this is where i live: guest post by reanna of reanna time

I came across Reanna's blog, Reanna Time, in a funny way: in February of this year Geoff traveled to Heidelberg for a colloquium, and while there he spent a bit of time with a lovely couple named Georg & Angela. It turned out that Angela was originally from Canada, and she told Geoff about her friend Reanna's blog. He told me about it when he got back, and I loved it immediately. She has a great eye for photography and design, and she is so, so funny  I think all of this is evident from this post. She brings some much-needed dog representation to this blog, and I am so jealous of her shoe collection (I love patent peach, too!). Spoiler alert: there will be a few sneak peeks at shoe collections this week. I think that is a whole other series in the making. I asked her to tell me a little bit about her home & her work as well. Enjoy!  Anabela

I moved to Montreal about 4 years ago from Vancouver, so at times my heart is still in the west coast. I live in a small apartment in an area called the Mile End with my boyfriend, Adrian and our dog Mick. We live in a what could be best described as Melrose Place but without the drama. We know all our neighbors! One of Adrian's best friends lives in the apartment above us and sometimes we have building brunches with all our friends. Getting a cup of sugar in these parts has never been so easy.

I am an art director. I pretty much got my start in editorial and worked for national magazines until recently. Now I am making things pretty in the fashion industry – from art directing photo shoots, creating unique window installations, web, branding... you name it. Working in fashion is great because you always need to be ahead of the curve. It keeps you creative. The only drawback is not being able to come into the office in sweat pants (unless they are Alexander Wang, of course). And I get to work with amazing photographers all the time... so very inspiring!

A girl can't have too many computers, right? I might have a slight addiction to Apple and I'm not talking about the fruit. Blogging away from home is where it's at. I'm always on the go and do my best work when I'm not at home (or work) with my laptop in tow.

I have a big mood board next to my desk covered with inspirational imagery to keep me creative. I switch it up often and I love the Polaroid of me in Hawaii. It reminds me of the Pacific Ocean and smelling like gardenia blossoms. Sigh...

These are details of my mood board.

The first one is photos of a drawing the illustrator/blogger/photographer/superstar Garance Doré sketched for her first trip Australia and a lucky fortune from a cookie I picked up in Vancouver's Chinatown. This is the board’s auspicious corner! I am hoping by talents will be rewarded on an Australian beach. The second represents wise words I live by: Science is hard. Let's design.

My darling pug Mick asking me if he can eat all the apples we picked up at Jean Talon Market over the weekend. He'll eat just about anything.

My bedroom dresser: with my favorite photo by Luke Stephenson (White and Grey Canary #1) along with a piece of drift wood I found washed up on a Vancouver Island beach, a koi fish necklace (a gift from my BFF back home) and a pair of patent peach leather shoes. Yes, patent peach. I love them!

Just a few of my shoes. The other 900 pairs are overflowing in my closet. I'm not exactly a high heel kind of girl and it would appear my collection of shoes is growing exponentially. My favorite are the cream and olive-green brogues I bought in Argentina a few years ago. I'm convinced the Argentines are light years ahead in fashion.

A pot of rosemary and lavender next to my kitchen widow with a few decorative plates and a bottle of Christian Lacroix Evian. So fancy!

I love my Rad Pig print – it's an Etsy purchase. And my vintage bowling pin I found at a rummage sale over the summer. These sit next to my desk. It's funny because I am a West Coast girl living in the East, I can't shake my surfer dude expressions like, "Rad!" and "Totally!". This little pig reminds me of my roots.

I collect magazines. I can't get enough of them. So my bookshelf is brimming with back issues of Lula, Dwell, Pop, Interview and Monocle amongst other indie publications. The three represents a number dear to my heart. The birdhouse is something I picked up in a small boutique called Eugene Choo. It sits on a few hilarious books like Ants Have Sex in Your Beer by David Shrigley and a David Sedaris novel.

Mick spends the weekend mornings sleeping in my office chair. He likes to be close to the action. Sometimes when I'm on the computer he pretends to type on my keyboard while he sits on my lap. I swear he's a little man in a dog suit.

Where the magic happens! This is my desk tucked away in a small corner of my living room.

I have a million note books for making a million lists. I love the clean, simple, utilitarian Japanese design of Muji. Every time I'm in New York I pop in and buy my weight in stationery.

Oh look! More note books! Funny that. This one is from the Korean designers O-Check (a birthday gift from a dear friend).

A bunch of ruby red Dahlias I purchased from a local farmer at the Atwater Market. Fresh flowers are a must. Somehow they make everything better.

"A man's got to take a lot of punishment to write a really funny book." Pencils with a message... the updated HB.

Whenever I find an interesting photo or illustration I pin it up to a magnetic board above my desk. This is a photo of my grandparents in France. I love this photo because my grandma looks so happy and young and I am pretty sure it's the only photo of my grandfather smiling. The other is a postcard I picked up in Australia by Tin & Ed.

Thanks, Reanna!


  1. So fun! Yay, dogs! I love pugs.
    I was in the Mile End just yesterday, I just live a couple of streets north of that area :)

  2. She has won a new reader!! Love-love-love everything here!

  3. wow. i want to see more! i love her style, and it makes me want to re-think my own!

  4. What a beautiful little insight. Thank you for sharing! As for Muji, I know exactly what you mean - their stuff is great. I own more notebooks than anyone could ever fill, but always buy one when I want to start something new!

  5. I have the same fortune tacked to MY bulletin board. IRONY.

  6. I would just love to see some snapshots of the rest of your shoe collection. These are adorable!


    Dreaming of Palm Trees

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    I love idea of pencils with quotes.

  8. I absoloutley love that science is hard, lets design print! i looked it up myself and i'm considering buying it, it's amazing! And I love the pencil quotes too.

    Absoloutley love this one, and love her blog too! :)

  9. Anonymous4.10.10

    nice place, thanks for sharing!

  10. your pug is adorable! i am a fellow pug lover as well, though my pug's name is petunia :)

  11. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. I'm blushing :) This was such a fun project. Hugs to Anabela for including me! P.S. Mick (the pug) Jagger says hi and is taking autographs and asks for people to send him bones and tennis balls. xo

  12. I adore this tour and am so happy to know this blog!!

  13. Love this home (and the photos). Off to check out Reanna's blog...

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