goldenponies giveaway

I'm so happy to host this giveaway for a pair of handmade leather triple strap flats from Goldenponies, in the size and colour of your choice. As some of you know, I have a couple of pairs of Goldenponies shoes already (gold oxfords and these strappy flats in white) as well as one more pair on the way. They're really lovely shoes, so comfortable and cute. I really can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you to Erandi for this giveaway!

To enter, please visit Goldenponies on Etsy and leave a comment here telling me what your choice of colour would be. Everyone is welcome to enter.

I will pick a winner at random on Monday morning. Good luck!


scout & catalogue

I recently came across Scout & Catalogue (not sure how I missed this one) and I am pretty crushed out. I love Bre's aesthetic, her use of scavenged materials to create beautiful new products, and her blog. Plus she's currently based in Toronto but influenced by life in Mexico, which is pretty amazing.

(Images via Scout & Catalogue)


frame story

Geoff has been busy working on some new drawings which we hope to incorporate into some new items for Little Winter. Some of us work best under pressure, it's true.

I love his drawing style. He's a skilled draftsman, but has an ability to render his subjects in a delicate, beautiful way. I call him my in-house illustrator (har har).

This summer our friends Ryan and Michelle eloped and had a party to celebrate in September. As a little gift, Geoff drew a picture of their dog Ada (short for "Adventure") for them. A dog drawing in the repertoire! He can draw things that aren't animals, of course.

Geoff draws a lot of inspiration from his tumblr, which is a particularly good one.


little winter is coming

I am trying not to think about the fact that I only have one weekend left to prepare for Little Winter. I know it will all come together at the last minute, and if it doesn't, there is still a party to look forward to (and if you're in Portland on November 5, please come -- it will be delightful).

My display's colour palette. It is deliberately masculine and simple, but I am going to try to add a little golden sparkle to it.

Lamb / bone folder / natural twine / seal.

I often receive emails from people who tell me that they enjoy the pastel, "dreamy" tones of my pictures (and I am so grateful to hear it!), so I want my display to offset that. I was happy when I saw this image that Chelsea posted as the original inspiration for the styling of the event. I think I get it.

I'll be selling some of my prints. Only the dreamiest ones. I hope people will like them.

This is a new item that Geoff and I are excited about and that we've been meaning to make for quite a long time. I designed ("designed") this tote for me, and I can only hope that others will like it. "There is thunder in our hearts" is a line from Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill," and because it's such a fervent line, I wanted to keep the design, which we screenprinted onto sturdy cotton tote bags, simple. There will also be a Heart one. If these do well, there will be a whole range of them in the future. Tara-Lynn likes hers (that doll!). Cat mask not included; I had thought it would be fun to go as Golden Dove-era Mary Timony for Hallowe'en but Hallowe'en is off this year for me.

When I was in high school I wanted to be a journalist because I wanted to interview people I admired. I loved how in magazines the authors or editors would take a song lyric or a book title or a movie title and make that the title of the article, and I thought it would be fun to dream up titles myself. The example from Lula below is one of my all-time favourite examples of this. So yeah, the totes were totally inspired by my adolescence. (I also love this "Shake dreams from your hair" one. That's a good test of slightly obscure Doors knowledge.)

(When I got to journalism school I immediately hated it, dropped out, and ran away to study medieval Latin.)

Also: I feel that it is very important that I direct you to this interview with Leith Clark on The Style Notebook (with an illustration by Ayalah). I could not admire Leith Clark more.


lula pop up shop

I recently found out, through a mention by Mishal on Twitter, that there is a Lula magazine pop up shop at The Room at The Bay on Queen Street. I'm such a Toronto fashion outsider that I had no idea. It will be in place until November 24. I have only ever heard of Lula pop up shops in London, so it seems pretty special that we have one here.

