russet & empire

In the whirlwind before I left for my trip, Geoff and I visited Russet & Empire, a new shop in the Junction (on Keele at Dundas). In August I had received an email from the sweet owner, Micah, asking if she could use my Chicago black and white Diana Mini pictures for her blog, and it was a nice surprise to hear from her. I had noticed some activity in the storefront while stopped at a red light a few days before she contacted me, and wondered what was happening. Geoff made it to the opening party, although I didn't, so I was keen to stop by. We happened to have two cameras with us when we visited so we both took a few pictures. The indoor ones were taken with the Canon A-1 and the outdoor ones with the LC-A+.

It's a beautiful shop (I love the barn wood shelves so much) with a well-curated collection of vintage and local goods for sale. Russet & Empire also carries cameras such as the Diana Mini, which is a pretty good way to acquire one locally.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else Micah planned for the store -- she is as big a fan of our dearly departed Balloon King as I am, and therefore a girl after my own heart.

Thanks, Micah!


stephanie renee: Thank you!

Siubhan: That cat's eyes were so amazing! I saw him around for a few days, and one time he got into a fight with a neighbour's dog and ran up a tree! He came down successfully, luckily. I knew I had to include a cat picture but I went with the other one because I liked all the empty space around the blind cat... tough decisions!

ka: Thank you! Yes, the colours were probably due to using Fuji film and having a mostly overcast day. It worked out well!

Barbara: Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy it.

Hollie: Thanks, Hollie!

Nadinoo: Thanks so much, Nadia! It was Tommy who inspired me to buy a film camera, but the one I used here (Canon A-1) wasn't too expensive! I got it for $150 USD, which is peanuts compared to how much some digital cameras cost. But then the cost of film does add up!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Thanks so much! Now I wish I had used the stripes shirt officially, but at the time I wasn't sure if it fit.

Elena: Thank you! It was a good day. I wonder how it would have been had I been home! Those tarts were so amazing. I ate way too many.

jackie: Haha, thanks!

hellojen: Thanks, Jen! Hey, we'll have to grab coffee when I get back from Portland (things are a little bananas right now, although you sound pretty busy with school).

heleen: Oh I love that you see that! No, where I was was pretty tropical, although that particular day was cloudy and rainy at times. It's not often I'm surrounded by palm trees! Thank you.

Sarah: It was a bit difficult, because when you have 36 photos 10 doesn't seem like a whole lot! Thank you!

Ella: Oh yes, summer is wonderful! I do love fall, which we have here now, but I'm dreading winter. I think the bone colour shoes will be lovely! I wear mine often (although I don't recommend them for walking on sand, ha).

Marinka: Thank you! Yes, I like the blue tones as well -- soothing!

Hannah: As am I! I was so happy to encounter two cats that day. It seemed important to capture cats on film!

Dianne: Thanks so much!

pia: Thank you so much, Pia! That wave was truly tremendous! It doesn't give a sense of scale but it was taller that most buildings, just enormous and dramatic. I'm so thankful to have been a part of the project!

lavelle: It was! It's made me smile for days thinking about it.

Jane Flanagan: Yeah, I'm second guessing a few of them, but oh well! I had to lay them all out and say, okay, one cat, one cobblestones, one water, etc. Ha!

amy w - over and under: Thanks! And yes, it's a great bag, very sturdy and strong too!

Jenny: Thank you, so sweet of you to say!

Joanna Goddard: Thanks so much!


  1. Hi ! Just found you at 101010 project...your portuguese name got my attention. Just wanted to say : cool blog ! :)

  2. WOnderful! i love them all! especially the gold leaf necklace :)

  3. i always love looking at your posts; such eye candy. now, if only you were paid to blog so we could have multiple posts a day...

  4. This looks amazing! I love the shuttlecocks and those necklaces... must find time to venture down there soon!

  5. Beautiful shop!!
    I'm daydreaming about owning one someday..

  6. lovely photos anabela!
    I really want to visit this store. It feels very canadiana, and I am feeling very canadiana lately with the coming of the cold weather.

    balloon king is gone?!?!?!?! WHAT?!

  7. That store looks gorgeous! But, Balloon King is gone? Oh no - where else will I get weird seasonal paper vests, cheap party supplies, parachute men, and discounted fireworks? I loved that quiet store packed full of loud fun time accessories. Sad!

  8. this is great, anabela.

    and i didn't realize balloon king was gone! i hope you stocked up before closing day, i wish i had!

  9. Oh, it was lovely to browse teh shop with you! Thank you...

  10. I keep meaning to make a trip to the junction to check out all of these shops, but I haven't yet. I need to get off my ass.

  11. junction was our old stomping grounds, i can't believe how wonderful it is becoming!

  12. what a gorgeous shop! I love the simple way things are priced.... so lovely.

  13. what a lovely shop!! there's pretty stuff over there !

  14. oh wow. do you know anything about the necklaces in the last picture? i love them!!

  15. those little antiques are really nice :)

  16. I'm looking at this shop and thinking, gosh, I'd be spending waaay too much money in this place :)

  17. oooo, I adore those necklaces! must contact her and score that clover one!

  18. Great post- I love the necklaces in particular!

  19. What a beautiful store. Oh, how I wish I could visit!

  20. What a beautiful store! Can't wait to check it out next time I'm in town. And Balloon King is closed?! Nooooo!!! I never even had a chance to go!!

  21. Yay Junction! Lovely photos of the shop!