worn fashion journal

I got the new issue of Worn this weekend, and it's such a good one: vintage glasses, the evolution of stewardess dress, an interview with Grant Heaps. I love a fashion magazine with a good brain & with integrity!

Although it has nothing to do with me, I couldn't help but smile when I saw this fashion spread (which features a real zebra, by the way), vain little narcissist that I am.

I got my copy at Robber but Worn is available all over, luckily!


the mini meow

Here is a peek at our collaboration with Sonja Ahlers! We call it "The Mini Meow." Learn how to say "meow" in Japan and Iceland, France and Denmark, and more. This tote is slightly smaller than our other totes (13" x 13"), or kid-sized! It will be in the shop soon (and don't forget to use the code THANKYOU for 20% off your order this weekend, from now until Monday).

We're happy to finally offer something for the under 12 crowd and we're jokingly calling it our "Fieldguided Mini" line.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and thank you for your support this week (and always!). xoxo


shop talk

Geoff and I have been keeping busy getting things made for our shops (here and here). It seems that our participation in Little Winter was just the beginning for us, and our production cannot keep up with our ideas. A good thing!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far. We would like to offer a discount code for both of our shops: starting tomorrow at 10AM EST and through Monday, please enter the code THANKYOU at checkout for a 20% discount (applied prior to shipping costs).  If you were thinking of gift-giving, please keep in mind that those pesky mailing cut-off dates for the holidays quickly approach. Of course, the idea of one of our items chosen as a gift is so wonderful. Everything we make is made with care & love, and every purchase means more to us than you will ever know.

We will have a limited quantity of the Thunder totes available tomorrow.  The totes this time around are made of a slightly more lightweight unbleached organic cotton and feature cotton webbing straps.

We will also have neckties, including the Debonair and some Liberty cotton lawn neckties that were left over from Little Winter.

And of course, calendars! Pony is the worst assistant ever!

A really exciting collaboration in the works: Fieldguided X Sonja Ahlers. Here is a sneak peek.

It's truly an amazing thing to work with an artist I have admired for so long.

I'm going to be helping Sonja out at the One of a Kind this Friday. She left this bunny print for us, from one of her sessions with Carly. So sweet. 

And speaking of sweet gifts, last night I came home to find this Comet necklace from Big Tinsel in my mailbox. It's really beautiful! Thank you, Maria.


lovely little shop giveaway winner & robber for fall

Thank you for entering the Lovely Little Shop giveaway, and thank you to Chelsea for providing a pretty necklace for one of you. The winner is Anna! Congratulations, Anna!

A couple of weeks ago my friends at Robber organized this photoshoot in the park with the adorable Sam and Annie as models. I wanted to share them here because even though these pictures weren't taken too long ago, a lot of that pretty fall colour is gone! Enjoy it here, folks.

And pssst, this weekend Robber is having a sale: 20% off everything in the store. I've got my eye on you, Species by the Thousands yoga sweatshirt.

Steven Alan rainslicker and reverse seam shirt, Sunja Link unfitted coat, Mini for Many dress panda flannel, Yarn Over Movement Carlington scarf.

F-Troupe plum brogues.

APC Madras check top, Steven Alan Ollie pants, Species by the Thousands monocle necklace.

Steven Alan funnel neck sweatshirt, Rittenhouse straight selvedge jeans, Steven Alan reverse seam corduroy shirt; Minimarket wedge zipper, Built by Wendy Klee floral ruffle dress.

Filippa K Jodie tweed coat, Species by the Thousands yoga sweatshirt.

Photos by Elisa Gonzalez.


take my card

This month marks the first time I've ever had real business cards, the kind that come in a large box with a sample card on top. I really loved the sweet letterpressed business cards that Alyson & Levi made for us, but the more I thought about it, the more special it seemed to have had those only for Little Winter. I managed to keep one in my possession; it will always be a little treasure.

Yesterday Geoff picked up our new business cards, pictured above. I really loved this photograph of the flowers from Becka & Richard, and incorporated it into the design for our shop. Geoff reminded me that the photo was reminiscent of the album cover for New Order's Power, Corruption, & Lies, designed by Peter Saville. I took it as a compliment (even though it was not deliberate). I think this card represents us very nicely.

This leather business card holder by Erin Templeton is one of my favourite things at the moment. When I first saw it at Robber ($20), I thought it was hilarious & amazing and I had to have it; I've really never felt any emotion towards business card holders before. It has such a nice texture and it can be worn as a necklace! How amazing! Perfect for schmoozing, of course (oh I am such a pro at that. Just kidding). Sometimes I wish I had picked up the one in tan-coloured leather, but this one is nice too.

