scout & catalogue

I recently came across Scout & Catalogue (not sure how I missed this one) and I am pretty crushed out. I love Bre's aesthetic, her use of scavenged materials to create beautiful new products, and her blog. Plus she's currently based in Toronto but influenced by life in Mexico, which is pretty amazing.

(Images via Scout & Catalogue)


nath, 42 things, EvaForeva, nancy : The Sway Report, CARLY WAITO, Ameesha Lee, Hannah, Camila, Lexie, Little Boat: Thanks for the sweet comments! I know Geoff appreciated them.

danielle and dinosaur toes: Oh, that's interesting! Geoff's grandfather was an architect and so I think his drafting skills are in the gene pool. Geoff pretty much started drawing kittens just to make me laugh, so it's nice that he still does it!

Miss Crowland: That sounds like a good idea and you should do it!

ghp: xoxoxoxoxoxox!


  1. I love, love these pictures and styling!

  2. She has a really beautiful blog!

  3. this blog is wonderful! thankyou for the tip off! xx

  4. so lovely...the white "papel picado" from Mexico hanging above the window is perfect.

  5. Beautiful photos. Disco balls on the windowsill...what a great and simple idea.

  6. those are really nice, Thanks for sharing, I am looking forward to reading her blog :)

  7. I've been dreaming about her Wanderer scarves for awhile now. My etsy shopping list is getting long.