I stopped by today and it is just as dreamy and lovely as one would expect. That silk peach and cream number? It's the most beautiful Sonia Rykiel dress in the world. I bit my lip as I contemplated a $195 "Rodarte Prom" t-shirt, Erdem lace, and sparkly Miu Miu pumps. It all made me tremble! Of course, it is a one-dimensional view of the "Lula girl" life, but it is in a high-end division of a department store and as such is pure fantasy. At least, that is, for me.

If the blue Lula cover on the wall is the new issue's cover, it is beautiful. I got a good look at it.

I wasn't allowed to take pictures; image via dira.


nice mail

I had a package waiting for me at the post office last night. I wasn't sure what it could be and I was so happy when I saw Caitlin's name on the return address label.

Her "Endless Bummer" necklace always cracks me up and now I own one! Sweet. She was wearing one when we went to Lula Café for brunch -- maybe the next time we do that we can both wear them. Twinzers!

This blouse! I am over the moon about this blouse. She posted it in a sneak peek before Vintage Bazaar, I told her I loved it, and then she sent it to me. Oh man, what a pal. I immediately wore it last night.

New Summer Water fabrics are here! Our first set of bags is all sold out (thank you!) so we're hoping to have more available soon, in time for summer in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately, Caitlin suffered a computer crash and lost her other fabric designs, but I was happy to stick with the ones we had already used. They're beautiful.

And speaking of things that have the word 'summer' in their name, have you seen the newly-launched Summerland? I'll take one Sally shawl, one Sweet Nothings pendant (I've been wanting one of these forever), and one Opal Aura ring, please. Such an excellent selection of pretty things.  I'm so excited about meeting Megan in Portland in a mere two weeks!

(image via Cat Party)


russet & empire

In the whirlwind before I left for my trip, Geoff and I visited Russet & Empire, a new shop in the Junction (on Keele at Dundas). In August I had received an email from the sweet owner, Micah, asking if she could use my Chicago black and white Diana Mini pictures for her blog, and it was a nice surprise to hear from her. I had noticed some activity in the storefront while stopped at a red light a few days before she contacted me, and wondered what was happening. Geoff made it to the opening party, although I didn't, so I was keen to stop by. We happened to have two cameras with us when we visited so we both took a few pictures. The indoor ones were taken with the Canon A-1 and the outdoor ones with the LC-A+.

It's a beautiful shop (I love the barn wood shelves so much) with a well-curated collection of vintage and local goods for sale. Russet & Empire also carries cameras such as the Diana Mini, which is a pretty good way to acquire one locally.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else Micah planned for the store -- she is as big a fan of our dearly departed Balloon King as I am, and therefore a girl after my own heart.

Thanks, Micah!


1010 outtakes

I was able to use up a roll of 36 exposures for the 1010 project. I even inserted an additional roll once that golden hour sunshine appeared (the light was all over the place that day), although I only managed one or two photos with that roll. I panicked, I think.

I ended up with quite a lot of outtakes.


1010 project

I'm so excited to announce the special photo project I hinted at before I left on my trip: 1010. This project was conceived and organized by Victoria, with the following concept: "10 photographers. 10 photos each. All taken on 10/10/10. A single day represented in 100 photographs."

I am so proud of this beautiful project, and honoured to have been invited to take part.

The participants are incredible: Jacinta, Ebony, Michelle, Pia, Hilda, Brian, Kris, Victoria herself, and Kate (it was her birthday that day!). When I saw the list of these names, I was a little terrified and proceeded to have a few bad dreams about my film being destroyed before I could see the pictures. I took my pictures on the last day of my trip, when everything was winding down and nothing particularly exciting was happening. I went out for walks on my own, and because of bad weather and a red flag on the beach that day, I didn't encounter many people (I did, however, encounter a blind cat). I went to Cape St Vincent, stood on the edge of cliffs, and tasted salt on my lips. I felt as though I was the only person in the whole world, sometimes.

Here are a few of my favourites from the other participants.