lalique at the calouste gulbenkian

While I didn't get to spend as much time in Lisbon as I would have liked, last week I was able to visit the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. It is an impressive collection of over 6000 pieces (1000 of which are on display at once) representing a lifetime of collection by Calouste Gulbenkian. I was particularly fond of the René Lalique works on display. Imagine being lucky enough to have worn one of these pieces in your hair! (Or to have been able to open a letter with the letter opener.)


caroline: Thank you! And yes The Man Repeller is a very good read!

Kate: Thanks! You're so right about that model. When I opened the box my heart sank -- I had thought they would be bigger! But I'm happy with the size. They're totally comfy. I have the usual dents on my nose but otherwise there is no tightness or irration!

Jennifer: Thank you! I don't like wearing glasses much either but my contacts have been giving me problems lately, so I hope to avoid those. Good luck with your search, though!

alice: I know, it's such a crazy price! Oh, yes, definitely a good purchase to consider for next time, or even for a back-up pair! I'm thinking of getting a back-up pair myself!

Ella: Thank you! Oh I know what you mean. I think I would have ordered a lot earlier if they shipped internationally! But, by all accounts, they are working on it.

sunshine by sara: Thank you! Oh, I doubt that's true! I am certain there is a pair of lenses out there for every face.  Ugh, contacts! A few years ago my eyes were constantly bright red. I switched to the Oasys lenses for dry eyes but even those are starting to wear on me. I hope you find just the thing!

schorlemädchen: Thanks so much! And oh yes, they always are so great!

danica: Thank you! I'm so glad someone else gets the Christine reference -- and thanks again for the Anna Karina reminder! I can't believe I forgot.

kater: Thank you, lady! Good luck with it!

Ringo, have a banana!: Thank you! Oh, I hope you're able to find something... I truly believe that squinting is terrible for you (I did it all through grade 6 and it really affected my grades!). And yeah, I'm starting to think that about contacts myself, although when I was 13 I had to cry for my eye doctor to let me get them (she didn't think 13 year olds were responsible enough to handle contacts, but I was dying to stop wearing my glasses, which at the time were a fancy navy blue Sally Jesse Raphael set).

stephanie renee: Thank you! Before I got glasses I used to wish I could wear them, but when I got them, I immediately hated them! Oh kids. So funny.

cara: Thank you, lovely!

Juli: Thanks! I kind of love a bold frame, but too bold is actually a fear of mine. I don't like glasses that just sit there and disappear too much, you know what I mean?

carly: Thanks, buddy! I hope you get them!

rebekah drey: Thank you! I heartily recommend WP, especially if you live in the US and can do the at-home try on, which is no risk.

jen: Aw, bummer. Thanks, though!

Marinka: Thank you!

EvaForeva: Thanks so much! Yes, I agree -- they do recognize how important it is to have good customer service!

julia: Thanks, buddy!


  1. gorgeous!!! lalique is one of my favorites and i wish people still wore combs-- inspiring me to revisit my comb designs in the sketchbook.

  2. these are so dreamy. i love art nouveau peices. my mom just sent me a gorgeous mucha inspired silky robe. i hung it in the bedroom - it's too pretty to wear for more than 2 minutes. i'd probably do the same with these.

  3. oh wow, those are so gorgeous! i had some combs when i was a kid (no where as fancy, of course) but was always disappointed they never stayed in my hair. i think i'd like to see people wear them more too

  4. Beautiful hair pieces, a jewel for the hair. Very inspiring. Beautiful photographs.

  5. Love those hair pieces

  6. wowwww i liky them so amazing

  7. Oh these are beautiful, and they look so frail, which makes them look even more precious. Haven't been to Lisboa since 1998 (gah!) but your posts about the city make me yearn

  8. Looooove it;)))))))


  9. Oh, Anabela - these are LOVELY! What a treat to see the pieces, and learn about the museum. Such great photos - I have the worst time figuring out angles in museums, with the glass and the lighting and so on. I've been debating taking a trip lately, and this post really inspires me to go for it!

  10. Sorry, Visions through my retina! I accidentally deleted your comment! Here it is below.

    are you kidding me...this stuff is GREAT!!!... love everything...!!! like literally!
    xoxo aja

  11. oh my...you totally convinced me to go to Gulbenkian this weekend! Thanks for sharing!