little winter has come & gone

Little Winter from anja verdugo on Vimeo.

This past weekend was a dream. Little Winter was more beautiful than I could have imagined, the people even lovelier, and Portland the ideal place for this magic to happen. I am so grateful to have been there and to have experienced it all myself. Thank you so much to Abby & Chelsea for coming up with it & creating it, to their incredible team, and to all the vendors. Thank you to everyone who came and who said hello. I love you all. I'm so glad that Geoff & I could be there together -- I would have been a wreck without him.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to find an ATM & to get some Stumptown coffee, and when I walked past The Cleaners at 7AM, I gasped (I had gasped on Wednesday night when we first saw the location, because it was such a pretty venue). The gingham curtains, the fir garland, the candles, the window display, the warmth. They had thought of everything, from the self-serve wrapping station to the programs to the personalized pencils to making sure that the vendors were eating, drinking water, and taking breaks. Even though the purpose of the event was basically to buy and to sell, it didn't feel that way at all. The spirit of it just felt completely different. When someone would hand me money, I was almost surprised. Oh yeah, money! Totally forgot.

I wish I could list everyone that I got to meet, but I don't want to risk forgetting anyone's name or making anyone feel left out. All the vendors were incredible, so kind & amazing. I have to mention a few, though. It was so special to meet Sue and Kristien in person, since they traveled so far just to attend the market. The lovely Jen came to the party the night before and brought me a cute book of cats, which was so thoughtful. I was happy that I got to spend a fair amount of time with Portland locals Megan and Anja, which was nice (Anja made the amazing video above, which you may have already seen -- watch out for my crazed grin and my yellow & grey F-Troupe shoes). They showed us around town on Monday & took us for a great lunch. I love those guys. I am also happy that Geoff & I got to spend a lot of time with Alice. We spent a day wandering around Portland together and she introduced us to some of her sweet friends. We had a few meals together & she helped me out quite a lot with the show. Meeting Alice & all these lovely girls was a highlight of what I can easily say was the best weekend of my year. So many babes!

Geoff & I finished 5 rolls of film on this trip, and on our last day, we had 2 rolls developed at a one-hour lab. I just couldn't wait to see. There are more on Flickr, and I'm picking up some more tonight.

Later I'll share the beautiful things I bought, and I'd like to tell you about Portland itself.

Alyson and Levi of Mossière printed these beautiful cards for us. Geoff drew the little ornament and they letterpressed the design onto thick cardstock. This was a time-for-time trade for the neckties that I made for their lovely wedding this summer. I wish we could have had more time to spend with them and with many of the other vendors. Oh, time.

The red fabric is an antique Canadian flag -- I thought it would be nice to represent, eh? On the second day I made sure that my model, Geoff, was wearing one of these ties. I think they confused some people when they saw them on the table. Luckily he worked it so hard that I sold them all that day! Thanks, baby!

Anja and I have a little cat-things trading club and she brought me this! So adorable! I had to leave it out. 

"Canadian Cheese," just FYI.

Setting up a display when you're traveling and trying not to check too many bags is a huge challenge. We did our best. I'm not thrilled with how our sign looks (I used iron-on transfer paper) -- if I had had more time I would have painted it. Oh well!

Forestbound. The greatest bags ever. Alice also wins for "prettiest hair all weekend."

Jordan & Paul Ferney -- what a great idea. I love that picture of Elly!

Shanna Murray. What a talent. Her logo design (printed onto decals and affixed to the windows all around The Cleaners) was such an integral part of making the event as beautiful as it was.

Hetterson -- so happy to meet darling Hannah in person!

Garment House. I totally wanted to bring Elly home in my pocket, and her sister was also lovely.

Secret Pocket -- you know, I think Kenzie just might be the kindest, most radiant girl on the planet.

Paintings by Amanda Blake, our sweet neighbour.

My House Party (we had some good cat chats)

Herriott Grace. It's a pity Nikole wasn't there, but she sent this table's worth of pretty.

I've had some emails about totes & calendars -- we hope to put what we have left online soon! I will mention it here when we have that ready.


etre-soi: Thank you! I hope you can share them soon. I'm sure Brittany is so, so beautiful.

mara: Congratulations on winning!

Jenny: Thanks so much! I hope you're enjoying Toronto!

stephanie renee: I hope you are ready to see tons of them, ha!

chelsea: You're the best.

catherine: Oh, how wonderful! I'm so glad you like it! I'm also so glad that someone in the southern hemisphere got it and can enjoy it for summer adventures!

ka: Thank you!

Melissa: Ha! Thanks for thinking of me!

elissa @ faucethead: Thank you!

Shin Ae: You're welcome! I can't read baking blogs. They make me crazed with hunger for cake.

Kelli: Oh thank you! Yes, it was so crowded, I think maybe some people didn't even make it to the back. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the market!

Kate: Thank you for saying hello!

Anna: Thanks!

Andrea Frampton: Aw, thanks so much! You know, if you had said hello, I would have happily talked your ear off about cats for about an hour! Thank you for coming and thanks for the kind words. Give Eliot a wee pet for me.

Meow Meow: Thank you!

rachel: Thank you! Oh, no worries, I know it was kind of crazy in there. So glad you came all the way from Seattle!


