portland loot

When Geoff and I were making lists of places to visit in Portland, I was a little worried. It seemed that there were so many shops that stocked the sorts of things I love the most (and we were right about that). It was really difficult to buy nothing, so we did buy some really nice things. We also brought home a couple of things I consider to be photo gifts: a Polaroid that Jordan Ferney took of our display, and a set of photo booth pictures from the Ace.

We visited Nationale and I got this cool moon calendar. Because I just like calendars, I also got one of Mossière's "Flora and Fauna Identification of the Pacific Northwest" calendars at Little Winter. I had seen it online but it's even prettier in person. Plus it's a nice souvenir of my first trip to the Pacific Northwest.

I think Alice's new cotton totes are pretty great. One of these days I will get one of her handmade bags, but for now, this will do.

I did get one of the Forestbound leather pouches. Buried deep in her sold items is the canvas & lace pouch I bought from her two years ago, and I've carried it around with me since then (I like having little pouches to store smaller things in my totes). It's nice to have an upgrade to reflect her newer work, and the leather is incredible. I'll treasure this one forever.

On Sunday morning Little Winter didn't start until 11AM so we took a trip to Powell's. We got some great remainders and Geoff picked up a couple of zines by Aidan Koch, a local artist he has admired for a while. Later he went to Reading Frenzy where he picked up her book The Whale. I always love seeing what Geoff picks out when we allow ourselves to do a little shopping.

I feel so lucky to have a pair of Garment House's Mora mittens. These are amazingly soft and they came in handy when we arrived back in Toronto. They're really beautiful to look at!

I was happy to discover OLO Fragrance, a Portland company. I first saw these little bottles at Frances May and then later at Nationale as well. One of the perfumes got onto my hands at Frances May and proceeded to drive me crazy the rest of the day (until it eventually washed away) -- it just smelled so good. After a few Little Winter sales I ran over to Frances May and picked one out. I chose "Victory Wolf," which is described as "inspired by men we love, with notes of cedarwood, tobacco, and cade." I picked a good one. I love it. I hope to order the Nationale 6/7 fragrance online soon. I really loved it but couldn't get back to Nationale before we left (as it's the store's signature scent, it is only sold through that store. I think that's fancy and nice). Alice was wearing it on Sunday and yeah, it was amazing. I really recommend this line! It's not the overpowering stuff some fragrance can be, and it's affordable (about $30-40 a bottle, which will last a long time). Someone in Toronto should carry it (hint, hint).

We HAD to take a trip to Kinokuniya, and since we had some extra time on Monday, we hopped on the 54 bus to Beaverton. It was a nice bus ride! Friendliest bus driver I've ever encountered in my life and the lushest, greenest views out the window. At Kinokuniya I was in Japanese craft book and cat book heaven; picking out one was excrutiating, so I picked out two (it worked out to be a lot less than ordering online -- love you, no sales tax!). I settled on Drape Drape 2 and this one called Daily Sewing Book. I hope to share more later.

Sweet Megan brought me an In God We Trust Sweet Nothings necklace from her new online shop, Summerland. It's a little bit saucy ("sweet tits"), but it's also funny and I love it. It got slightly tarnished because I wore it for about 48 hours straight, including overnight on the three different planes (!) we had to take to get home. It's nothing a little polish won't fix.

This is separate but I wanted to mention it because it's so amazing. As some of you who know us both may know, Rebecka and her husband Richard were visiting Toronto while we were away. Because we were going to be away for almost a week and because Pony is such a hungry handful, I asked if they wanted to stay at our apartment (instead of getting a hotel room or crashing with family). They took us up on the offer and took care of our lil' furballs. It was such a relief to have them there and to know that the cats had company. Hilariously enough, we bumped into the two of them at the Buffalo airport as they were on their way to catch a plane to New York and as we were on our way to wait for the bus to Toronto. So we got to meet after all, which was great. When we got home I found these beautiful peonies on the table as well as a bookmark and one of their wooden necklaces (and cupcakes in the fridge!). I couldn't believe it. They did us such a big favour and then gave us gifts. We are so lucky. Go team internet!

