more from the city of roses

Some vaguely chronological pictures from Portland that Geoff & I both took.

I should say that we both loved Portland. It's a beautiful city -- the cleanest I have ever seen -- and the people are lovely: friendly, open, warm. The air smells fresh and woodsy, and when we got off the MAX to walk over to the Ace, where we stayed, the trees were covered in twinkle lights. We had perfect fall weather all weekend, not too cold and with hardly any rain. Magic! Yes, I am yet another person to fall under the spell of Portland, Oregon. The city had such good vibes all around that I've been on a happy cloud for a while. I have no idea what it would be like to actually live there but Portland was so good to us, and good for us.

The Ace Hotel
Geoff and I loved our stay at The Ace. A few nights before Little Winter we sat on our bed with some last-minute work listening to records, or watching television.  It felt like we were at home, and I can't think of a better thing to say about a hotel than that. I had looked around at other hotels & the rates at the Ace are incredibly reasonable for downtown Portland -- comparable even to airport hotels, and who wants to stay at an airport hotel when presented with a range of options? The staff was so friendly & helpful, and the Stumptown Coffee situated off the lobby was perfect. I loved all the details in our room, from the canvas covering the tissue box to the clamp task lights (I want some for our apartment). It was so nice to stay in a place that wasn't just generically okay, but well thought out.

Golden Rule
A while ago Anja posted pictures from a space called Golden Rule, and I was pretty amped to visit.  The owner, Wynde, was getting ready for an art opening that night but spent a lot of time talking to us (hilariously enough, we bumped into Alice while we were there, and she scored some really nice jewelry and vintage silk blouses).  It is such a beautiful shop. The other day I watched about ten of the store's Home Shopping videos in a row and just sat there cracking up (and wishing I could go back with hundreds of dollars in my pockets -- the clothing and the objects for sale are so good).

The art on display this month includes drawings & etchings by Lynn Yarne, and it is impressive.  I'm glad we got to see it.

Stand Up Comedy and Nationale, just two of the great shops in this particular complex at 811 E. Burnside. I was really taken by that light fixture setup in Stand Up Comedy. It's simple but it's so striking. We also really enjoyed visiting Sword + Fern a couple of doors down.

Just down the street from 811 E. Burnside is a food cart called Volkswaffle. I had the chicken waffle with maple syrup, and it was delicious. I hope I ate some vegetables later that day. Oh man, the food in Portland, the food! Abundant and inexpensive and always sensational.

More from Little Winter. Kraft paper was used to great effect at the show. Our tables were covered with it, as were the sandwich boards outside.


Frances May
Frances May was one of the first places we visited, since I had known about it for a few years. Impeccable. Oh the pain of unrequited love! At least I was able to make a small purchase there (the OLO perfume I mentioned a few posts back, Victory Wolf).

Pretty terraria in the Ace Hotel lobby.

On Monday, after lunch with Megan and Anja, we wandered up to North Mississippi Avenue. Flutter was a sweet shop filled with all sorts of vintage and new treasures.  I bought a cool crystal garden there.

Geoff took these last two as we waited for the MAX to take us to the airport. There was light rain at the time and the light was so, so beautiful. I cried a little bit once we got on the train. I admit it.

REPLIES: portland loot

Caroline: Isn't that pouch amazing? I just love it. Richard & Becka are so lovely! We only got to chat for a few minutes but I'm so glad we did (even though I really needed to brush my teeth at the time). I'm glad you had a good visit with them!

Verhext: Thank you! I love film!

Ella: Thank you so much!

kenzie: You probably smelled the perfume on Alice... it's subtle, but so nice! I wish I had picked up even more things at the market, I certainly felt the greed kicking up!

alice: I didn't know either! I'm glad I was able to share my knowledge with you. And lucky you! That is so sweet of your dad. I can't wait to make something out of the Daily Sewing Book!

Ella: So sweet, thank you!

Rizie: Oh man, seriously, it's so good. A local shop may start carrying the line very soon if it all works out (just FYI!). I'm so amped! Campfire in a bottle! I'll never run out!

