triple pony day

Today I wore my new triple strap flats from Goldenponies. I was so happy when I saw that Erandi was making these! I got them in white because they reminded me of the famous ChloĆ© triple strap heels.  So cute.

I got a haircut at a new salon that opened up in my neighbourhood this week: The Proudest Pony! After I saw the name, I knew I had to try it out. I usually go to the Aveda Academy since it's so cheap, but I'm happy to spend a little more to be within walking distance of some lovely ladies who can trim my bangs for me! I can't be bothered to go out to King & Jarvis to trim my bangs & usually end up massacring them at the bathroom sink -- I am no Erin Fetherston. Anyhow, I just got a straightforward trim, but I'm very happy with it.

Their sign is amazing.

And just to make it a triple, here's a recent picture of my little Pony, Oreo's greatest nemesis.

If only I had visited Magic Pony today! Then it would have been a quadruple.

These pictures were taken with The Impossible Project's PX 70 Color Shade film (a work in progress!) & the SX-70.


Jane Flanagan: Haha, celebrities ruin EVERYTHING! Silly tea company.

jen jafarzadeh: Thank you! I'm learning to love Rooibos myself.

Melinda Josie: Oh, how nice! I haven't tried the Earl Grey Cream although I really want to! I love Earl Grey and of course the addition of the word "cream" makes it so much more appealing. Can't wait to get my mitts on Patisserie again!

oaklandetsuko: Oh, it's so nice that you have a tea tradition! I just love the descriptions. It's such a delightful world of flavour!

broadcast.poulet: I hope you enjoyed your visit to Tealish, if you made it out!

Ringo, have a banana!: Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Oh no, that's too bad! Maybe there's an awesome caffeine-free tea out there for you.

thriftingvignettist: Thanks! Hey, Lipton's not so bad.

Marie Bee: Oh, cool! I guess ordering it online can get pricey. Maybe there's a local place that is similar! Thanks for the Rishi Tea link, I think I can get that here.

Maggie: So it turns out that chocolate tea isn't really the substitute I had hoped it would be, but after drinking nice teas for a few days the mocha I had today tasted kind of gross! I thought I'd get one as an end of the week treat, but it just went all wrong. Still, chocolate tea is tasty!

nath: I didn't like tea for so long! I understand. Hmm, maybe I will email you! That is very sweet of you, thank you!

kenzie: I had that problem for a long time -- you read these descriptions and then the tea never lives up to them! It's taken some time for me to come around to tea. I honestly think that a lot of it is an acquired taste. My parents aren't tea-drinkers so I didn't have it as a cultural thing. I hope you like the Rooibos!

Anonymous: Thanks!

Marinka: The walnut one is so good!

Poke Salad Annie: Thanks! Loose leaf is a beautiful thing!

Sarah: Oh yes, I love almond milk! That's what I put in my tea. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is my favourite. I love Lady Grey & Earl Grey as well. I'm glad you liked the post!

Summer: English Breakfast with a wee bit of sugar and milk is a classic! So delicious!

Terri Coles: Oh yum, that sounds really good. I think it's Sushi Island, the place in Yorkville -- their green tea is so good, slightly nutty. I wonder if it has brown rice in it. It sounds like you really know your tea! Maybe you mean the Read My Lips blend at David's. I was interested in that one but the peppery note kind of turned me off. It's not a flavour that I love, unfortunately!

julie: Oh yes, cream Earl Grey is on the list! Next time.

Caitlin: Thank you! And hey, whatever works! There is nothing wrong with that!

Lexie, Little Boat: Oh, I agree! I love the smell. It doesn't taste how it smells!

jen: I'm glad you like it! I love hearing about people's little tea rituals -- it's a nice peek into someone else's life, I think!

Sara: They don't really taste like you would think they would taste, but they're still tasty! Haha maybe not the best endorsement.

Hello Lindello: I keep meaning to try the Harney & Sons Tea -- the tins are so beautiful! I'll look out for the Paris one.

Stephanie: I'll have to try Genmaicha. Oh, that White Malibu sounds so good, as does White Peony... man, these names are so excellent! Sometimes I try things just based on the name.

