warby parker

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on the guest posts last week! I am so, so grateful to Reanna, Kate, Siri, and Julia for taking the time to compose those posts & for sharing their lovely homes. I have been back from my trip since Monday and I will have pictures to share soon. I polished off seven rolls, which is actually kind of crazy and obsessive. Mostly I wanted to show Geoff what I was seeing.

When I got back I had a package waiting for me -- my new glasses! I'm sure that if you read many blogs regularly you are probably tired of hearing about ye olde Warby Parks, but after updating my prescription, I was eager to give them a try. As you may know, the glasses are $95 USD with prescription lenses and shipping included (unless you are like me and have a strong prescription, in which case ultra thin high index lenses are $30 extra). They also donate a pair for every pair sold. My order was straightforward, but all correspondence that I had with the company was exceptional.

They don't yet ship internationally but if you happen to have a kind and generous friend in the United States (thank you, Annie!), he or she can help you out. These arrived within a week and a half of my order.

I chose the Fillmore frame in "Revolver Black" because I figured that the shape would work on my square-shaped face (I see that they have now added a "Shop by Face Shape" option, which is helpful -- I think the square face is the hardest to flatter!). I was a little worried about the colour and the fit, but I needn't have worried. I didn't have to have them adjusted, the lenses don't look thick (I am -5.25 in both eyes), and I like the colour. I first heard of Warby Parker through Kate, who has quite possibly earned herself a lifetime supply of glasses. She has the same frames in a different colour, but I think they look pretty different on her. So thank you to Kate & her impeccable taste! I love these glasses!

I can see myself wearing these every day, which is fanstastic as I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 13 and my eyes could use a break. I don't feel comfortable wearing my Cutler & Gross glasses on a daily basis, although I do like them. They just don't feel completely right.

Now, to get a pair of prescription sunglasses so that I don't have to ride my bike westward after work while squinting.

Glasses inspiration:
-Diane Keaton in Finding Mr Goodbar
-Miss Pandora
-I have always loved the glasses that Christine wears for reading in Bed and Board
-La fée always looks beautiful in her glasses
-and of course, The Man Repeller's post on "Birth Control Glasses" or "BCG"


kenzie, Annie, stephanie renee, Mon Petit Lapin, Stephanie, alyson, Jane Flanagan, jlee, Elle, Jessica, Summer, sn, sara, Lydia, Kellie W., Concha, Bethany Kellen, Hello Lindello, Bantik, abby try again, lavelle, erin, m.bardeaux, Victoire, schorlemädchen, sya, hiven: Thank you all so, so much! Your comments were such a delight to read when I got back. I'm so touched. Thank you. There is nothing more personal than one's home so it's nice that you have such kind things to say!

tara-lynn: Thanks for giving me the idea! I'm so glad you liked them! I hope you can visit soon!

Reanna: Kitten soft! Aw! Yeah! Thank you!

Susan: I asked Geoff (official shelf-hanger around our place), and he said "Luck!" He also said that he just tries to attach them to the wooden posts. This isn't very helpful, but good luck!

Maggie: That was a lucky find! I happened to be at Lowe's and they were highly discounted -- I think someone had ordered them and returned them. It was an incorrect order or something. I had to get them as the regular price is over $100 a roll! Thank you!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Haha! I just throw things up at random, seriously. Carly Waito is such a great talent, I agree!

NN: I got them from sweetshorn: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetshorn

Hannah: That is so sweet of you to say. I've lived in basements before! I think it's a rite of passage. And luckily these days it's so easy to find affordable art! Good luck to you!

Juli: Thanks so much, Juli. I couldn't believe that poster -- from Value Village?! Isn't that crazy? I thought of you guys immediately!

ghp: Thanks, baby!

Bridget: Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you mentioned both Robber and Proudest Pony, and I'm so glad you're happy with your haircut! Yay for local businesses! (I'm always terrified giving personal recommendations like that). Thank you!

erica-knits: Thanks, Erica! That means a lot especially since you've seen it in person!

whateverscoolwithme: Sure! They're from sweetshorn: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetshorn

Rizie: Thank you so much! Haha, wouldn't that be funny! Duff Grove 4ever!

