1010 project

I'm so excited to announce the special photo project I hinted at before I left on my trip: 1010. This project was conceived and organized by Victoria, with the following concept: "10 photographers. 10 photos each. All taken on 10/10/10. A single day represented in 100 photographs."

I am so proud of this beautiful project, and honoured to have been invited to take part.

The participants are incredible: Jacinta, Ebony, Michelle, Pia, Hilda, Brian, Kris, Victoria herself, and Kate (it was her birthday that day!). When I saw the list of these names, I was a little terrified and proceeded to have a few bad dreams about my film being destroyed before I could see the pictures. I took my pictures on the last day of my trip, when everything was winding down and nothing particularly exciting was happening. I went out for walks on my own, and because of bad weather and a red flag on the beach that day, I didn't encounter many people (I did, however, encounter a blind cat). I went to Cape St Vincent, stood on the edge of cliffs, and tasted salt on my lips. I felt as though I was the only person in the whole world, sometimes.

Here are a few of my favourites from the other participants.


Laura: Oh wow, that would be amazing!

Katie: That robe sounds absolutely beautiful. I would probably do the same.

michelle: I wore plastic combs when I was a kid, too! I'm not sure that I would even know how to insert them now.

Sarah: I agree!

fraisedesbois: I'm glad you like them! The lighting in the room was a challenge!

iamronel, minnja : I'm glad you like them!

Johanna Lu: Oh, I hope you get to go. It's such a special city.

Neon Relish: Thanks, Casey! Yeah, it was difficult to take the pictures in the museum -- the lighting in this room was not very cooperative. Oh yes, please do go for it! I'm so lucky in that this trip was a gift from my parents, but I'd rather take trips than put money in savings, that's for sure!

Visions through my retina: I'm sorry I accidentally deleted your comment! I'm glad you love the pieces.

Claudia (Lisbon): I hope you have a great time! It's a lovely place! I bought some soap in the gift shop (romã scented) and it smells so good.


  1. thank you so so so so so so much for taking part. xxxxx

  2. So proud of my sweetheart! xoxo!

  3. Ohh I like how you posted one photo from each person! Wish I had more time to do that, now. Yay! Such awesome company we're in, right???

  4. LOVE this project - both the concept and amazing execution from each of you. An amazing & talented group of photographers - brilliant!

  5. WOW
    hahaha this is so awesome anabela! i knew it would be but man! <3 3

  6. love!
    portugal is one of my favourite countries in europe, i would love to go back soon. I would go just to eat custard tarts in Lisbon. I still drool just thinking about them :)

  7. What a great project! Your photos are so beautiful (of course). Congratulations!

  8. amazing!!! you know, i wanted to get married on 10/10/10... sigh. maybe 11/11/11? xoxo

  9. Your 10/10/10 looks like my dream day!

  10. Your picture of the ocean slays me, Anabela. And I'm so glad to hear that I wasn't the only one who was TERRIFIED that I'd load/wind/whatever the film incorrectly and end up with a roll of blanks. Didn't it all turn out nicely, though?

  11. amazing totally awesome project! your photos are wonderful... as are everyones!

  12. they are so talented too