A few other things:
-I wrote a little guest post about birthdays over on Kisses & Cross Stitches
-I'm taking part in Mallory's amazing Book Week posts! What a great idea! I love books A WHOLE LOT! Although I was a jerk and left out a current children's book recommendation because I cannot remember the last time I read a current children's book. I mean, The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily doesn't really count. I also seem to have the same taste in books as an old man, but there you have it.
-our new shop is almost ready


noodlenthread: I know, I hope they decide to do it again. Although I'm sure the organizers just want to sleep for the next few months straight!

abby try again: Abby, I am eternally grateful to have been there. I know I complained about the traveling but it wasn't really a big deal and it was 100% worth it. I loved meeting you and I'm so glad you like my pictures! That's a huge compliment coming from you. xo

etre-soi: I wish you could have been there!

steph.: That is so wonderful to hear!

erica: Thank you, Erica! I couldn't believe how well everything fit together. They did an amazing job. It must have been SO MUCH work!

Mon Petit Lapin: Thank you! I hope it looked okay, haha. They definitely set a high standard for this kind of show!

Siubhan: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!

Andrea: That would be so nice!

Madi: Thanks, Madi! It was wonderful, and I'm glad you like the pictures.

alyson: No way! I told Geoff that and he was pretty pleased (there were so many good things there!). I hope it will be good company for 2011! I just took a look at your Little Dipper Etsy -- amazing!

alyson: Haha, I got a bit confused too! It was amazing to meet you & Levi! Thanks again for the beautiful cards.

kenzie: Thanks, lady! I'm so glad we met too! So perfect.

anja louise: I know, eh? Totally not deliberate, subtly hilarious.

samanthajoy: That's a little bit how I felt! I'm glad you like the pictures, I hope I captured some of the amazingness!

t a n y a: Tanya, that is so sweet of you to say. Thanks so much! I hope to meet you soon & maybe learn a little of your craft as well.

Megan: We totally will! Hooray! So amped that people like them.

stephanie renee: Thank you! I'm glad you like the pictures and the totes!

Juli: Thanks, sweet girl! And I'm so glad you like the tote! Hooray!

danica: It really was so special. Thank you, that is sweet of you to say! All the tables were so wonderful that I felt a little funny about mine!

Celine: Thank you so much, Celine! You would have loved it!

m.bardeaux: Aw, thanks for getting those. I loved my trip & I loved meeting you! Thanks so much for everything. xo

chelsea: I do love my Geoff! I'm so glad you think he's the sweetest too. How the heck did I get so lucky? Haha. Much love to you, lady!

Miss Crowland: It sure was!

Hetterson: It was so much fun, I'm glad you had a good time! Haha, I love that idea! I liked having a little something for the dudes. I got to have some chats with some pretty cool dudes! It was amazing to meet you in real life, lil' lady!

cathy: Maybe one day you can be there too!

Ringo, have a banana!: I know, right? Pretty amazing.

Darcy: Thanks so much! I wish everyone could have attended. I'm glad you like the totes and calendars! We have some calendars and have ordered more totes to print.

herecomesthesun: Wow, that is amazing to hear! Thank you SO MUCH. xo

Elle: Definitely a different category of "craft fair," for sure. Just so well thought out. We will put the calendars online, I hope within the next few days! Thank you!

heleen: Wow, thank you so much!

sunkentreasure: Thank you! It would have been fun to see you there!


  1. Such nice things! I really like that pouch, is been haunting me since I saw it yesterday. I also adore that full moon calendar! You gfirls are tempting me with that perfume... Just by reading the description I'm falling. Wish I could scratch n' sniff my screen.

    Isn't Richard and Becka adorable? They also giftted me an adorable necklace and bookmarks and filled us up on fresh bagels from St-Viateur Bagels. We shared meals and beers with us for a few days. I miss them!

  2. Amazing treats, and your photos are so beautiful!

  3. the aesthetics on your blog are absolutely delightful :)

  4. you picked up some good stuff, I'm really tempted to try that perfume, I don't wear any and it seems like my style.

  5. I didn't know there was a second Drape Drape out! I really liked the first one so thanks for pointing it out :) My dad is back in Japan for a couple of weeks so I have asked him to pick it up if he sees it. The Daily Sewing Book's cape pattern is something on my to-do list.


  6. Oh such treasures, I can't breathe! I can't wait to see what you make from your sewing books.

  7. I feel compelled to order that Victory Wolf scent just from the description. I love woodsy smelling perfumes.

  8. What a coincidence that only a month ago, I mentioned to a friend of mine that I've been wanting to visit Portland. Then Annabel of Blushing Ambition recently vacationed over there and now there's you. I'm taking that as a BIG hint to book a trip there stat. Therefore, you are not showing off at all with your purchases because now I have stores to visit such as the Nationale fragrances!