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Thanks, lady! I hope you can come over one day. can you believe that lamp was only $20? It's one of my favourite things. I'm so glad you like that picture! And yes! I am a huge fan of the picture rail! Oh and I spraypainted those sconces. One of the first things I did in this apartment. They were pewter or something before. Matte silver or whatever. I don't like that.

t a n y a: Thank you, Tanya! About the typewriter: we found it at Value Village (with the case) for $10! It works but it needs new ribbon. We really only have it for display, but I'd love to get some use out of it. Love Italian typewriters (this one is Olivetti).

marissa (stylebook): Haha, sure, why not? We have extra space!


  1. i love them. and thanks for the introduction to The Man Repeller... hilarious!

  2. yay!! they look SO amazing on you. It's funny because the girl who models them on their website isn't exactly the right face shape for them, so when they came I was surprised how much smaller and less "risky" they seemed, which was kind of a relief because I was nervous about them being too crazy looking. They're super comfy too, right?

    I just want to shout my love for Warby Parker from the rooftops.

  3. Those glasses look great, the thick frames look lovely.
    I don't really like wearing glasses (I wear contacts most days) but I wanted some silver cat-eye ones (I'd probably like wearing glasses then). The only problem is that the lenses would be really thick, plus Boots haven't got a great selection for retro frames.

  4. ok, I have to say that the first thing that amazed me was the price. 95$?? That's cheap!!
    I have more or less the same prescription than you and the lenses alone cost more than the whole set of warby parker's glasses+frames altogether.
    I would be a little sad/mad if I didn't really love my newly bought Chloe frames. :D
    But I'm definitely considering a pair of these in a next time!

  5. Just. So. Lovely.

    I've been stalking the Warby Parker site for a while just wishing they'd send internationally. Sigh.

  6. The glasses look great on you! I've been wanting to get a pair of Warby Parker's as well, but glasses almost always look terrible on me, specially vintage style frames. I usually have to try on every pair at the optometrist before I find one that looks decent. Like you, I've been wearing contacts since I was 13 and my eyes are begging for a break.

  7. Anonymous14.10.10

    what a great pair of glasses they look wonderful on you...I got Oliver Peoples this year but I am thinking of getting a nice pair of sunglasses so maybe I should ... : )
    And this Apartamento issue is such so great, isn't it...

  8. love your new glasses...they really suit the composition of your face. christine from bed and board is also one of my glasses inspirations...along with anna karina in anna :)

  9. So gorgeous lady! They look wonderful on you! I need some new spectacles myself, so I'll have to check these out :D

  10. Oh man those frames look so good on you! I'm still searching for a pair that doesn't make me wanna die...finding glasses that don't overwhelm a small face is so frustrating! I tried contacts but they made me want to scratch my eyes out, for reals. So for now I just squint--hard.

  11. they look so good on you! i have secretly always wanted glasses since i was a kid. my mom use to buy me fake ones when i was younger :)

  12. glasses look very very lovely!

  13. You know, I really like these glasses on you. It's a pretty edgy style but they suit you so well (in a natural way, not an omg those are crazay glasses kind of way).

  14. effff. they look soooooo soooo soooo good.
    so good.
    that's it.
    i need to get these glasses!

  15. new glasses are so exciting. I think that the frames are super flattering. I may look into Warby Parker for my next pair. It just seems like it might unnerve me to buy glasses without trying them on first.

  16. those look awesome! you are making me so jealous that mine didn't work out.

  17. those glasses are really cute ^^

  18. Anabela, these are beautiful and they look great on you! WP is the best! Isn't it ironic that when companies put customer service and good-doing first, the profit just happens to multiply. Unfortunately not every company realizes that :-)
    I am looking forward to your new photos!
    xoxo, Jenya

  19. i love these ones on you!

  20. the glasses remind me of diane keaton in annie hall too, which of course is amazing!