this is where i live: guest post by kate miss of for me, for you

Earlier this year I took pictures for a guest post for Kate of For Me, For You, and I enjoyed doing it so much that it made me feel better about approaching others to guest post for me.  Everything Kate touches is so perfect, and these pictures of her oh-so-cozy looking home (taken with her Canon A-1, which is the film camera I love best of all) are no exception. I think it would be so fun to visit Kate in New York! One day soon, I hope. Anabela

Hello! I'm Kate and I blog at For Me, For You. I live in Long Island City in NYC, which is a neighborhood on the edge of Queens with beautiful views of the city. My boyfriend and I have lived in our apartment for a year now, and in that time I think I've rearranged all of the furniture 15 times. When I was a kid my dad would rearrange our house once every few months, so he just passed the addiction on to me. I like change. A lot.

Thanks for having me, Anabela!

My favorite part of my apartment. The most obsessively rearranged part.

My "studio" where I make jewelry. I recently put a little section of magnetic paint up for an inspiration board. That's my kindergarten photo on the left. Nice hair.

Little treasures I move around the apartment often.

Wendy's favorite basking spot.

My favorite lazy spot. I used to work for DwellStudio so I'm lucky enough to have lovely bedding. The dresser is an Ikea hack I did.

Wendy and I have a shared love of shoes. I like to wear them, she likes to hug them. These are my favorite pairs: simple and neutral.

A spot for belts, jewelry, and whatever else my tiny closet cannot hold, like a good backpack.

Thank you, Kate!


  1. Kate's style is so incredible - I love it down to every last detail. And I love that the details are what she focuses on.

  2. katie is great! i always get excited to read about her. i love the style of their place and i am also a rearrangeaholic so i get that.

  3. The photo of Wendy + the shoes is so awesome. Kate has a great eye.

  4. sooo homey!! love the ikea dresser....

  5. Is that a little green/yellow vase in the window sill? Is it from Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, CA?

  6. heavenly. thanks sweet anabela for inviting the marvelous miss miss to guest-post! xo.