shop talk

Geoff and I have been keeping busy getting things made for our shops (here and here). It seems that our participation in Little Winter was just the beginning for us, and our production cannot keep up with our ideas. A good thing!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far. We would like to offer a discount code for both of our shops: starting tomorrow at 10AM EST and through Monday, please enter the code THANKYOU at checkout for a 20% discount (applied prior to shipping costs).  If you were thinking of gift-giving, please keep in mind that those pesky mailing cut-off dates for the holidays quickly approach. Of course, the idea of one of our items chosen as a gift is so wonderful. Everything we make is made with care & love, and every purchase means more to us than you will ever know.

We will have a limited quantity of the Thunder totes available tomorrow.  The totes this time around are made of a slightly more lightweight unbleached organic cotton and feature cotton webbing straps.

We will also have neckties, including the Debonair and some Liberty cotton lawn neckties that were left over from Little Winter.

And of course, calendars! Pony is the worst assistant ever!

A really exciting collaboration in the works: Fieldguided X Sonja Ahlers. Here is a sneak peek.

It's truly an amazing thing to work with an artist I have admired for so long.

I'm going to be helping Sonja out at the One of a Kind this Friday. She left this bunny print for us, from one of her sessions with Carly. So sweet. 

And speaking of sweet gifts, last night I came home to find this Comet necklace from Big Tinsel in my mailbox. It's really beautiful! Thank you, Maria.


Elle: Oh, we have an Electro too! I've never been very good with it, though. I hope you'll love your A-1 and I'm excited to see what you do with it! Haha, thanks for the video, Maru is so great.

tara-lynn: The natural make up that Annie uses is... actually no make up at all! I think. She is really beautiful, and the funny thing is that she is even prettier in person!

Katie Merchant,
Lexie, Little Boat: I know, it's so funny!

K.Line: Multi-talented!

danica: Oh yes, I love the swinginess of it too.

ilovesasek: Aw, well I'm glad you could enjoy the fall colour this way! 

hila, AdoreVintage.com: They're a real-life couple! Imagine that!

Rizie: He really does! I love that the shop is on my walk to work, although I don't stop in as often as I should.

liliczarina: Yeah, it's so funny! I don't do yoga anymore either. Ha.


  1. so excited for the collaboration! congratulations on your shop being such a hit, can't wait to see what else you guys come up with!

  2. Anabela, I need to start getting you to photograph my work for me!! :) I'm so glad you like it.

  3. wow pony has gorgeous colorings! she looks ridiculously soft
    i'm excited to see what you're collaborating on. good luck with the shop, i have my eye on a few things, going to take a gander now!

  4. Sonja has the BEST handwriting!

  5. Pony I think is very good at selling dreamcats:>>

  6. a collab with Sonja Ahlers!
    my my that is exciting news.

  7. it's so lovely to read that things are going well with your shop and that the creative juices are flowing.

    i cannot wait to see the results of the collaboration with Sonja Ahlers!

  8. Wow that's great! I like the hand writting a lot ^^

  9. You guys are on fire at the moment, and I'm so happy for you both! Two such talented people, I can't wait to see what's to come.

  10. beautiful necklace! Just discovered your blog and love your eye for beautiful things.

  11. Oh, can't wait to see more of this collaboration - it's going to be awesome. Hope to see you tomorrow too. Wheeeeeeh!

  12. yes! i just bought a thunder tote. i'm so excited! i love kate bush.

  13. thunder in our hearts bag, dreamcats calendar! and perfect neclace :) wish i had all of these. lovely photos!


  14. ANABELA! nice photos...this is a first. i've never had my hands documented..handwriting...nice!