But I figure that they won't be able to improve the technology unless we support the project. Ah, liberal guilt! We happen to have a couple of SX-70s and they produce such different results, it's so weird (one has sonar focus and the other doesn't).

DEADWEIGHT: Thank you! Yes, the shoes are so adorable!

Mallory: Haha! I think I prefer the strap ones now, but I love both!

kater: They are really soft! Yes!

Lexie, Little Boat: Definitely a great price!

Lil and Matt: Oh, cool! The boots are so nice. And yes, Erandi is a sweetheart!

sara: Thanks so much!

Juli: Yes! Although one that involved no actual REAL ponies!

angelune: I agree, it's a sweet shop. I had a great experience.

-Alaina: Ha! Thank you!

etre-soi: I'm very happy with them! The top of one of them gave me a little blister but I think it's just because the first time I wore them I wasn't wearing socks or tights and it was a hot day.

Ella: Aaah, I know the feeling! I hope you'll love them when they arrive.

anni: Thanks so much!


  1. Anabela, this is another lovely home/studio tour! I love Tara-Lynn's knits. I especially love her comfy looking Meaford cowl. So sweet. And Jason's work is wonderful. Congrats on another beautiful set of photos! xo

  2. this home is so dreamy! i love every nick-nack. they have such a great eye. your photos make them even better - can't stop looking. also, i've just started knitting and her work is really inspirational.xx

  3. I love all their little knick-knacks! I also love it when boys bond, Richard is a bit of a shy one so it makes me happy when he finds someone to chat with who shares his interests.

  4. their house looks beautiful! my boyfriend would love that ship painting.
    also, i'm pretty sure my grandma has that gold/cream chair at her house - i have a new love for it now because it looks so charming with that little pillow on it in the picture!

  5. what a beautiful space! how perfect is their combination of different patterns, colors, and textures? i love it.

  6. ahh i miss it there. you're right about the calm feeling. beautiful photos!

  7. Anonymous27.9.10

    Ah, a beautiful house of two obviously creative people; your photos are beautiful too! My favorite is the peachy-terra-cotta walls that match that charming clock. I don't suppose you know what paint was used?

  8. Anonymous27.9.10

    Beautiful and charming. Jason's drawings are stunning. As a fellow knitter/crocheter (in her beginning stages), I recognize Wool-Ease Thick n Quick from Lion Brand.

    Also, I was happy to see that T-L and I have the same jewelry box! Little vintage soulmate jewelry boxes.

    Thanks for this post. I'm a fan of Yarn-Over Mvmt on Etsy, and it was so neat to see their lovely house.


  9. this is so exciting & i feel so very nervous....
    you made our night!
    see you soon
    love you guys!

  10. ps. enid wanted me to say next time can you take a picture of her fish!
    enid also wanted to tell you it is named sapphire!
    & can you come when she is home.
    this is me writing for enid ;)

  11. This is such a great project. Seeing friends, taking pictures...a little innocent voyeurism thrown in for good measure!

    You have a lot to be proud of Tara-Lynn and next time Anabela and I are definitely looking forward to seeing Enid and Sapphire!


  12. All the photos are just beautiful! What an amazing place . . . Totally amazing.

  13. So many sweet touches. And the painting of the ship is too good for words!

  14. Tara-Lynn is my favourite online lady pal! I love glimpses into her cozy home! Yay Tara-Lynn!

  15. I LOVE her knits. I got a beret a while back then a shrug not so long ago. I love your post; so well written and the pictures really captures the essence. Well done.

  16. Love the peek into Tara-Lynn and Jason's home! I love their style and their work. Their home seems so cozy and full of lovely energy. Canada is just filled to so many good folks ;)
    And I get a total thrill seeing my papercuts amongst their treasures.

  17. love it! they have a lovely little home! everything is very coherent from room to room. i think that's something i sometimes struggle with haha.
    i have that same vintage deer lamp and i love the Maple Town collection! I still have mine, but i didn't have that many. so cute. and love that swan mirror.
    your photos are lovely!

  18. Love the photos of the yarn. The textures and colors.

  19. that pink clock's amazing.

  20. Amazing!

    My kitty is named Mable! That makes me so happy.

    You've probably been asked this a million times, but what kind of camera do you use? I'm in the market, and your photos always seem so flawless...


  21. Oh I love Tara-Lynn, Jason and Enid's apartment!! The walls are the best, what a fun place to live and grow up. Of course, the knitting in me loves her shelves of yarn. Tara-Lynn's Cambridge Cowl is my favorite. I can't wait to pull it out of summer storage soon!

  22. that ship painting is incredible! great photos. i've always loved glimpses of their home.

  23. Thanks Anabela - lovely as the pictures are (and they are truly lovely), I adore your words... you tell such a beautiful story of friendship in these posts!

  24. Beautiful post! They have some really lovely vintage pieces and a great art collection, too!

  25. What a gorgeous, gorgeous space. Super inspiring--makes me want to hit up the antique mall--if only I had a little more space.

  26. These are a-a-amazing! They make me want to remodel my home. :)