frame story

Geoff has been busy working on some new drawings which we hope to incorporate into some new items for Little Winter. Some of us work best under pressure, it's true.

I love his drawing style. He's a skilled draftsman, but has an ability to render his subjects in a delicate, beautiful way. I call him my in-house illustrator (har har).

This summer our friends Ryan and Michelle eloped and had a party to celebrate in September. As a little gift, Geoff drew a picture of their dog Ada (short for "Adventure") for them. A dog drawing in the repertoire! He can draw things that aren't animals, of course.

Geoff draws a lot of inspiration from his tumblr, which is a particularly good one.


kenzie: I know, it's so crazy! We've been thinking about it for so long I can't even believe it's happening so soon.  Good luck with your preparation!

Rebekka Seale: Actually, I picked these paint chips once I had the idea of what I wanted! I just happened to be at Home Depot running errands. I'm glad you like them!

Jane Flanagan: Oh yes, the stars are definitely trying to tell you something! Once I saw the word 'frolic' in there I knew it was a sure thing. I wish I could mash all my favourite places together so they could be closer. That would be just great!

m.bardeaux: Ha, that is so weird! I wish I could drop "I'm going to the opera" into casual conversation. So classy! Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous: I will, glad you like!

Charlyn W: We probably will! Ooh, pillowcases, that could be fun!

Neon Relish: Ha! Feel free to use the Mary Timony idea! Thank you, wish you could be there!

Jess: Thank you! If we manage to make enough cash to order more supplies, we will!

Chelsea: Ha, thanks!

Jessica: Not at the moment, but I'm hoping to put them online once we've made some more.

Anonymous: When I was in journalism school, the National Post was starting up. There was an interview with one of the editors published somewhere, and he made a point of saying he would never hire anyone straight out of journalism school, that it was more important to travel and live. It was a brutal thing to hear but it made me realize that once I had graduated at the tender age of 22 or whatever, I wouldn't really know that much at all. I got out as fast as I could. Plus interviewing people was incredibly difficult and I didn't enjoy it.

Johanna Lu: That's funny! I went to library school and didn't enjoy that either! I guess I just don't like ANYTHING, haha!

Hetterson: Oh lady, don't you worry! Maybe this post makes it seem like I spent hours on my display when really I am not going to at all.  Whatever you come up with will be amazing, I know it!

Chelsea: Aw, yay! Thanks! 

Kate: Wish you could, that would be so great! My tote collection is out of control, too. But they're so useful!

Darcy: I hope so! I need to sell the ones I have in order to get more supplies... fingers crossed! Thank you!

Clouds: Thank you!

Sarah: I hope to sell them online later, when I get more supplies! It would be cool to have them in a shop, but I'll have to see about that. I'm glad you like it!

amy: Yes! Sparkle! Thank you!

Hello Lindello: Thank you! I hope to, yes...! I'm loving this response!

danica: I hope to! Thanks so much!

hila: I love people who love Kate Bush. It's a real feeling of kinship! I hope to sell them online, yes!

white mice: I think records would, yes! They're 13" wide. Yes, Hounds of Love, too good!

claraemily: Aw, I hope to! Thanks!

kate: Thanks so much!

olivia: Thank you! I hope they will!

jen: Yay, thanks!


  1. oh, that's so sweet. the drawings. the dog's name. he really does draw so delicately, his work is really charming. i'd love to be able to draw half as well as that.

  2. That adorable kitteh drawing, the 3rd picture down... ♥

  3. Gorgeous drawings. I, too, enjoy drafts and their virgin unfinished and unpolished look. I bet you find it hard not to frame each one of them :-)

  4. Anonymous26.10.10

    What beautiful drawings. I will be sure to check out Geoff's tumblr. Isn't it lovely to live in a creative household!


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  5. I love Geoff's drawings!

  6. Lovely! The kitties are awesome.

  7. i know you don't me to tell you this, but he's an amazing artist! my husband is an architect, so draws often, but when i try to get him to draw things not related to work (so i can hang them on the wall), he won't do it. you're lucky!

  8. Awesome drawing style! It seems so quick and haphazard but works really easily. If that makes sense...
    Sometimes I get super-frustrated when I rub out the same thing 5 times lol.

  9. This reminds me how long it's been since I've picked up a pencil and sketched. His work has a lovely gentle quality.

  10. these are really beautiful. that dog is so funny!

  11. what a talented guy you have!

  12. Thanks so much everyone for such kind and considerate words.

    Anabela is often the only person who sees my drawings, so it's nice to know that so many people seem to understand what I'm after when I make them.

    - Geoff

  13. love love love these drawings! can't wait to see what you guys are cooking up, and hopefully some of it makes it back from little winter for the rest of us who can't go!

  14. that's a wonderful gift idea! you've just given me some inspiration for the sketchbook project i'm working on.

  15. Oh my goodness, I love his cat drawings!