lovely little shop giveaway winner & robber for fall

Thank you for entering the Lovely Little Shop giveaway, and thank you to Chelsea for providing a pretty necklace for one of you. The winner is Anna! Congratulations, Anna!

A couple of weeks ago my friends at Robber organized this photoshoot in the park with the adorable Sam and Annie as models. I wanted to share them here because even though these pictures weren't taken too long ago, a lot of that pretty fall colour is gone! Enjoy it here, folks.

And pssst, this weekend Robber is having a sale: 20% off everything in the store. I've got my eye on you, Species by the Thousands yoga sweatshirt.

Steven Alan rainslicker and reverse seam shirt, Sunja Link unfitted coat, Mini for Many dress panda flannel, Yarn Over Movement Carlington scarf.

F-Troupe plum brogues.

APC Madras check top, Steven Alan Ollie pants, Species by the Thousands monocle necklace.

Steven Alan funnel neck sweatshirt, Rittenhouse straight selvedge jeans, Steven Alan reverse seam corduroy shirt; Minimarket wedge zipper, Built by Wendy Klee floral ruffle dress.

Filippa K Jodie tweed coat, Species by the Thousands yoga sweatshirt.

Photos by Elisa Gonzalez.


erica-knits: Haha! Aw, well there are plenty more where those came from. We ordered tons!

erin jane / atlantic treefox: Thanks, girl!

nice-etc.com / caitlin: Thank you!

marissa (stylebook): Oh man,  I love that album too!

Elle: I love that camera! I actually enjoy it more than my digital camera, and I think it takes nicer pictures (although of course film is less convenient than digital).  I bought it on eBay for about $150, with a 50mm f/1.4 lens (I'd like to get a 85mm lens for it at some point, which would be about $200). I like that it has some auto options. I don't generally like auto settings, but I sometimes like to use manual aperture settings with auto shutter speed. It's nice that the camera gives you a range of options: you can have manual aperture, manual shutter speed, manual for both, auto for one or the other, or fully auto! Focus isn't too bad (I've had some blurry pictures but not nearly as many as when I'm trying to focus my digital lens manually).  I recently bought the Speedlite 199A bounce flash for about $30, which is such a good deal. That's the flash that was made for this camera. It's really heavy but it does really amazing things (this picture was taken with the flash). I don't mind flash in certain situations, but there's also a bulb setting that is pretty good if you have a steady hand. I find this camera really shines with Fujipro film; I buy lots of 5 slightly expired Fujipro on eBay for about $20.  So yeah, I love it! Kate from forme-foryou.com also has this camera. I like pictures I've seen taken with the Canon AE and AE-1 but the A-1 is slightly more advanced and yeah, the option of occasional auto is definitely helpful. Good luck with your search! I hope you find something you love.

Swan: That cat carrier was incredible. A world before plastic everywhere! Amazing.

tara-lynn: I did wear it as a necklace! And thank you for the compliment... and well, you know how I feel about you being completely bummed. xoxoxo to you.

CARLY WAITO: Thanks, Carly! I use that typeface too much these days but it's PERFECT, as far as I'm concerned! In case anyone else happens to read this (?!), even though I emailed you: we had the cards printed at Pixel Print on Dundas!

Ringo, have a banana!: Thanks, buddy!

danielle and dinosaur toes: Thank you! I never have before either. We had Moo cards for a while but those never felt quite real, I'm not sure why. I don't think there's anything wrong with making your own, though! We got a really good deal on these and we'll have them for years, so it wasn't too hard to justify them.

Darcy: Thank you! That's so nice to hear!


  1. Thanks Anabela, that's so helpful! I completely agree with you about film being more enjoyable than digital. My only digital camera is my iPhone!

    My current film SLR is a Yashica TL Electro. It's fully manual but the light meter has recently stopped working. Hence looking for a new vintage SLR. I think the A-1 sounds perfect for me, and I love the photos it takes. I'm beginning the search for the perfect A-1 on eBay now. I'll let you know how I get on!

    Elle x

    PS. Have you seen this video? I thought you might like it! I can't get enough of this cat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XID_W4neJo

  2. oh wow! i never saw that first photo, & how do some people know how to really master the natural make-up... that model is so gorgeous, that helps..
    &helps my knits too...as do the clothes from robber too (of course), feel so lucky to have the carlington included in these...

  3. I can't believe Sam James is a part time model. Hilarious.

  4. i am in love with that first jacket/coat!

  5. i love that yoga sweatshirt, too! so fun!

  6. mmmm. Wish i was in Toronto to do my part and shop til my heart's content at Robber! The trees are beautiful. I've been missing those fall tones over here. Thanks for a little taste of home!

  7. lucky winner!

    the models for this shoot are so so cute! I love everything about this.

  8. The models are so cute together, I love the theme of this shoot and the clothes!

  9. awww..no wins for me..oh wells.
    I have seen these photos before, they almost look like cute engagement photos!
    Sam makes a mean americano!

    Fact or Frequency

  10. Nice post...very cute couple..and must find yoga sweatshirt..although,I don't do it.