I wore it at Little Winter and it attracted many questions and compliments. I loved flipping it over to show people the gold-stamped "Erin Templeton" on the back.


more from the city of roses, via lc-a+

We only took film cameras to Portland, the Canon A-1 and the LC-A+. This is the last of them, taken with the LC-A+; they're quite different from the Canon A-1 photos I have posted so far. The LC-A+ is not an inexpensive camera (for something considered a "toy camera") but I love what it does. See also Tommy's Lo-Fi Guide to Portland, which was a useful -- and beautiful -- resource for us.

I am such a sucker for painted ads.

More scenes from The Ace, including this mural by Evan B. Harris.

Portland Outdoor Store
We visited after reading about it in Tommy's post. Lots of Filson, Pendleton, Minnetonka, plus western gear.

A nice design shop in downtown Portland. They had lots of amazing things but all we bought was a tiny sunprint kit. We really loved a set of glasses from Mexico that they had for sale, which were the same glasses that were used in the rooms at The Ace.

Food cart frenzy. That's an exaggeration.

When we bumped into Alice at Golden Rule, she suggested we walk over to Una (the first picture in this post, at the very top, was taken at Una as well). It's a lovely shop filled with unique pieces by independent designers, including the most remarkably soft cashmere I have ever seen.

Volkswaffle -- where I got my maple syrup chicken waffle.

Walking across the Burnside bridge.

Clyde Common
Oh, so good. We went here a couple of times, most notably the Saturday after Little Winter. We were too tired to go very far, so it was convenient that this restaurant is attached to The Ace. We had a multi-course dinner with Alice and her friends Christie and Anne (who I realized just the other day are the girls behind Summer Goals, that sweet lil' Tumblr!). We had fideos with sausage and squid ink, some Matilda, I had steak, Geoff had trout with root vegetables, plus butterscotch panna cotta for dessert. I also had a nasturtium, and it was delicious. Best meal ever. So much food. I could go for that exact meal again (I'm one of those people who will eat/try anything but always orders the same thing in a restaurant).

I felt like a stalker when I took this picture but I don't regret it because it's one of my favourites! We walked past Alice who was so involved in her book that she didn't notice us. I think it turned out beautifully. I didn't take too many pictures of people so I'm especially glad that one of the few I got was of her!

Oh how I miss those pots of self-serve French press coffee at Stumptown. Every morning I would amble down after waking up for two cups of that coffee and two muffins, and it was such a nice way to start the day.

Another view of The Cleaners -- love those windows.

Cori Kindred's table.

This is what our table looked like. That canvas never did hang straight! It looks as though we didn't have much, but most of our items were stored under the table in white boxes.

Roses everywhere.

Portland kitty. I was happy to see a lot of cats while walking around more residential neighbourhoods. The funny thing is that most of the cats I saw were black, or black and white.

So many cat books at Kinokuniya.

Tasty & Sons
Megan & Anja took us for lunch here. I can't remember what we had because we chatted through lunch but every last bite, which was served family style, was delicious. I love how Portland has so many restaurants with open kitchens like this. It makes even a large, busy kitchen feel more homey.

A few other things:
-Sarah has some fun guest posts up while she's away, including one by yours truly
-I am completely obsessed with wearing glasses now. Have you seen the Warby Parker for Steven Alan styles? I recently ordered a pair of vintage frames after a post by Kate about MOD Vintage on Etsy and I think I'm going to have them fitted with prescription lenses. I hope it works out.


a lovely little shop giveaway

Today's giveaway is from sweet Chelsea of A Lovely Little Shop, for this peacock ore necklace, "Eyes Are Mosaics." Chelsea makes stunning, cosmic jewelry, influenced by a childhood growing up in a rural area in which her nearest neighbour was three miles away. She would spend her time outdoors with her brothers and sister, digging through streams for quartz and pyrite, climbing trees, and building forts. It sounds like a perfect childhood, and today she works with peacock ore to remind her of her mineral collections. I chose this piece for the giveaway because it reminded me of one of my favourite paintings by Carly, Bornite.

To enter, please visit Chelsea's shop, and leave a comment telling me which one of her pieces is your favourite. I love Lateral Noise myself!

This giveaway is open to everyone. I will select a winner at random on Friday -- good luck!