  1. Anonymous10.11.10

    Aww, such great stuff at Little Winter! I hope I can go to one next year.

  2. Anabela-it was a pleasure having you and Geoff at Little Winter.
    I am thrilled it was a good time for you, I was so worried about the travelling sales people as I know that can be quite rough.
    So a huge thank you for taking all the time and effort to come and be a part of this. It wouldn't have been the same without you two.
    And utterly fabulous photos, my dear.
    Thank you!

  3. uhhmm so pretty, everything looks so so lovely, wish it was closer to me so that I could go too.

  4. omg this looks amazing. so much inspiration to take away from this post!


  5. thanks so much for sharing! i love how evocative your photographs are. i wish boston had something similar, everything looks so thoughtfully put together. congrats to chelsea and abby on pulling it off with such aplomb!

  6. Anabela your stall looks so pretty, well done you! The whole event looks really superb, we totally need to get something like this going thats UK based!

  7. It looks gorgeous - I wish I could have seen it for real! Thanks for sharing the pictures, your stall looks top-notch pretty!

  8. I hope they're doing this again, because I am SO planning a trip to PDX around this next time!

  9. Wow Anabela - love seeing this through your eyes! Fantastic photographs. That wrapping table, again! Saw it earlier when Abby posted some pics. So lovely. Your sign looks great, dont even worry :)
    I hope to explore Little Winter next year! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

  10. The only thing I took away from the Market was one of Geoff's calenders. I am excited for January to come so that I can proudly hang it in my home.

    It was nice to meet you - our exchange was pretty short but nevertheless, lovely to see you in person!

  11. you took the best photos!! dang, if I wasn't so overwhelmed by all the amazingness that was Little Winter, I'd have taken more too!

    and so so SO great meeting you my friend!!

    p.s. I got really confused when I saw the poster "alyson" right before me! for a second I was like, did I already comment?? ;)

  12. your pictures are so great! you are so sweet. Glad we could finally meet in person, that makes everything so special. That geoff is such a keeper, so nice to meet you both!

  13. CANADIAN CHEESE! I didn't even notice that before, soooo good.

  14. Oh my god, Little Winter looks amazing! I bet if I went there I would have been like 'oh my god I have to buy everything!!!' the pictures look amaaaaazing too. Mighty jealous here!

  15. I've been looking forward to your recap of the fair all weekend! Envy doesn't even cover what I feel :) Your table set up is lovely, and I actually really like your Fieldguided sign. My favorite are your letterpress cards. Congratulations on the sales! Can't wait to see your coverage of Portland. Way to go on representing us crafty Canadians :)

  16. pleeeeeease tell me you guys will be selling the Dreamcats calendar online!

  17. wow, everything is just gorgeous and these are such beautiful photos! hoping i can snag one of your awesome totes soon!

  18. Looks fantastic! So happy that you had such an amazing time.
    ps. I am loving my tote!

  19. i would have given anything to go to this! everything looks so beautifully made. your space, in particular, is gorgeously curated, anabela :)

  20. little winter looks SO beautiful! It is so amazing that you were part of it. your photos of the show are stunning anabela!

  21. i am so in love with my tote and calendar, thanks for making the trip out to our fair city of roses! you are a so sweet and charming, such a pleasure showing you and Geoff around town.

  22. Your photos are SO good!!!! I love the one of the wrapping table. OK, I have to say it. Geoff is the sweetest! You've found a good one for sure! So happy to have finally met you both! P.S. I love your moment in that video!

  23. Gosh this was so much fun! It was really awesome meeting you both, you two are an even more stylish/cute couple in person! I still think you should of stuck Geoff with his tie in the window display, haha!

  24. my god i wish i was there so bad... y do i have to live so so far away? everything is so beautiful...

  25. Maaaaan I wish I could have teleported there. Most tasteful craftsfair EVER!

  26. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. I so wish I could've attended. Everything looks so magical and very Pacific Northwest. Its all so inspiring! If you do indeed put the totes & calendars in your shop, I'll have to get one of each!


  27. I don't tell you enough that you have one of the most incredible blogs ever. Every single post you put up is fantastic and inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for adding so much joy to my world!

  28. Wow Anabela, the market looks absolutely amazing. Totally different to any market I've seen before. Everything just fits together so well. The styling is gorgeous. I wish I could have been there.

    Are you selling your lovely dreamcats calendar online? I NEED one.

    Elle x

  29. Everything in this post evoked inspiration within the deepest depths of my soul, so so so wish I could've been there.

  30. this looks great!!! too bad I wasn't there
    great pics!!

  31. Anonymous11.11.10

    MAN, i really wish i could've gone to this!

  32. my head is literally swimming from this post - it always excites and energises me to see how many talented people there are in the world. And I want to buy everything!

  33. long time reader, first time commenter (lame, but i have blog anxiety). but love love your photos of the sale. i was there and snagged one of you tote bags that I have been carrying everywhere the past week. i loved all your canadian details (i'm from vancouver) it was great to see some canadian representation! i should have said hi, but it was so so busy.

  34. this looks like a dream. you took such lovely photos.

  35. Anonymous17.11.10

    What's the lovely song in your video? x Julia