nice mail

I had a package waiting for me at the post office last night. I wasn't sure what it could be and I was so happy when I saw Caitlin's name on the return address label.

Her "Endless Bummer" necklace always cracks me up and now I own one! Sweet. She was wearing one when we went to Lula Café for brunch -- maybe the next time we do that we can both wear them. Twinzers!

This blouse! I am over the moon about this blouse. She posted it in a sneak peek before Vintage Bazaar, I told her I loved it, and then she sent it to me. Oh man, what a pal. I immediately wore it last night.

New Summer Water fabrics are here! Our first set of bags is all sold out (thank you!) so we're hoping to have more available soon, in time for summer in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately, Caitlin suffered a computer crash and lost her other fabric designs, but I was happy to stick with the ones we had already used. They're beautiful.

And speaking of things that have the word 'summer' in their name, have you seen the newly-launched Summerland? I'll take one Sally shawl, one Sweet Nothings pendant (I've been wanting one of these forever), and one Opal Aura ring, please. Such an excellent selection of pretty things.  I'm so excited about meeting Megan in Portland in a mere two weeks!

(image via Cat Party)


A few people asked about the gold jewelry in my Russet & Empire post so I emailed Micah to ask about it. I wrote this on Flickr but I thought I would place it here as well: the necklaces made by a retired couple here in southern Ontario who pay kids from the neighbourhood to bring them four-leaf clovers and maple leaf keys and leaves! They dip them in nickel to strengthen them and then gold. How adorable is that? They don't have a website or anything so if you want one the best thing to do is to email Russet & Empire: russetandempire at gmail dot com or, (of course) visit the store. I don't remember the price but I'm sure it's reasonable!

Maria Helena: Haha! Thanks for saying hello!

Sarah J: Oh yes, that is a very nice one!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Aw, thanks so much, that is so sweet. And yeah, then I'd be livin' the dream, wouldn't I!

Jane Flanagan: I hope you make it!  I didn't have much time to explore the neighbourhood that day but it's always enjoyable to do so.

Bantik: It certainly is! Good luck to you!

Celine: Thanks, Celine! I know what you mean about the Canadiana and cold weather. Plus some of the vintage Canada things are just so charming. I almost bought the Ontario mug, but I didn't, and now I wish I had!  And yes! Balloon King is gone! The owner retired! Sad, sad day.

DEADWEIGHT: I know, right?! Sorry to deliver such sad news. The owner retired. I didn't even get the chance to go and stock up.

nikole: Thanks, Nikole! It is gone, so sad. I wish I had had the chance to stock up! Luckily I still have some banners, and gold letters that say "Hooray Erica!" Ha!


Miss Crowland: I know what you mean! It's not even that far but it feels far... but it's worth taking a trip, I promise!

tara-lynn: Yeah! I mean, there are still lots of cash for gold shops, but those are here to stay, I think.

Kristen, Barbara, Marinka: I agree, definitely!

Hello Lindello: I wrote some information at the top of the replies section -- you should get one! They're so unique.

hila: Ha! I know, I had to hem & haw quite a bit and wound up buying some film and a card -- but I had to leave so many lovely things behind.

Megan: Do it! I wrote out some information at the top of the replies section! They're real clovers!

costume jewellery: Thanks! And yes, they're lovely!


  1. that blouse is the cutest ever!

  2. oh the blouse is stunning, you're very lucky to have such a kind friend as caitlin!

  3. I love getting perfect mail and this is so perfect I'm nothing short of full on envy. Bitch.

  4. sorry to hear that her computer crash. That is my worst nightmare. I will remember to go backup my hard drive tonight!!!

    sweetest blouse ever!!!! lucky you!

    see you tonight.

  5. So glad you like Summerland, thank you for posting!

    Really excited to meet you too, it's going to be the best superawesomefuntimes dream weekend <3


  6. hahah god. seeing your pictures, especially of the necklace, really makes me realize how crappy of a photographer i am haha.
    i'm so glad you liked the package! and i can't wait to get into swing with summer water again!

    very excited for summerland! i too lovvvvve those sweet nothings necklaces. such a good idea.

  7. man, caitlin is such a good fabric designer i can't get over it!

  8. that endless bummer necklace is so awesome. i'da bought one right away if it wasn't already sold :(

  9. man i hate computers! mine crashed not long ago and i love ALL my photos everything. lovely necklaces and the blouse is so cute!

  10. I like your blouse a lot ^^

  11. ooo my sister is an october baby .. i think opal is her birthstone? that ring would be perfect for her even if it isnt!

  12. Oh such a lovely package!!

    Caitlin has a very nice blog:>

  13. what a beautiful blouse, I've been looking for that kind of blouse especially with a litle bow on it :) Are you going to participate in my autumn swap this year ? I'd love to have you in. Check it out here please http://etre-soi.blogspot.com/2010/10/autumn-swap-2010-is-up.html xo

  14. this was such a pretty post! i have been dying for a sweet nothings pendant.

  15. i just ordered one of the sweet nothings necklaces! i am so excited. you always post such amazing things.