    I'm actually commenting to let you know that I randomly stumbled upon this perfume seller on Etsy called "For Strange Women". You came into my head when I saw that she sold a perfume entitled "Winter Kitty". It's apparently supposed to smell like a "cat's coat after coming in from the cold". It seemed odd but I thought you might find it interesting. :) Here's the link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/60584533/winter-kitty-natural-perfume-oil



  9. so glad you love the sweet tits necklace! they do tarnish quickly, i must admit. i like the tarnished look myself but they do polish up very easily ;)

    i need one of those moon calendars! must stop by nationale soon, i haven't been since they moved to the new location. it's a lovely shop, wish summerland could move into that building. oh, someday.

    patricia ann - i am so intrigued by that perfume, i think i might have to order it!

  10. Such good loot! I want it all! That pouch is amazing, I can't wait for her next update. And the mittens from Garment House, gorgeous! The flowers from Rebecka and Richard are so pretty.

    I am looking forward to your Book Week posts, I love book recommendations.

    I am really behind on my commenting, I wanted to comment on your last post that the whole event looks amazing! Abby and Chelsea did an incredible job. I'm so glad to hear you had a great experience!

  11. that pouch is just wonderful, it looks like the kind of thing you keep around forever!

  12. Such nice treats from Portland! My boyfriend and I visited for the first time about a year ago and fell in love with the city.

    I'm taking part in Mallory's book week as well and funnily enough, Children's books were the first ones I filled out! Haven't read many good adult books lately, unfortunately. But now I've got a whole list to go through.

  13. I really want to smell that perfume now.
    Looks like you scored some pretty amazing things!
    I'm curious about that whale book too...

  14. wow, that's some nice loot! i don't even get gifts in return for housesitting, so it's awesome you got some for asking someone to kittysit for you!

  15. oh those mittens! I had a pair like that in red when I was six (and a red coat of course) :)

  16. So many completely beauteous purchases! In a way, it's a good thing that I couldn't zip off across the country to go to Little Winter, because my eyes would be bigger than my wallet (does that make sense? "eyes bigger than your stomach" is a phrase, so I feel like wallet works too).

    And - again - thank you for doing book week!

  17. What a gorgeous, inspiring post! I hope I get to visit Little Winter sometime. And isn't it lovely when people are sweeter than your wildest imaginings? What treats they left for you. Go internets!

  18. Sooo many gorgeous things!! Also, I have to admit: one of the very first things I always notice, and that always completely astounds me, whenever I visit home is HOW NICE THE BUS DRIVERS ARE! I've always sort of thought I was just crazy/blowing things out of proportion but it's true, right??

  19. omg. thank you for letting me know about the kinokuniya bookstore in beaverton. I recently moved to portland after spending most of my life in san francisco. when I left, I thought I would not be able to make it into the store till I could make it back into sf. how wrong I was and how negligent was I to even think that there would be another location in the pacific northwest. this has only confirmed that my move was a good one and thanks for sharing your adventures. I will have to make a pilgrimage there soon. cheers.

  20. I almost bought that same moon calendar yesterday in Brooklyn! I might go back for it today, it's so great.

    I'm so glad you liked all your treats, I love how big and frothy those peonies are. And to be fair guys, we got treats from Anabela and Geoff, too!

    Caroline - we miss you, too!

  21. I just discovered your blog not too long ago, and I'm glad I did. Your blog is filled with great photos.
    You have such a fine taste for lovely things. I'll be back often for sure!

  22. just poured over your pictures from little winter on flickr and it seems like such special market. wish i could have seen it. your space, and really every ones, looked beautiful...

  23. Oh, I looove the Nationale fragrance by Olo.

    I live in San Francisco and there is a wonderful shop here, called Gravel&Gold, that did a little trade with Nationale so that they could sell their perfume. It is so lovely! I bought it a little over a week ago and I'm still stopping to sniff myself & wonder at it's goodness. Haha.

  24. Thanks so much for such a sweet post about OLO! All of my fragrances are inspired by the people and places I encounter in Portland. I'm glad you got a little bottle of goodness to remind you of your travels here!

    Also, I love your blog. I too am a Capricorn and have a great love for the cat. No wonder you liked my perfume!


  25. Thanks for the link! (And for your lovely post)
    Your trip sound wonderful, I can't wait to see the rest of the photographs

  26. I totally got the same forestbound pouch at little winter. I love that leather!

  27. ahhhhh! I have that same IGWT necklace! bought it the same time I bought their "Cheers, Mother Fucker" flask...

    Shana Tabor is my hero...