Patricia Ann: Yes! You will love it! It's such a great place to visit. That "Winter Kitty" perfume is so intriguing! I wish I could smell it through the screen. Thank you for passing it along. I'll have to add it to my wish list!

m.bardeaux: A girl who wears a sweet tits necklace is a girl who doesn't care about a bit of tarnish, you know? She embraces tarnish. Just sayin'! I love it, thank you so much (I'm wearing it now!).

erica-knits: Thanks, buddy! The pouch IS amazing, I'll have it forever. Thanks so much! The Little Winter ladies really did an incredible job and I've been on a high since.

Kennedy: For sure! I love it.

sunshine by sara: Ooh, I bet, it's such a great city! I know, I'm a little overwhelmed by all the book recommendations! I don't have anything against children's books, it's just that since I don't really have children in my life I'm rarely compelled to visit the children's book sections. Ha!

Hello Lindello: I sure did score some amazing things, I'm so happy about that! I think Nationale added The Whale to the online shop. The drawings are incredible but the narrative is a bit sad (which is not a bad thing).

danielle and dinosaur toes: Thanks! Haha, in my rush to be self-deprecating I didn't really mention that they got to stay in our apartment for free (they were visiting from Vancouver) instead of getting a hotel room... so the flowers & gifts were for that. But still! I wasn't expecting anything at all, so it was so nice of them.

hila: They are beautiful mittens!

Mallory: You're welcome -- thank you for inviting me to Book Week! Oh yes, I felt the greedy pretty object lust pretty strongly all weekend! There are so many things I didn't get to buy and that I keep thinking about!

Gina: Thank you! Yes, go internets indeed!

Ringo, have a banana!: Dude, seriously. The bus drivers here are so grumpy that you don't even want to make eye contact with them. We had one slightly harried bus driver in Portland but the others were so chill and friendly and seemed to be happy to be driving their buses! It was nuts. Geoff said they all but thanked us for coming aboard the bus.

carol c: Oh, great, I'm so happy I could help! I wish we had one here.

becka: Thanks again, lovely lady! I can't wait to hear all about your epic journey.

Ponytail Girl (a.k.a. Linh): Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you to say!

jessica: It really was so beautiful. I can hardly believe it!

eri: Oh wow, that makes me so excited for the arrival of my bottle of Nationale! I can't wait. The Victory Wolf makes me so dang happy when I sniff it on myself.

olofragrance@gmail.com: Hi, Heather! Thanks so much for making amazing perfume! I'm happy that so many people seem to be so into it, because I can't get enough of it myself!

lavelle: Thank you! I still have more pictures to post, haha! Little Winter overload!

Sarah: Nice!

Megan: Hey, that's awesome! I love IGWT. So genius. I remember trying to use an etching tool like that when I was a kid so I just love these necklaces. They're nostalgic for me!

REPLIES: shop update, 6 PM EST

Thank you to everyone for supporting our little shop! We love you!

Ella: Aw, thank you so much!

michelle/nft: Thank you!

Erica: It sold out fast! To be honest we only had two left!

Jane Flanagan: Thank you, Jane!!

Ella: And thank you for that! But don't worry, we will have more very soon (I hope within the next two weeks).

aab: Thanks so much!

Darcy: Ahh! We will have more very, very soon! Within two weeks, I hope!

fraisedesbois: Catherine, you are too kind! Thank you for the purchase! I love it when my friends tell me about their cats! I hope you will love your calendar.

oona b: Oh wow, thank you! I hope she loves it. Geoff did such a nice job drawing those sweet little kittens!

hannah and landon: Aw, thanks, babe!


  1. wow. it's so fun to see my city through a visitor's eyes. these are such gorgeous pics.

  2. Awesome roundup of awesome places in town! Nice work. The terrarium photos and the one from Golden Rule of the window of crystals are my faves!!

  3. i love "vaguely chronological"

    and of course the photos are beautiful as always! i wish i had just even 1/10th of your talent with the camera <3

  4. Ah! I too have fallen under the Portland spell. I know what you mean with the crying. I am counting the days until I can go back! Your photos are lovely, and they capture the city well.