Miss Cris: Hm, turns out the Love Tea #7 wasn't one of my favourites. Not sure why, I'll have to revisit it. That tea shop sounds really lovely! I'll keep it in mind. I read some stuff on Chowhound from tea lovers calling David's "gimmicky," but it works for me! I can't help it -- I always leave there with multiple 50g packs.

sunshine by sara: Whatever works & whatever you find delicious! English Breakfast is one of my favourites as well.

Amy: Ha! Evening in Missoula sounds delicious (I looked up the description).

k: Dry Desert Lime? That sounds incredible. There is something so special about a loose leaf tea! Those tins and glass jars make me think of magic & apothecaries I've only seen in photographs.

sarah: Thank you! Hey, so local honey works like that? I had no idea! I should try that. I think that cream vanilla teas are easy to come by, especially if you have a good tea shop nearby! So delicious.

Bantik: Thanks so much!

sew nancy: Ha, thanks! Oh, I love the idea of lingering over tea. I'm sure it isn't easy with little ones around! I hope you get to do it more often.

erica-knits: Ha, thanks! I took them in maybe 10 minutes before work, making a small mess on the coffee table. I bought some Pumpkin Chai today and yes! Incredible! So flavourful! Glitter and Gold sounds amazing. I don't even know what's in it but the name is great. I think I went to sniff Dulce & Banana and it had chamomile in it (maybe?). Not a fan of the chamomile, sadly.

Sanne: After you mentioned cinnamon tea I tried to find some! I hadn't heard of it before. I managed to find one, and I'm looking forward to trying it. Thank you!

lark + linen: Thank you! Oh and yes Tealish is a lovely little shop. I think it was started by a couple and they just have the one shop at the moment. Tiny & amazing!

vanessa joie: Oh, you're not missing out! There's still lots of time for new discoveries!

Cassidy: Yes! I hope you can find some to try it!


  1. i love these photos!
    oh say what... how have i missed golden ponies for so long, this site is amazing, i want one of everything please!!
    i thought your lovely gold shoes were vintage, this is so amazing. ok wish i had some paypal cash now, damn...why did i just transfer that money?!

  2. your blog is absolutely adorbs!! i will be reading for now on....

  3. I was really excited to see that she'd come out with those shoes as well, they're just darling. On my wishlist for sure. I love the photos you're taking with the Impossible film! I want to try some, but I need to get a camera worthy of it (or at least one that's relatively reliable!) Doesn't seem right to just shove it into some thrift-store 600 series piece of junk.

  4. Those strapy shoes are very cute - the price almost seems unbelievable! Love the super dreamy, gorgeously muted colour shade film photos too.

  5. I've been meaning to get some Golden Ponies for months. Months. MONTHS! The time has come. Now, I just have to decide whether I want some of the strap ones.... or the gold ones....

  6. Aww man I've been wanting a pair of these, but wasn't finding anyone online who had them! Are they soft? I always wanted some and my hankering got worse after 'Bright Star'.

  7. i cant get over what a good price those goldenponies flats are! wow!

  8. My new grey boots from Golden Ponies arrived about a week ago - they are so great, she is awesome. Yay for new shoes!

  9. these are great photos
    i love love love your flats!
    and the proudest pony name & sign

  10. I love that you managed to have a pony filled day.

  11. Anonymous25.9.10

    I got my hair cut at Proudest Pony last friday and I loved it. Ashley is so sweet, and they did such a great job with the design of the shop.

  12. The pictures are beautiful. The last one of Pony almost reminds me of an Edward Gorey, in an Oreo's-Greatest-Nemesis-Sort-Of-Way.

  13. Oh you got them ? They are so cute I've been watching them and maybe I'll get them too, in black. Are you happy with them ?

  14. I've been procrastinating over getting a pair of these and you pushed me over the edge into action - I just ordered a pair! Ohhhhh now I have to wait for them to arrive, how painful.

  15. These pictures are absolutely stunning ! love them <3 and ur blog is very cute :)

  16. wow i love these photos! the colors are so unique and soft.

  17. Wow, such beautiful shoes and what a great price! I have to look into these for the shop! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I think I just died and went to shoe heaven. I have a pair of triple straps almost exactly like these only they are black. I've been looking for more but hadn't found any till now! Thank you!

  19. Those shoes are the tops! How is the fit? I want to order some but I'm unsure about sizing.