  5. very beautiful pics! i especially like the second last one, of the very soft sunset. i'm glad you had a nice trip!

  6. Anonymous15.11.10

    I stayed at The Ace Hotel in Portland recently and LOVED it. I want my dream house to have a lot of the simple details the hotel does- like the library card file upstairs (don't know if you noticed it)! Also, FLUTTER is awesome!
    Wish I could have made it to Little Winter!!! It looks like it was dreamy...

  7. oh my gosh. our next trip to the states must inculude a trip through portland. these photos are lovely and i've always heard such good things about that city.

  8. Ever since I first visited Portland I have been in love with it. The first trip we stayed in a huge old house that had chickens and a peach tree in the backyard and I was sold. I've been back many times since and never get over how much there is to do there and how nice everybody is! We also ate at Volkswaffle this time around. They were blasting Fugazi at 1AM and we couldn't resist. I always leave looking forward to my next trip. I'm glad it was sweet to you on your first visit there!

  9. I'm so glad you had an amazing time! I have been loving your pictures from Little Winter and around Portland. I have to find a way to visit that city some day. It seems like a really wonderful place.

  10. Seeing all these posts from Little Winter participants only fuels my desire to visit Portland! These pictures are lovely, the chicken maple syrup waffle sounds bafflingly good. I'm glad you loved it there so much, maybe one day I'll get to photograph it too

  11. aw, of course you know i live in portland and this post made me fal in love with it allover again!

  12. I would love to visit Portland, it looks incredible xx

  13. Anonymous15.11.10

    Love that crystal photos. It makes me miss Portland



  14. such nice photos! come back!

  15. Your photographs are beautiful. I very much want to visit Portland!

  16. So glad you loved Portland! It's a beautiful, special place with amazing people. Every time I go to visit my family I seriously wonder why I don't live there any more...

    P.S. you are right about the food: always wonderful, fresh and fantastic. We take food seriously!

  17. those are beautiful shots of the city..I would have never thought of a chicken waffle before your post ^^

  18. Awe! It was so nice to meet you both, and thanks so much for including us in this lovely write-up (and for the nod to our Home Shopping Videos!). Next time you come back to town everything is 20% for you! Sincerely, Wynde Dyer / Golden Rule

  19. Oh what a wonderful guide

  20. as if I wasn't already desperate to have an adventure on Portland, you have made it look so amazing. I want to go! Ahh, adventures in pretty. A friend and I keep asking ourselves, why does everything good happen in Portland?! And why are we NOT THERE! xx

  21. Anonymous16.11.10

    Thank you! You've just made a wonderful little travel guide to Portland, can't wait to go someday and use this list!

  22. aww, so glad you got intoxicated with the portland spell! We'll be here waiting for you two to come back :)

  23. Thanks again for the sweet mentions, Anabela. And as promised we did add The Whale and moon calendars (more on their way) to our website, along all the OLO scents. Canada is on its way to smelling so lovely!
    See you again soon I hope.... May/Nationale

  24. ohhh you make me want to go back! I've been to Portland three times now and have stayed at the Ace each time. ADORE it!! Beautiful photos and love the descriptions to go along with it. Thank you so much for posting, I really enjoyed it. Really is a beautiful place to be.



  25. Portland is the best! As you know (I think), I did my undergrad there and so lived there for five years. That city is amazing and will always hold a special place in my heart. Don't tell Toronto, but I would move to Portland in a heartbeat. If you go again, you must explore the environs outside of the city--they are almost as good as P-town itself, and the fact that one hour in any direction is the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen is only one of the compelling reasons to visit/devise a place to live there forever!

  26. I'm so glad that you got to visit so many great shops on such a brief trip. It was nice to meet you in the cat-obsessed flesh, lady! Stay longer next time? xo

  27. I'm keeping note of your post so I can reference it when I visit Portland someday (hopefully soon!)

  28. simply gorgeous photos!